Posted by: The Stadium | January 17, 2009

The Lion's Review — Ryuji Yamazaki

Who said laughter was medicinal? I did.

Ok, at first glance, this moveset’s layout is pretty confusing, and I think thats whats hindering this set the most.

The backstory is detailed and helps the reader understand the character, but doesn’t really give spoilers. I’ve never played any of his games, but he seems like an interesting character (perhaps a bit to real for Smash, though lol).

You kind of skimped on the stats unfortunately. I like how you detailed the stats you do have and you even included animations. The problem is… thinks like Weight, Average Attack Speed, Average Attack Power, Average Attack Reach (preferably without projectiles included), and to a lesser extent, Average Attack Priority are necessary to determine the balance of a moveset.

And here’s where I come to understand your atrocious move layout a little better. The entire first section is built on comboes from the neutral A, which I’m guessing is a staple of the character. Upon closer inspection, this is an insanely unique mechanic, having great mindgame applications and decent flexibility.

Unfortunately that will make judging the balance of this set properly much harder….

Ok…. the A itself does decent damage… obviously its balanced in itself from what information you’ve given me.

The U-Tilt is underpowered by itself, but its purpose is obviously anti-air and for comboes…. but if you hit them with a neutral A, aren’t they going to be on the ground? A->Utilt 4% damage. Verdict= balanced… even underpowered.

The D-Tilt is the same story, just more flexible and useful due to its ability to hit grounded foes. A->D-Tilt 4% damage.

Finally a combo that does additional damage… the Forward Tilt is a spam attack most likely. DI being the obvious cure (you should mention that it can be countered with DI). Its hard to realy judge the balance of this move…. how much damage could he rack up on a foe with good DI?

The release A option is the best combo so far (unless your opponent can’t DI). A->Release A = 11% damage + medium knockback. This would seem relatively balanced, but from the impression your F-Tilt gave me, you can chain multiple tilts per Neutral A… so thats A->F-Tilt->Release A= 15% damage and moderate knockback… That compares to or even surpasses Marth’s Dancing Blade (which can be a lot harder to pull off) damage wise. Not really much of a problem… but a lot of important details, such as the speed of moves, the comboing ability of these moves, etc… is left out.

Now here is an interesting feature… A->Taunt… a weak 4% damage and a mindgame. Not bad.

Ok the Dash Attack is supposed to be slow, low reaching, and only deal average damage but high knockback. Really thats underpowered if anything, considering Ganondorf has a much better Dash Attack.

The Uair is unique but underpowered… usually these stall then falls atleast deal great damage…. 5% isn’t great or even average damage… Usually aim for 10% as the average damage of a 1 hit aerial.

The Dair isn’t much better…. seriously 3% is to low… it doesn’t matter if it is fast and has some ability to gimp… 3%? I don’t think 7% would be to high for that.

The “tilt” fair is another story of weakness… seriously… Sonic has more damaging moves than this guy. 8-9% is a good number if you don’t want to push it.

Obviously the “charge” or “smash” Fair was meant to be a very slow but powerful move. And again, you are overestimating the usefulness of a Meteor smash, as there are many more useful spikes and meteors out there (hell Ike and Marth have more useful Dair meteors than this.) 7% damage is seriously not powerful…. 15% is a much better number. On top of all its other weaknesses…. it puts you into freefall!

The Bair confirmed my earlier suspicions…. you have no idea what the average balance is… 6% is definitely not brutal daamge… This move like most others is useless.

The Uair is probably as useful as his aerials are going to get.. fast and has decent knockback and what would probably be considered average damage for this set… its still mediocre… And with Ryuji’s jumps, when are you actually going to be reaching foes dawdling at the top of the screen? My suggestion… buff to 8-10%

Umm.. how can a smash that only comes out uncharged be charged? You listed its damage as 6-10%… that top damage is impossible to obtain. 7-9% would probably be a good minimum damage for this move.

10% for a charge smash is really not good at all… and thats divided over 3 hits.. at maximum this deals 14%…. thats a pretty crappy move.

4%… 4%…. can that even be called a smash? On top of that it has mediocre reach… even being fast doesn’t make this move useful, epecially when considering Neutral A does the same damage and gives you more options!

Cutlass Slice is certainly an interesting (and arrogant) move. Again… useless… It has horrendous lag and for what… Average Smash damage and no killing ability on a full charge?

Ok the minimal down smash is again… underpowered and underdetailed…. Do you see the problem with this set yet?

Ah his most powerful move… INSANE DAMAGE AND KNOCKBACK. Either you don’t know what insane is… or your sarcasm meter reads over 9000. Basically the thing at best compares to Ike’s F-Smash. Fully charged, this KO’s at roughly the percentages of an uncharged Ike F-Smash but takes 3 seconds… ugh… useless.

Nothing really wrong with the Neutral B I suppose.. its got its uses.

Now for the B comboes…. the Dodge is quite useful, being a fairly typical counter. Parry is useless… It breaks to easily, its basically the same as perfect shielding that makes the opponent trip… ugh… its slightly useful if you master it and somehow manage to predict your foe’s every move.. but otherwise… no. The 3rd option is basically a seriously nerfed Ike Side B. Again not that useful.

Ok… basically the recovery is crap for recovering and supposedly good for damage (though its damage is really only comparable to a Falcon Dive). You get the point?

The grab is balanced. The grab attack is extremely underpowered… 2% for a one use grab attack? The F-Throw is balanced if the knockback is as high as I think it is. The B-Throw just seems like a nerfed version of the F-Throw (or is it?) The D-Throw is underpowered as hell.. 5% on a minimum knockback throw that can’t chain (I’m not suggesting to make it chainable)… that should be dealing like 10%. The Up-Throw is… more useless.

Ok I’m going to say it right now… there is nothing broken about the character. You would have to mindgame the hell out of your opponent.. just to stand a chance. Even broken Metaknight has mindgames…

The Final Smash is kind of hard to judge the balance of… on one end of the spectrum… it kills easily… on the other side it can be avoided… maybe if you would be nice enough to describe the ease and extent to which you can control the gust, as well as the size of it.

The extras are nothing particularly special, and are well… extra. If you want to (which you probably don’t) you can add more extras.. but its not the most important thing about the set.

Overall the set is really underpowered and confusing to read. I had a hard time rewieing it because of the layout and lack of important details in certain sections…

I bet you’re tired of hearing criticisms? I’m tired of giving them. So I’m going to tell you what I liked about the set. The mechanics were very unique and a lot of set just felt “fresh”. I don’t really know the character well, but it seems like you’ve done him justice.

Its not among the best in the contest, but it is rather underrated.



  1. Thanks for the review. I can’t say I agree with your comment on the layout being ‘atrocious’ or confusing, or the statistics, which is obvious as we had a bit of a pissing contest over the idea. With both, I was trying to go for something different, my major mistake at first was tiny text.

    You may be right to call many of the moves underpowered, but that is a major point of the character… mindgames are essential if you want to play well. However, I’ll certainly take into mind what you’ve said into future movesets to make sure I don’t unintentially pre-nerf my movesets – you may have helped me grandly in this regard.

    On extras… I really didn’t want to mess up the moveset with images and it seemed a little pointless anyways. I’ll probably make some for future movesets, though, it’s just that I wanted to make a very straightforward and “fresh” moveset, as you so kindly put it. Again, thanks for your time and help, it’s appreciated. 🙂

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