Posted by: The Stadium | January 28, 2009

The Chief Concern — Shanoa


by MarthTrinity


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Since when was Wall Clinging a pro?

So! cutting right to the quick!

16 attacks in 8 seconds is tough for everyone on Brawl’s roster to do without spamming (excluding maybe Meta Knight). Just saying. Otherwise that little detail fits the character right on.

Shanoa is awesome.

Aliteration, on the other hand, is not so awesome.

…Alright, I could go on and on about the little details–I love this ‘set so much because of all the little in-jokes and how familiar I am with basically the entire thing, since I’m still in the midst of rounding out my inventory collection and grinding up to Lv. 255 in Ecclesia. But in the interest of giving you something to think about, I’m going to say something crazy.

I’m not a big fan of Glyph Absorb.

I don’t expect you to remove it, or even change it at all. I’m just going to list it here as the one thing I don’t like about this thing. I just don’t think it really makes sense for the character; that you’re reaching a bit by having Shanoa be able to absorb a power from everyone.

My reasoning is kind of arbitrary, but it’s how I feel anyway: in Ecclesia, very few enemies actually have glyphs you can absorb. A system like this would be fine for Soma, but not Shanoa. Also…and I know this is even more arbitrary than that (forgive me), but I’m starting to get tired of so many movesets with this sort of “one for every character” thing.

Of course that’s in no way Shanoa’s fault…it’s just an unfortunate coincidence.


That’s my little beef with this: I find it kind of out of character. Though for what it’s worth, you did an absolutely crackerjack job of picking/making up glyphs for each character. Gotta’ love that Fidelis Pikminicus. πŸ˜€

Uh, let’s see…

Also I don’t really like Paries. It’s kind of…boring. Basically an extended-length ground dodge, yes? Surely there was something else you could’ve chosen that’d be more interesting, and less specific (what if, like a lot of people, you’re playing with Smash Balls off?).

Also Dominus is awesome, but I question the Union part: after using a bunch of self-damaging moves with the other parts of the Final Smash, why hesitate to use it at the end? For an instant 50% and probable KO on every other fighter…why not? Keep in mind that single-person FS’s such as Triforce Slash and Great Aether don’t even do that much damage…so, maybe tone that down a some (or a lot)? Or even better, just remove the manual parts, and have the entire FS just be Dominus Union.


‘Twas awesome with a capital Q. Thank you very, very much for creating this wonderful bundle of words. +1 for Kalidus Channel




  1. Also before you mention it, I know I was kind of the one who suggested/wrote something about her absorbing glyphs from every character.

    I can be stupid some times, is all.


    I personally liked Glyph Absorb but felt that it kinda…screwed me over a bit in a way giving Shanoa the whole “tl;dr” aspect…that was actually the most fun I had with the set though. Plus I’d feel kind of ripped off if I were playing as Shanoa and only half the characters actually gave me something for her Neutral B; it’s an enormous part of the game so I felt it should be a huge part of her moveset.

    Let’s see…Paries, yeah, Paries is fairly lame, I’ll give ya that one for sure…essentially, I suck at Down B’s as I have a tendency to make them either counter-esque or something of that sort…Paries was a last minute addition honestly…like most of my Down B’s…heh.

    Dominus I wanted to give a bit of variety to besides just “lol nuke the screen,” hence why I added in the options for alternate attacks besides just the “big finisher” if you will. Plus if the opponent is already high on damage you can finish them off without having to do 100% to yourself. Now that I look at it, I’ll certainly be toning down the 50% Off-Ring-esque Dominus Unison…guess I forgot I made it so powerful xD

    And yes +1 for Kalidus Channel.


    No really, thanks for the review Mendez, glad you liked the set ^_^

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