Posted by: masterwarlord | January 29, 2009

The Master's Critique — Wiz

Wiz by Kholdstare

Kirby has taken yet another under his evil pink wing. . .Even I joined him for christ’s sake. Kibble really has some sort of mysterious power over us with his Kirby bias, but the majority of us all playing Kirby Super Star Ultra probably also had a lot to do with it, myself included. Kirby’s taken over everyone’s moveset rosters, my SM focus. . .Everything. Kirby is everywhere. MYM has turned me into a fellow Kirby fanatic alongside Kibble (Albeit not nearly as far as him, but definitely more then is good for me). . .Once he’s gone, I fully intend to enforce that everyone do a Kirby moveset per contest. I really need to finish Amazing Mirror/replay it so I can figure out who the hell this character is because I’ve been far too busy with Super Star Ultra. . .Whether or not I know the character, he certainly feels very Kirbyish. Due to my internet having been down and having nothing else to do, I decided to actually go fight this boss (And refamalarize myself with the strangeness that is Amazing Mirror) to better judge this moveset – and you’ve done this top hatter plenty of justice indeed.

Originality: Excellent job! The creativity throughout the moveset is overwhelming. There isn’t any central mechanic, but you still manage to make all the individual moves worthwhile in a similar fashion to my Joker moveset. Even the tilts are filled to the brim with originality, save perhaps the neutral A, though you need a basic wand swipe in there –somewhere-, right? This is by far the moveset’s strongest point and the main thing it has going for it. The playstyle isn’t insanely crazy original like Dimentio’s, Jafar’s, or Black Doom’s (Who don’t use mechanics), but the individual moves make up for it fine enough, and there’s still massive mindgame potential for Wiz and various combos with his fsmash and what not. Notice how I’m comparing this to top dog movesets? There’s a reason for that. This moveset is that good. . .Or rather it would be, but the other two main sections, detail and balance, are holding it back. The originality is plenty in check and among the best out there, look at the other sections for more notable critique. Before I actually familiarized myself with Wiz in the Amazing Mirror I thought the starting animation being reused for so many moves was unoriginal, but then I got to see first hand that’s pretty much exactly what Wiz did in the game, so yeah. The only real complaint I have here is the final smash, as while it is very cool and flashy, as far as gameplay goes it’s just a guaranteed kill. Boring. Might I suggest the victim be able to possibly escape the deathtraps Wiz locks them in to? That would make it among my favorite final smashes out there if there were unique gameplay in getting out of the deathtraps, perhaps Wiz getting some too in keeping the foe trapped in the final smash.

Detail: Here’s a rarity: The Detail Nazi actually earning his name critiquing one of the MYM elite and not just some newcomer. I thought I was past my days of this. . .But this moveset has required me to go back to my former Nazi ways. Heil Detail!

Now that we’ve cot that out of the way, if there’s anything I’m dying to see on these moves, it’s attack speeds. Lag needs to be mentioned for every single move. You manage to tell me plenty of other things such as the exact sizes of things, why not attack speeds? They’re one of the single most important factors in figuring out how a move works and how it would be used. There are plenty of other statistics that I also feel would be beneficial to add to some of your more complicated moves, such as the exact chance of one of the objects coming out of Wiz’s hat in the neutral B, or how fast the stars orbit around Wiz/their speed in the nair. There are plenty more instances, but I’m not going to go through and essentially detail up your moveset for you. You have really great ideas here, I just wish you could more fully share them with me by allowing me to completely understand them.

Balance: The lack of detail, particularly in attack speeds, really hurts me in being able to judge in how Wiz would play competitively. Considering the fact you tell me most of his moves are quick in general several times though, it just further shifts me in my current views: Wiz is blatantly overpowered. Wiz has range, speed, insane mindgames, a recovery that’s essentially impossible to gimp, actual combos, what seems like tons of disjointed hitboxes (That would be a good thing to add to detail also though not as high issue: Priority), and to top it all off Wiz seems to have his fair share of moves with good knockback giving him excellent KO potential. There’s nothing Wiz doesn’t have. Particularly broken moves include the dthrow unless the foe can escape before the safe lands by button mashing or something and the up special, for which I suggest you have popping the balloons indeed force Wiz into his helpless state. Nothing however is as bad as the down special which has no cooldown, it being a 66.6% chance to damage the foe and a 33.3% damage to damage Wiz. Anybody could just spam this move infinitely and win out of sheer luck. You need to make there be a 10 second interval for the down special and have it usable only on the ground. Even with the changes to those three moves, Wiz still just has everything and needs general nerfing. Power would probably be the best thing to tone down on.
Relevance to Character: . . .Yeah. I’ve essentially been bashing the moveset to hell for the past two sections. Sorry about that. Back to the good stuff! Upon fighting Wiz again in Amazing Mirror, I was happily surprised to see that you incorporated all of what little the character actually does into the moveset. This character has no depth, but you’ve captured what little he has perfectly. The only thing I would suggest would be the removal of the blood in the final smash, as well all know how Kirby games are all T rated, right? Great job.

