Posted by: SirKibble | February 3, 2009

The Knight's Analysis — Three Days Grace

|||~~~ Three Days Grace ~~~|||



I think it’s only fitting that I take this one, since out of all the Sandbags (and most of the MYMers, actually), I’m most likely to appreciate this moveset, being an avid fan of the band myself. I heard a lot about this moveset while it was in production (and even helped out a little bit), so I’m excited to really scrutinize how it played out. We’ve seen a few band movesets over the course of various MYMs, and–while entertaining–they’re generally below the standard. Part of that probably has to do with the fact that they’re usually from newcomers or one-timers, though, points that are both easily avoided, as Twil’s a respected member of the community. But enough of that! Let’s tackle this review!

First thing I notice is that you don’t really explain how they play until the Down Special, which is sort of confusing, since there are two moves listed before it. Anyway, I’d suggest a little explanation of that before you get into the moves. Anyway, while I’m on the Down Special, let me say that I like what you did with the different members as far as power, range, and speed goes. Really cool. I’m a little unclear on, say, how fast you can switch, or how Neil goes around with Adam (a drumset’s not exactly super-portable), but still, pretty good stuff. (You keep stealing Mendez’ line, though, and he’ll probably beat you with a lead pipe.)

To the rest of the Specials now! The Neutral Special actually made me laugh as I pictured it, and it’s a pretty clever idea. So do the people just randomly “POOF!” and appear in the hatefest? Anyway, I can picture this pretty well, and I like the move! Now, the Side Special, I think should be a little more controlled. To be honest, I don’t think I’d use this move except in friendlies when I was screwing around and didn’t care. A 50% chance of ending up taking an guaranteed 20% damage with boosted abilities…that you have no control over. Does Adam fight at a certain CPU level here? Or does he just randomly attack around? I think I could use a little clarification on this move, and maybe a tweak so it’s not so random and risky. The Up Special I like, especially the little twist with breaking the mirror. The only thing I might like to know is how fast the mirror reflects him upward. As is, I’m picturing something sort of like Farore’s Wind, so if it’s nothing like that, then clarification might be in order.

The Standard Combo was kind of my idea is solid, I like the implementation there. No complaints. So for the Side Tilt, do you just hold the button to keep the flames going? With that little clarification, I think it’s good. I like the concept of him lightning himself on fire to hurt (himself and) opponents. Cool stuff! Did I mention I love how you’re using the songs for the attacks? Well, I do. Here in the Down Tilt, it’s very good. One of my favorite TDG songs, and I like what you did with the move. The punishability makes it balanced enough, and it’s a really neat concept. Now, the Up Tilt had me going until the “used up” bit with the waiting 30 seconds (to Mars, heck yes!) The Dash Attack, I see, is a simple movement piece, which I like, kinda mixes up the normal formula a bit. I approve this!

The Forward Smash is a cool idea, especially with it changing completely at full charge. However, I have to ask what happens if Three Days Grace is fighting multiple opponents. What determines which F-Smash is used? Also, is it standardized in the case of a F-Smash like Olimar’s? Like, is it always based on a Red Pikmin or something? Or for Lucario, is it based on a median amount of Aura? Anyway, those are kind of picky things, but a couple things I wondered about while reading it. The Down Smash is cool; again, I just have to say that I love the different ways you translate the songs into attacks. Good times. The Up Smash is good, being a laggy KO move and all. The only thing I would suggest here…is to fix your lyrics. “This is not place is not a home,” huh? I get the feeling that was a little-lapse-in-brain-activity typo, right there! 😉

I have to discourage the randomness in the Neutral Air, but other than that, I like the move. The Forward Air is a little bit of an out-of-nowhere concept, not exactly what I was expecting, but still nicely worked out. The Backward Air is interesting, though, once again, I feel the need to speak out against the random factor. I’d say just go with the first effect. The helpless idea is more fun, anyway! Okay, so this Up Air is totally ridiculous…in a good way! Seriously, I think it might be my favorite move! Some might argue that it’s too random, but the time thing seems fine to me, especially since the basic move stays the same no matter what time, it’s just the damage/knockback stuff that changes. Excellent! The Down Air is cool, but may be a little awkward, affecting the stage like that. Meh… Anyway, I can’t really think of a quick fix, but something strikes me as strange about having a stage-effecting move like that, even if the concept is quite nice.

Okay, I laughed at the Pummel, just picturing it. Good times. And the Forward Throw. And the Backward Throw. And the Down Throw. Okay, I haven’t read the Up Throw yet, but I’m expecting to laugh. Please… *reads* Aw, not as funny as the others here, but I still got a little chuckle out of it. But… Man, you really gotta stop taking Mendez’ line like that. He’s gonna be angry. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Ah, the Final Smash (which was also my idea)! I like it! Perfect use of the lyrics to make this song Final Smash material, and it begs it by the title anway, right? Yeah, pretty much. So, yeah, nice conclusion to the ‘set. Really, I like this moveset a lot. The translations of the songs into moves was easily my favorite part, though a couple of little fixes may be in order in a couple of little places. Either way, definitely an enjoyable moveset, and it’s good to finally see a band-based moveset done well (especially when it’s TDG, from one fan to another). Yay for Twilty showing us how a band moveset’s done!



  1. 1) Yay! I made the first good band moveset!

    2) Hmm…i’ll see what i can do with the downwards special. Like add how laggy it is, and how Neil carries the drums.

    3) As for the forward smash in free for alls, i guess i’ll make it completely random.

    4) As for me stealing Mendez’s line in the standard special….he can BRING IT ON.

    5) Also thanks for the help on some of the attacks for the moveset Kibble.

    6) Will you be voting for this moveset =P? Also, do you think there are better movesets FROM ME than this, or Three Days Grace is my best?

    7) Thank you for the review.

  2. 1) *thumbs up*

    2) Excellent!

    3) Blargh! You said random! GAH!! *melts*

    4) Ready… FIGHT!

    5) Don’t mention it. All I did was say “Over and Over” would be a good Standard Combo and that “It’s All Over” should be a Final Smash. You thought up how to work them in.

    6) I haven’t gotten around to a thorough read of all your movesets, but I can safely say this is my favorite. I do believe I’ll be giving this sucker a vote!

    7) You’re quite welcome.

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