Posted by: masterwarlord | January 17, 2009

The Master's Critique — Cortez

Page 516

Cortez by Hyper_Ridley and GoldWyvern

I was shocked that you came with another moveset out of the blue, HR, much less a joint one. . .Much less with GoldWyvern. The grammar has still hurt my image of Wyvern and just how insanely bad he was at the start of the contest with his Bowser Jr. set with no detail or originality whatsoever, but with Overdrive Ostritch he’s improved so much that he is completely and utterly unrecognizable from his former self. And now with Cortez. . .It’s outright impossible to ignore him, and I take your word for it on how helped. You make my joint effort with Bkupa666 on Klump and Krusha look terrible, this moveset is truly astounding. You’ve blown me out of the water. I finally welcome to the coveted position of MYM regular with this moveset with open arms, Wyvern, and I hope you’ll stick around for many MYMs to come. I wish your involvement in this moveset got more attention, Wyvern, as I did the moveset as a whole, as this is truly one of the best movesets in the contest. I love this baby. Hopefully this review will be a nice big fat juicy advertisement. Enough of an opening blurb, let’s begin.

Originality: Obviously the most essential part of any moveset, and it’s very well executed. The four weapons give several of Cortez’ moves entirely different unique versions and adds a whole new layer of strategy to Cortez in which weapon to use, like Olimar’s Pikmin but taken to the next level, giving him an excellent play style and raising the roof for mastering Cortez very high. I love his play style as he doesn’t have any obvious strength, but is just so versatile along with his weapons. The individual moves themselves are hard to pick out generic ones from, and surprisingly my favorite move that is just so simple yet brilliant is a such a limited button input as the ftilt! Spot on job, and the final smash allowing Cortez to use all his moves at once to finish off his play style is just the icing on top of this huge, delicious cake.

Detail: All important details are spoken, and despite there being multiple versions of some moves the descriptions are kept relatively brief and a joy to read through as you drool over the beautiful uniqueness of the moves. No questions popped into my mind with this moveset, although a longer play style section wouldn’t of hurt too terribly, though those can always be longer. The only parts of the descriptions that were slightly tedious to read through were the moves that were essentially the same for each move to see the different properties of each weapon, although there’s not much that can be done about that, and that’s really meaningless nit picking more then anything.

Balance: Cortez may perhaps be slightly underpowered in the hands of casuals, but this is a very minor case, as he’d be far from unusable. In competetive play however where those who have mastered Cortez have played him, Cortez could more then hold his own and could quite possibly make his way around the top of mid tier to the bottom of high with how much skill and strategy can be put into his various moves. Cortez isn’t so insanely complicated that he’s unusable for casuals, which is good, but still has plenty of potential for competitive players that will be all over the guy. Really, no complaints here.
Relevance to Character: Cortez quite honestly didn’t display that much character in his limited appearance, but from what I can remember you captured it perfectly. All the limited props are made use of here and you make excellent use of his four signature weapons which played a large role in his boss fight. In the dialogue Cortez does speak he’s still surprisingly true to character, and you giving him a spanish accent is all too fitting. Really good job with this, the whole moveset feels plenty undead and pirate-like. One small complaint that doesn’t have any place better to go but here: On the side special, wouldn’t throwing bones off his pile also make Cortez lighter in logic which wouldn’t be worth the other benefits of speeding him up/making him run faster? Just saying. . .

Extras: You came up with impressively natural animations for Coretz’s basic ones that help make this awkward looking character feel like he’d fit in with the rest of the Smash Bros. cast, good job, especially with the knocked down animation. The special animations are very in character and are all the more reference to his actual role in Paper Mario. Lol at the reference to General Grevious in the codec. . .That might be slightly OOC, but it’s humorous, mainly because of your moveset you made for the good general earlier. Two four armed villains. . .You’ve come a long way from the general. Cortez beats his battle armor off (Not that the general isn’t good in his own right). Lol at the unlock method, and good music choices for the most part, although I think Cortez’s not remixed theme should be in. The Joke Final Smash is excellent lol material as many mentioned what with Cortez being a pirate, it’s a shame it can’t be in the real moveset. This isn’t the hugest set of extras, but they still get the job done just fine.

Organization: It’s fine. Nothing really to comment on here. Perhaps more color, but IIRC none of your movesets have color HR, so it’s not like this is anything new. I’m a fan of coloring entire movesets, but this opinion is apparently controversial.

Overall: A very welcome surprise, HR and Wyvern. This has opened my eyes to just how good joint movesets can be, and is making me consider taking another shot at it. I can’t expect all your movesets to live up to this monster on your own, Wyvern, but that’s not because of HR’s assistance, it’s because of how freaking good this moveset is. I think this can compete with Black Doom for the title of your best moveset, HR, albeit you can’t share the title on your own. You both deserve far more praise then you received on this moveset. Cortez is a buried treasure within MYM 4. I’ll have to find some way to squeeze this guy into my SM seeing how amazing the moveset is.




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