Posted by: masterwarlord | February 2, 2009

The Master's Critique — Milliarde

Page 417

Milliarde by TWILTHERO

Blarg. . .You finally got me to actually review this moveset. I thought I managed to cheat this off the review que, but I foolishly offered a free review as an award and Twilt won it and requested a REAL review of Milly. So much for John Edwards and his daddy who worked in a mill. . .Looks like I have to review this one for real. So then. . .Let’s begin, shall we? Just be glad I actually decided to do this thing, considering it’s not technically on the review que and that thing’s a bloody monster. Upon reading this moveset, it essentially has all the problems of Guillo, but without as much to make up for it. . .How so? Allow me to elaborate.

Originality: Many of the moves are highly generic, and the neutral B is essentially a cone of Marth’s side special. The up B and Side B are alright, but the down B is essentially the same thing as Guillo’s and offers little incentive to use it considering you can’t choose what you end up with. The rest of the moves are all essentially generic weapon attacks and many share nearly identical animations and properties to each other in a similar fashion to Guillo. The potential extra moves in the tilts are interesting in how awkward they are to perform, but all it amounts up to is a lesser version of Guillo’s various combos, as the actual attacks performed out of them are more generic strikes. I can’t find a single individual attack I like in here save maybe the side B as far as the actual concept goes. . .Considering Milly has some actual potential for being more then a generic medieval fantasy weapon character I’d expect more then just a bunch of generic weapon swings.

Detail: The same case present with Guillo is here as you take an astounding amount of words to explain these extremely simple moves. I feel the moveset is over detailed. You don’t really tell us that many properties of the move, but you just babble on so needlessly so often that it becomes a chore to read through the moveset. I’d really suggest cutting the thick fat of the extra sentences that don’t contribute anything off here, especially when you state the same thing multiple times on accident. On the whole the moveset feels unpolished and could use a big tune up. For an example, here’s what I’d suggest for your basic neutral A to tone the excess detail down while still retaining all your info:

Milly does 2 small swings with her maces. The move’s speed has pretty much no lag at the beginning, but if you decide to not follow it up with another attack, this has only slightly above average lag at the end. The range for this move is pretty bad, only like 1/4th to 1/2th of a small stage builder block. Each of Milly’s swings deal 2% damage, with a flinch (No real knockback).

A really bad attack by itself. If you decide to continue the AAA combo, there will be no lag at the end. If you decide to perform the Side Tilt or up tilt right after this move, something will totally change her attacks. Let’s see……

What I did may not seem like much, but it really starts to add up after every single move has all that excess detail.

Balance: Milly is extremely fast and weak. Her throws may be a bit too strong in comparison to the rest of the set, but on the whole Milly feels slightly underpowered anyway so those throws would help her. I’d suggest giving Milly some sort of KO move to make her more viable, but I suppose the usmash will do considering it’s not that slow, just slow in comparison to her other moves. This is the least of your problems with this moveset.
Relevance to Character: Milly shows very little character throughout this moveset, not that I really know of any she has, especially with the lack of extras so she can’t even speak any dialogue besides an occasional generic quote. What you did with the dthrow was good, but Milly has more moveset potential then this and could really use extras to show off her character at least slightly. This isn’t bad, but is far from it’s max potential.

Extras: There’s no extras whatsoever on this moveset. . .Far from a good thing. The basic animations don’t even include all of them and the ones that are present are horribly generic. Milly could really use taunts and results screen poses if nothing else to show her character. Did you know my nickname is the extras nazi?

Organization: No real complaints, albeit some of the move names feel really dumb, such as the nair and the three parts of the AAA. You’ve got what matters in this section, though, which is good headers, bolded colored move names, and the moves going through in a logical order. Fine job.

Overall: As I stated in the detail section, this entire moveset feels incredibly rushed what with the lack of extras, the generic moves, and the blatant over detailing that you never bothered to read over and trim down. This moveset would probably be best off with a massive tune up changing the majority of the moves (Save the tilts which have the combos and thus are good for what they are), or at the very least cutting off the fat off the move descriptions to make the moveset less tedious to read through. I think you’ve had many better efforts then this moveset and I’d put this down on the lower levels of them. Sorry for the negative review, but keep in mind you were the one so insistent on having me do it.



  1. Yay, i presuaded Detail Nazi to make this review!

    Anyway, thanks for the review. This is far from my best moveset i know, but in the game, Milly does attack with generic attacks unfortunately. So it kind of made it tough for me to think of creative attacks on my own.

    So STILL.

  2. Also….i beat MasterWarlord in a way! WWHHEEEEEEEEE!!! I managed to get him to work on a real review for Milly!

  3. I’m too pro XD

  4. And on that note, Warlord… where is MY free review? You DID get my picture of Bowser and Ganondorf, did you not? =D

  5. You said you didn’t want the review, K. Rool. . .

  6. Did I? I really don’t remember that. Ah, well.

    Or maybe I said I didn’t want one for GALAXY MAN? Hmmm… I won’t forget this…

  7. There’s no way that this is going to get noticed, but…

    Maybe you confused K.Rool with me, Warlord, because I know for a FACT that I specifically asked not to get a review, I just wanted you to keep putting in the links. =P

  8. Nah, I rechecked my sent PMs, and I did actually say I didn’t want a review. I just did it to show Warlord I’m always watching. =D

    And I notice EVERYTHING. Always.


  9. No, seriously, he does. It’s freakin’ creepy…

  10. Everything, huh? Hmm…

    Ok, I’ll spill the beans. On the MYM Wiki, on the shoutbox, I’ve had a secret message sitting there since JANUARY 29 that no one ever noticed. You all missed out on a free shot to fame on the CSS, which went to Roomba this past weekend.

    :xat sunglasses emoticon:

  11. :xat surprise emoticon:

    Oh dammit! Curse you, agi! CUUUUUUUUURSE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!

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