Posted by: metinahurricane | February 1, 2009

The King's Conclusions — Bubble Dragons

!~ Bubblun ~!

By Baloo

(Also Bobblun, Cororon, and Kululun)


Kay, so this is my first Baloo review, which is kinda odd considering you’re the most profilic moveset maker in the thread. I was kinda hoping I’d get the chance to review Castform, but I guess that ship has sailed. So…


Hmm, hmm. So, starting at the top… The Special Thing That Makes Him Special (why oh why not just “Mechanic” or “Twist”?) is a bit confusing. I’d love a picture of the dragons in their human forms. Your descriptions of Bubblun’s three clones (for that is what they are) is a bit garbled, actually. You say that Kululun has better attack speed, then you turn around and say that he has bad attack speed. So I’m getting from the descriptions at the end that Kululun is the extreme one, with slow, ranged attacks. Bobblun is slightly slower in movement but has fast, ranged attacks, while Cororon is a tad faster and has slow, short-range attacks? Seems kinda unfair to Cororon, I’d give up a bit of walk (not even run!) speed any day if it makes my attacks both faster and better at spacing. I’d rethink some of this stuff, maybe making them all more extreme.

So I’m seeing a problem just from the bare-bones stats. Bubblun is fast, strong, has fantastic range, great jumps, great traction, and lots of air time. His flaws? Slow walk – which doesn’t matter compared to other stats – average weight, which isn’t really a drawback, and some attack lag, which can be cancelled out, apparently, by picking Bobblun. Hmmm…

Okay, so Bubble is intriguing… but frankly, I don’t understand it. You say they stop floating once they get a Ganondorf height away from the blast zone… is this referring to the top of the stage or the side? What does it do after it stops floating? Can it only be popped after this, and why? Can foes still be caught in it after that? How long does it take to spit out a bubble? How long do you have to charge to make four? How would you get a bubble to conveniently be under you while you’re recovering? I really don’t get how these things move, and where. Maybe it would help if I played the game, but then again, it’s useful for you to get an outsider’s look at what you’ve created. Essentially, I see detail problems. The description here is long already, but the attack is so complicated and important to his gameplay that it really deserves some more attention. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s a very, very unique and interesting attack. I just need to know more to fully understand it.

So I’m seeing a similar problem with Enemy. The enemies themselves are all really creative and interesting, but the attack itself? How long does it take to send one out? How many can you have at once? I love the extra Kirby hats here. On to the Up B, and here is the answer to a few of my questions earlier, implying that bubbles can be blown extremely quickly and explaining how exactly you jump on them. Cool. But it only reinforces my belief that there should be a mention of lag when you blow a bubble. Moving on from that, though, it’s an awesome way to recover. Good job. Down B is another awesome idea, but seems broken. A bit of lag, yeah, yeah, but then you can churn out bubbles that already came out quickly even more quickly, and they do 18% each!!! Toning down seems needed.

Jab Attack is very cool for… well, a jab attack. Dash Attack is even better, I love the use of bubbles here. Bubble-based moveset, woohoo! So Forward Tilt feels very out of place here among all these attacks, since it’s just so bland. Up Tilt is a bit odd, but also pretty neat. I’m noticing that you write out damage % in words instead of numbers; why is that? Writing “seven damage” feels much stranger than simply saying “7%”. Down Tilt seems a bit poorly described; so it looks like he’s just standing there, but he also jumps at one point? What does he pop the bubble with, his feet? More description, please.

 And then we have the FSmash. Ummm.. did I miss the picture of the Flhoop or is there really none? This attack feels a bit odd, like an extension of his Side B. I dunno, it doesn’t feel quite right to me. Up Smash is similar, although a bit cooler, I like the Uni Bo more than the Flhoop. Again, kudos on all the Kirby hats. Down Smash is a bit vague, I’d love more details on how long it can be charged, how far the waves go, and the animation in general. Again, since I haven’t played the source, it’s all a bit inaccessible to me. I like the inclusion of a glitch, though I hate to say you’re not the first, I know it was included in Junahu’s Donna, for one. Still, very wacky extra there, although it seems a bit too easy to pull off.

Nair is rather neat, I suppose. Uair and Dair before Fair and Bair is just bizarre, but whatever. Uair is really cool, with all the mindgame potential, although I’m thrown off again by the damage in words rather than %. The wording feels kinda forced, like you’re just rattling away properties. That said, the concept itself is sweet. Dair is weird because I don’t know what an Ame Da Ma IS. Another one of the cool-but-more-fitting-to-Side-B enemy-using attacks. I still like the Kirby hats, that would be an awesome matchup. Fair is really cool,  no complaints there. Yzk? Awesome name.

And then the throws… this is an AWESOME grab mechanic. Damn. Sweet. Ties together with the Bubble mechanic, although not knowing how exactly the bubbles move, it seems pretty hard to catch a skilled foe in one to me. The pummel is a worthy pay-off and quite cancels this out, though. TEN bubbles? Isn’t that a bit.. excessive? I mean, you could just catch them in one of the ten and repeat the process! Of the rest, I love Down Throw, you just have to list ALL of the unique mimics. YOU MUST.

Some more notes: I’d put the Final Smash at the very end, that’s the way most people do it and I’ve gotten used to seeing it there; did you use Comic Sans MS for the whole moveset? I can’t be sure, but it looks like it, and I can’t say I like having the font for the body of the moveset anything but the default.

Now backing up a bit, I can see three main problems with this moveset.

