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The King's Conclusions — Daroach

> Daroach >

By Hyper_Ridley


An HR, eh? It’s been way too long since I last reviewed one of these. Then again, it’s been way too long since my last review in general. Obviously, this moveset is going to be of special interest to the maker of The Squeak Squad… hmmmmmm…


I love the Squeaker mechanic. Yeah. But we’ll get to that. First things first!

The stats send up a tiny red alert; multiple projectiles = excellent range = potentially very broken character. However, you have plenty of experience by now with pulling these kinds of characters off, from Bass all the way to Black Doom, so I’m not too concerned. Maybe I’d bring down his weight a bit to give him more cons, as he’s kind of like Mario plus projectiles from where I’m standing. However, the attacks themselves stop me worrying too much about balance.

So – the attacks. The A combo has the interesting twist of being an infinite you can follow up on, and probably has additional mindgame potential because of it. The Forward Tilt, however, I’m a bit unclear on. I’d add just a bit more on whether the beam disappears as it goes along and how quickly it moves and how far it ends up going and all that. It’s another interesting concept, though. And the Squeaker attacks whether or not it’s near Daroach, right? Very interesting, that; it’s almost like you’re controlling two characters at once.

Now, the Snowflakes, again, could use a bit more description. Do these move just as fast as Mario’s? That’s a pretty big storm of projectile fire with little lag. When you say they have bad priority, though, that means they can be cancelled just by timing an attack as they approach, yes? So I would assume… Oh, and this is a really cool aspect of the Ice element that I haven’t seen used before. And then the Up Tilt! This is a really wacky, fitting attack. Pretty hilarious, he just removes his hat and OH GOD IS THAT A BOMB??? Heh, I’d definitely spam that one. It seems more or less balanced, and trying to find an opening to hit with it would probably be a big part of Daroach’s game.

Toe Punt is awesome. Since you have to aim your kick to hit the Squeaker and then time your Squeaker’s trajectory, it’s tough enough to hit with that I think you could safely power it up a bit. Very interesting twist on a simple concept.

The Forward Smash is bland at first glance, even though vampiric-looking attacks are cool in general… but then the Squeaker twist makes it so much juicier! YESSSS! I love how it switches from short-range to projectile. Down Smash has an awkward-sounding animation, and is maybe a bit underpowered unless the hits pull foes in. Up Smash is brilliant, and sounds like it’d be particularly handy in team battles, where your teammate can help you land the lazer part of the attack. And then you throw in the Squeaker. YES. With strategic placing, this is your way to land the super-powerful beam! Now that’s clever.

Nair is another unique ice-element attack, very neat with how it freezes if all the hits land. I can’t see any missing detail, or imbalances, or anything. Fair is kinda boring, you could probably add some freezing properties or something to make it a bit more interesting, even though the Squeaker property is cool as always. Bair, though, I love. There’s just so much mindgame potential with this one, it reminds me of most of Black Doom’s moveset. Uair is cool but leaves me with a few questions. How long do you have to charge and press B before the attack is cancelled? It should definitely have some sort of time limit. The coins go straight up, then disappear, yes? Aside from these minor questions, another great one. And the the Dair, I like, too. It seems directly pulled from the game, which is great, and really unique in both its forms and the Squeaker boost.

Now the Specials. B is exactly the kind of attack I love unconditionally. It reminds me of Nack and his ammo switch, sort of. Very cool, even if it maybe takes too long to pull off for not all that big a change. Side B is a bit more bland, it’s basically your typical charge-able projectile, except a bit too good. Since it’s a solid beam with good damage output, I’d probably make it last less time. Now, I do recognize that this one is straight from the game, so it’s all good. Um, little typo here; you’ve written B twice, instead of ^B. This is a relatively fresh recovery that helps to balance the character and feels highly fitting, no complaints. Now, the Squeak Summon… I think it shouldn’t be so laggy. These fellows are vital to pull Daroach out of low tier, and they’re easy enough to kill that I think you should be able to pump them out quickly. I love what happens if you already have one, though; perfect chance to pull off so many combos and tricks.

And then there’s the unique grab mechanic. The A throw is very cool and unique and that Easter Egg makes it all the better. I’m seeing an icy pumpkin for the Headless Horseman, and loving it. B Throw is standard fare… Shield Throw is really awesome, though, like all the Squeaker-based attacks. Yes.

Final Smash makes me so happy! Of course, it would, considering it’s so connected to my own moveset. SPINNI’S A SHE???? WHAAAAAAA? Okay, now my whole worldview has been thrown off.

So, on the whole? This is vintage HR. A fantasticly creative moveset that’s lots of fun to read through and has a unique projectile-based moveset. I love the playstyle, with the Squeakers’ many uses and subtleties, and would love to main this fellow. You certainly did the character justice, leaving my Squeak Squad moveset in the dust (although I think still think Doc is decent, I went crazy with that one). Movesets like this are hard to suggest improvements for. This is among your best, I’d say, and definitely a strong competitor.




  1. 1) I actually agree about Fair being kinda boring. Though I didn’t want to give it an ice effect since so many moves alreay have that.

    2) Yes, Dair is from the game. The super-powered red bombs are from the Dark Daroach battle in Squeak Squad.

    3)Glad to see Utilt and Bair getting so much love, those were my favorite moves myself.

    4)The Ice Beam (>B) is actually pretty slow, since it has the initial charge up to get it (and there’s no intermediate levels, you have to do the full charge to get it), and then it has additional lag when you want to actually fire it.

    5) I considered making Squeaker Summon be faster, but I made it slightly difficult to pull it off to further offset his projectile game.

    6) So, who would you say is my best move set so far?

    7) Thanks for the review ^_^

  2. Your best… now, that’s tough. Like, really, really tough. You have so many good ones… and I still haven’t actually read H_R or Cortez. I’ll get around to those as soon as I can, but… out of the ones I have read, I guess… probably Black Doom. Although I’d say Nack isn’t too far behind, and Daroach is up there, too. Hell, Wheelie’s high on my list, too. WHY ARE YOU FORCING ME TO CHOOSE AAAAAAAAARGH


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