Posted by: masterwarlord | January 19, 2009

The Master's Critique — Missingno

Page 517

Missingno by airsmasher

I wondered if you would ever read my L.O.G. review and if you would stick around, but I let out a sigh of relief when you came back and posted Missingno. It’s good to see you haven’t left us. An excellent choice for a character if I do say so myself, you’ll have tons of moveset potential to work with Missingno. . .And with how you actually seemed to pay attention to my last review, this moveset should be leagues better then L.O.G., right? Not so much. . .

Originality: You have some decent concepts in the specials, although I still feel Missingno has more potential to use them and there are several excellent things about Missingno you could’ve made us of, such as his item duplication, his evolution into Rhydon/Kangaskhan, him freezing the game if put into the PC, the messed up hall of fame. . .The possibilities are endless, really. Some of the moves are okay, but I just feel that the character really isn’t being tapped into enough here and some of them are just outright unoriginal, such as the up smash, and the various random Pokemon moves aren’t terribly original, being somewhat forced. It’s not so much this is bad, but there’s just so much more you could work with this amazing character.

Detail: This hurts the moveset considerably. Some of your better ideas in the specials are really hindered by a lack of detail so that I can’t picture them that well, and the lack of detail in the final smash is so bad it’s not even funny. The other moves aren’t terrible culprits, although that’s mainly because they’re such simple moves. Detail on range and attack speed of the moves would be appreciated, as well as explanations on disjointed hitboxes/priority, although that’s not as necessary. I’m the Detail Nazi, ya know, so if anybody’s gonna tear you down here, it’s me. To be quite frank, I think this moveset is less detailed then even your previous moveset, L.O.G.

Balance: Because of the lack of detail I can’t really see the balance that well, but Missingno seems to have a bit too high of damage/knockback along with imbalanced specials, particularly Disable. More detail is needed before you can really do much work here, but just try to imagine playing against Missingno and how cheap he would seem if you do try to tone him down as I suggested. Missingno seems to have no real weakness besides slowness, he needs weakening all around.
Relevance to Character: Like I was talking about in the originality section, there’s just so much untapped potential in Missingno for moves, and the random Pokemon moves aren’t particularly relevant, although they are better then random generic glitch attacks. Try to incorporate more of Missingno’s actual glitches from the games into the moveset if at all possible, as I really think this has much more potential.

Extras: Some more actual Missingno glitches are present in the extras, good job there, but I wish they could’ve made their way into the main moveset. The extras are plenty good enough and numerous for a newcomer, but I feel they could use more detail.

Organization: Fix the BBCode on the header for Normal Attacks, bold the move names, and I’m happy. I like the borders you made with the ~ symbol, and the moveset is short enough it doesn’t really need much help from this department. Still, bolded move names and fixing your broken Bbcode would be a good idea. Still, a good step up from the white wall of text known as L.O.G.

Overall: It’s another decent newcomer moveset. It has an ocassional improvement from L.O.G., but it also has several steps down at the same time. I feel this moveset, particularly due to the brilliant character, has far more potential then it’s already given. This is a good start, but you could turn this moveset into an all-star if you worked at it.


  1. Wow, I feel really stupid. I felt so accomplished after finishing this, like the moveset was a big step up from L.O.G. There were lots of times I just wasn’t sure how to incorporate some of MissingNo.’s glitches in, and I still can’t do detail right. I really need some advice if I’m ever gonna do another moveset again. I always have such great ideas, but can never seem to pull them off right… 😦 😦

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