Extras: Wiz’s extras are far from numerous, but I do like what you have considerably. All the various extra poses are very fitting and in character, and the generic alt color swaps or indeed generic alt color swaps. So far so good, but nothing that terribly stands out. . .Magic Kirby! Excellent idea giving Kirby his actual Magic ability from Squeak Squad rather then just giving Wiz’s neutral B to the pink terror, it just makes too much sense. The extras could possibly be expanded upon here, but that should be far from high priority.

Organization: Excellent job. I really like how you actually give different colors to the button inputs and move names that helps to organize this moveset to the fullest. This is easily one of the best in this department. The only thing I’d suggest changing is the titles of the headers, as “Finish” and “Act” for Final Smash and Extras are rather random. “Magical” on the Playstyle header feels kind of tacked on, but I’m indifferent on it’s presence. What criticism is in this section is among the largest nit picking of the entire review, so feel free to completely disregard it.

Overall: There are some brilliant ideas in this moveset, but I feel that the execution of them is subpar. The moves are lacking in detail and there seems to of been little thought put into the balance of the moveset despite the rather large play style, as Wiz has no real downsides and would easily trump Meta Knight and would receive a unanimous ban without a doubt. This moveset has extremely large potential and I can already see it coming through the moves, but I just simply can’t put this moveset on the levels of some of the other greatness in the contest until you clear up my concerns on detail and balance, especially the former.




  1. Seriously, what is it with everyone doing Kirby movesets? It annoys me. I haven’t played Ultra(not counting a short download play session with my friend), nor have I played Amazing Mirror. We need more movesets from other series!

  2. No. We need more napkins!

  3. 😀 I didn’t expect this great surprise when I checked in on the Stadium today!

    Yeah… he is pretty broken. I’ll try to tone him down a bit, and add priority, percentages, and lag to the moves.

    I intentionally made his Final Smashes gruesome and horrific, to give a character to a cute little series some dark twists. I’ll change those too.

    I’ll change the headers too. I originally had “Magical” in front of each, but Spade hates “X Y move” so I changed it for him, but forgot that I left it on the playstyle header.

    I intend to give Kirby an ability from the games if I can in the future, because I feel it fits him better, especially if the moveset in question is a Kirby enemy.

    Thanks for the review, MW, and expect something you’ve been looking forward to (I hope) tonight. Fufufufu…

  4. I count 11 serious Kirby entrants. 11. Out of, what, three hundred? Just because most of them happen to be good enough to get lots of attention doesn’t mean that there are way too many, or that other series are underrepresented.

    I count 9 Sonic movesets. Off the top of my head, Mega Man has: Mega Man; Rock & Roll; MM9: MM; Roll; Galaxy Man; Top Man; Proto Man; Proto Man EXE; Zero; Gemini Man. That’s 10. Castlevania has about that amount, too.

    Pokemon, there’s gotta be at least 15.

    So yeah. Just my little mini-rant about all these complaints about too many Kirby sets.

  5. There’s at least 14 Kirby movesets now. I did a calculation and they make up only about 7% of the total MYM4 sets. SO WHAT IF KIRBY MOVESETS ARE THE BEST?

  6. Yeah, I don’t really count joke movesets like Waddle Dee, Cappy with two Gordos, and Gordo (come on, even Mendez admits it).

    But yeah, that’s my point exactly. There’s really not that many, and they’re all of high quality, so what’s the big deal? And they’re hardly complex characters, to boot, so everyone can understand the movesets, unlike Castlevania or Fire Emblem.

    Complainers should have a look at the number of Pokemon in MYM 2 or Sonic characters in MYM 3 (Spade single-handedly clinches that one).

    Anyway, sorry for derailing your review commentary, Warlord. I’ll stop now.

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