Posted by: The Stadium | January 17, 2009

The Chief Concern — SOS Brigade

SOS Brigade

By Pelikinesis

– – –

I love how you try and keep things clean in the Nair, but then go and devote an entire portion of the moveset to sexual harrasment. Awesome! 😀

…You know…it’s not often I read something on the internet that I don’t take issue with. I’ve actually started watching the anime again, so moved I was by the fan-service here. Maybe it’s just that after so many characters from tired videogame franchises, a moveset for one of recent memory’s most iconic, lovable, insta-classic anime characters is in comparison a surprising shock to my system…but damn this is an awesome moveset.

I already mentioned the groping (which I really do love), but honestly I think the thing I liked most about the ‘set as a Haruhi fan are the animations. It’s just so artfully done, and really shows how a good set of the things can add so much personality to a character.

So yes, fan-service. That’s all well and good, but for the sake of posting a review that isn’t basically me ejaculating praise all over this thing…let’s hypothetically say that I know nothing about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

As I’m unfortunately sure is the case for most of my fellow Move Makers.

It’d be nice if you indicated plainly which moves are Mikuru/Yuki moves, especially since a fair many of them have descriptions that involve all three girls. The Down Tilt is sort of confusing (so…she accidentally smacks the foe with the barrel of the rifle?) to read. Ditto for the Down Smash (sounds like all they do is face the player and move to the side a little bit. How is that an attack?). The Neutral Air needs more panties. I can’t read solid-blue text anywhere in the moveset without highlighting it. Data Tether is boring, and Chronoport really should have some sort of time limit on it or something–teleport moves are a tricky thing to balance, and as is, you don’t have to worry about recovery at all so long as you’re moderately attentive to your Mikuru attacks. The boss choice made me extremely happy.

…Right, so that’s all I got.

I hate that this ‘set is (probably) destined to languish in obscurity, given how uneducated MYM (and SWF in general, I think) is when it comes to great anime…but while you likely won’t get the recognition you deserve from this thing, you’ve at least made me a very happy camper.

And in the end, isn’t that what MYM is all about? 😀




  1. Also just so I know you know…you do know that the number one thing that every Smash Bros. player would do when first playing as the girls is to take a bunch of crotch shots, right?

    This is of the utmost pertinance, so please: answer seriously.

  2. Any time the player pauses the game and rotates the camera to that general area, an image of Yuki’s face framed by the inside of the locker will appear where she is choosing which book to read next. No panty shots for you or ANYONE else.

  3. Oh, and the opponent can predict where you would Chronoport if they had been paying attention.

    I’ll go back and specify which girl is using which move, but i might/should have said somewhere that if all three girls are involved in the attack, it’ll count as a Haruhi.

    I need to check on the dtilt and dsmash as well.

  4. I hate you so much.

    Anyhoo. Even if the opponent’s paying attention…I still think it’s overdone. It’d be unique among Smash Bros. attacks in that the user doesn’t need to aim it at all–meaning an SOS player never needs to worry about ledges/off-stage/etc. stuff.

    Not to mention it’s potential in stalling.
    (It’s not as bad as I make it out to be–it’s just one of the few things I take issue with here)

  5. lolz. Nothing gets past Yuki. Not even a Sandbag.

    In other news, I wanted Mikuru to do stuff in the moveset other than be molested by Haruhi. But I do see your point.

    And I don’t seem to take into account things like stalling and Hyphen-smashing and whatever when I make my movesets. I’m negligent like that.

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