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The Master's Critique — Hades

Page 582

Hades by BKupa666

I watched a lot of Disney movies as a lad. . .But I’m ashamed I never watched Hercules when I watched so many others. I saw a big portion of it a long time ago, but it was far from the whole thing and it was indeed a long time ago so I can’t remember it particularly well. I decided to review this moveset and read it in depth before continuing on my SM to get an in depth look at Hades seeing his main role is in chapter 11, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve been reviewing a lot of lower tier movesets recently, but getting to read this along with Wiz was an excellent break. I may of barely known this character before this review, but now I know him like the back of my hand. Great job!

Originality: I’m liking how the neutral special and side special have entirely different effects depending on how much they’re charged. The individual effects might not be outright amazing, but when there’s so many possible outcomes it makes the move really unique. The down special is brilliant and a good use of creative influence from the mythological Hades. I like how you actually gave him a unique way to steal powers by going through them while invisible. The actual powers he gets to use upon stealing them are fairly run of the mill, but at least you put a unique limited on it instead of just giving it to him forever like Kirby or all the other various neutral B copy movesets like Mendez’s Megaman. The specials are good, but the rest of the moveset is great. Even the tilts have great thought put into them, and I especially like the grab. Seriously, that’s like the most unique grab I’ve ever seen. So simple, yet so brilliant. Easily my favorite part of the set. The Final Smash is a bit generic in comparison to the rest of the moveset, though. There is the occasional less interesting then the other moves such as the up special (Although it fits him very well), but considering how small in quantity they are they’re fine. The only thing I feel would benefit from a tune up is the final smash (Although the tornado titan is interesting). Overall, excellent job.

Detail: Most of the detail necessary is present here, and you do well in describing each move’s competetive use. With moves such as the dthrow the detail put into them are just beautiful. . .But there’s always the constant lacking of one vital statistic in most moves: Attack Speed. Knowing how much a move lags is one of it’s most vital statistics and should be high priority to include. Other then that, you’ve done an amazing job here.

Balance: Looking at Hades’ stats when I first began reading the moveset, red lights went off in my head right off the bat. Hades has good power, range, recovery, and priority while still managing to have above average attack speed and combo potential. I honestly feel the stats section overrates the moves slightly, being somewhat inaccurate, but if that’s what you intended him to be then I’m sorry but that’s just simply too powerful. I’d suggest either toning Hades down to be more on the level of DK so that he’s somewhat in the middle of stats, just slightly leaning towards power, or else just make him the typical heavyweight. I can’t tell how true the stats are particularly in attack speed which would make or break Hades’ balance, so I suggest simply balancing him by toning his attack speed down when you actually add it in for each move. On the contrary, the final smash seems rather underpowered what with the limited movement of the titans and how short they last, so I’d recommend buffing them up.
Relevance to Character: As I mentioned in the opening blurb of this review I knew little to nothing of Hades besides his stereotypical traits before reviewing this moveset, but now I know and respect him as a character. That’s quite the accomplishment you’ve pulled off there. I can’t really judge how truly in character he is seeing I haven’t watched the movie, but your inclusion of direct quotes from the diety, the use of Hades’ minions and the excellent extras section leads me to believe there’s nothing whatsoever wrong here, especially with how you use every possible ability of Hades (Particularly his flaming hair) to use his full moveset potential.

Extras: The taunts are particularly well done in that they’re actually made to be used in specific instances in Smash. Well done on them, as well as the win poses which are all very in character. I don’t find it fitting for most of the characters in Smash to clap, but considering everybody else does it I just make all my characters match. I feel it best that Hades clapped, even though that loss pose is hilarious. Perhaps you could incorporate it in some other animation? In any case, that’s extreme nit picking, so moving on. Glad to see somebody actually being logical with the icons and not giving every last character their own. Snake goes slightly OOC in the codec, I don’t think he should be quite as fearful. Other then that, it’s fine, along with the color swaps. There is no such thing as a wiimote thus they cannot be used for Brawl thus they cannot make noise (Excellent quote there though). I like the unique effect of the assist trophy, and they make sense for an assist trophy to go with the lord of the dead. I love how you kept the stage tourney viable for the most part, although you might want to detail up what the pot does on the last part or else the stage might end up not being so. Still, I like all the detail you went into it with the background and it’s without a doubt one of the best stages I’ve seen. The fact you did an actual SSE Role is a big positive for me as well, you’ve always been exceptional at them. It gives Bowser actual playable time and Hades a cool cutscene in his lair. I feel you could’ve done more with it considering you gave Hades an actually interesting role rather then another minion of Master Hand, but considering how few people actually do SSE Roles (Much less good ones) it’s hard to complain about them. In any case, it really helps to add to the moveset. Great job with the extras, you’ve been one of the few to help me stick up for them and I’m glad you still haven’t given in to the easy ways of the Mendez movement.

Organization: I have nothing whatsoever to complain about in the moveset layout. Good job with it. However, the alliterated move names feel rather cheesy. KingK.Rool has opened up my eyes to the error of my ways with them and I’ve finally stepped away from these types of move names with Capsule J2 and beyond. It’s far from high priority to change this, but I’d suggest avoiding alliterated move names in the future.

Overall: Another excellent moveset from you, Bkupa. I feel this one’s on the level of Ken if not surpassing him, as Hades doesn’t have to lean back on a mechanic to be unique, as his individual moves really shine out, as do his extras. While Hades has more problems then Ken that could use fixing, he’s already on Ken’s level in my opinion, and has the potential to rise above him if these problems are dealt with. As a summary of what actually matters enough to be changed: Add attack speeds to all the moves that make Hades a more typical heavyweight, change the stats section to be less biased in Hades’ favor, and either buff or change the final smash. Good luck and thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading this moveset.



  1. Another great review. I try to convey attack speed regularly, but if you say I need more here, I will definitely review the set for more detail. The stats are not intentionally overpowered, so this is another necessary change. Thanks for pointing that out. The Final Smash is fitting to Hades, so buffing it rather than changing it seems a better solution.

  2. Ah, so you’ve seen the error of your ways, Warlord. You have seen the light. Let it guide you into a new era of peace and prosperity.


  3. . . .Posted this on the wrong review, Ka Rool?

  4. You see what DKC’s level name alliteration does to us, K.Rool? It’s addicting. I’m trying to put a limit on it now as well.

  5. Nope, I definitely meant to post it here…

    “KingK.Rool has opened up my eyes to the error of my ways with them and I’ve finally stepped away from these types of move names with Capsule J2 and beyond.”

    You must fight it, BKupa! Fight to earn your freedom!

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