1) Balance. I discussed this at the beginning of the review, and nothing I’ve read has assuaged me. Bubblun has some nice damage output, a ton of projectile enemies, and, of course, the ever-present Bubble mechanic…

2) How you described the bubble mechanic. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, because I know I’m emphasizing it a lot, but I’d just rewrite the whole thing. I can’t make heads or tails of it. More detail on this complaint at the top. I’m only talking about this because it’s so creative and interesting, it’d be a shame to not get full mileage out of it.

3) Enemies. The ones in the Forward B are okay, they have pictures, but for the rest, I can’t envisage the attack at all, since I don’t know what the enemy looks like. I take a look at the credits, but it doesn’t really tell me which enemy is which, does it?

This moveset seems to me to be utterly and totally true to character. I have never played Bubble Bobble, but it’s clear to me that tons of these seemingly random attacks (Parasol? Teapot?) are pulled straight from the game, as is the main mechanic. It also remains resolutely creative at its core, like so many of your movesets, Baloo. My three complaints are ALL easily fixed, and would really go miles in making this even more of an epic set. And epic it is. I had a great time reading it.

(As an afterthought, this is my longest review, and one of the longest reviews, period, surpassed only by a few of Chris’s)




  1. When I came here, knowing there has already been two reviews tioday, I wasn’t expecting anything. And then, in the corner, it says Bubble Drangons.


    Before anything, there’s one thing I have to explain. Bubble can only trap for the first half second they are in existence, then they can be popped, but can’t trap opponents any more.

    OK, lets start. Power. Uh, really, all my stat sections are completely off, don’t even bother with them. :p A lot of his moves have lag, yeah, good recovery… I guess I’ll tone down the stats.

    You got, hmm, all of their stats wrong. I’ll just add a diagram, that’ll fix it.

    Yes, bubble needs to have more explanation. It’s huge as it is, but I’ll add more.

    Good, good, I’ll put the stuff you mentioned in Up B in the neutral B section. Down B is a bit broken, but can only be used a few times a match, so doesn’t that cancel that? Whatever, I’ll fix it.

    Yeah, I know Bubblun’s up and side smashes seem like the enemy attack, but he doesn’t really have all that much moveset potential, I need something to work with. You can’t make a moveset, for say, a mouse pad. Pretty much all he could do in the games is blow bubbles and use items, and most of those items are horrificly broken. Sooo, you get enemies everywhere.

    Down smash detail will be added. I wasn’t the first? Wahhhh. O well, you still liked it.

    Yeah, I think the aerials really depend on you playing the game to know what I’m talking about. An Ame Da Ma is a piece of candy that spits bombs (Taito, the company that made Bubble Bobble Symphony, has the wackiest ideas. One level in one of their games has a whole world devoted to thongs.) Yzk, while it sounds awesome, is dreadfully hard in the game and is probably my least favorite enemy.

    Grab and throws. OK, yeah. I know, it’s awesome. The opponent can’t be caught in one of the ten bubbles, they are invincible to bubbles for that time period.

    K, but what do you think of said final smash?

    I’ll edit the balance. I’ll add more detail to the bubble.s But as a matter of fact, the credits do tell you which is which. See, the way to tell which is a, say, Uni Bo is by seeing which one has the word Uni Bo next to it.

    Yes, a lot of it is taken from the game, but some do slightly different things than they did, since if they did that would be broken. For example, the teapot’s explosion originally was a massive explosion that killed all enemies. I don’t think that would work very well. The parasol is not form the Bubble Bobble series, but form the Parasol Island game, which features the same characters, but in human form primarily, instead of the bubble bobble series which has them normally in dragon form.


    Yay, longest review by you!

    Unrelated Question: What;s my best moveset? I think this or Kumatora, but what do you think? If you say Ghost Gang….

  2. Oh, and Castform hasn’t been reviewed yet. You still can if you want, but it’s in the middle of being recolored. Whatever, just note that, if you do, the organization will get better.


  3. Uhh, there has to be an edit button somewhere, but I can’t find it. So, I’ll post again.

    What do you mean I’m them most prolific moveset maker in MYM4?

  4. Okay, so now I get the Bubbles a bit more. Good, good.

    So yeah. Fix pretty much all that stuff you mentioned, and this’ll probably be my favourite of your sets. Although I’m kinda partial to de Blob, too, and Castform is awesome in its way. And Toad Brigade is looking to blow them all away.

    I WOULD review Castform, but I’m already buried in reviews here. Maybe if the queue dies down, closer to the end of the contest, I could find a chance…

    And prolific, heh, I’ve been looking for a chance to use that word for a while now. You’ve made the most movesets, is what I was trying to say with that. You’re the most… active, most consistent. All that.

  5. Good.

    I’ll fix it. And yes, Blob is a good one.

    Oh, OK.

    You mean I have the most sets? That is true, but Spade and HR are slowly creeping up…

    I’ll edit it, and when I have I’ll post back here. Probably in a few hours, I don’t know.

  6. OK, I edited it some more. How’s that?

  7. Yep, much better. The Bubble description is quite a bit clearer and the diagram fixes all my questions about the four dragons. Great stuff.

  8. OK. Good. I guess that Bubblun is finished. Yipee.

    And sorry ’bout the Dumb Realistic Kid set. Sooorrrryyy. Really.

  9. Hey, hey, I said I found it amusing. Aside from the disappointment of NOT getting Darkrai, it was pretty funny. So yeah, no problem.

  10. OK. Good.

    I’ll stop posting here. Xp

  11. Another double post??


    So, a question. Does this get a vote? 😀

  12. Yep, probably. Some really unique concepts and crazy playstyle clinch that for me.

  13. I should be ashamed of myself.

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