Posted by: metinahurricane | February 10, 2009

The King's Conclusions — Pokey

>000 Pokey 000<

By The Trophy Master


No… no way… yeah, that’s right, three reviews back-to-back! This one should be easy enough, as I’ve read it already, and don’t have all that much to point out. Here we go…


Nitpick #1: Why is Pokey so fast? Actually, his stats make him feel overpowered. He’s got it all; weight, range, strength, and speed, as well as smaller things like a good crouch. Hmmm…

Nitpick #2: The sprites are kinda… ugly, aren’t they? They’re useful, sure, but maybe you could Smash Daddy to actually animate them, because these take up waaay too much space, and they’re an eyesore, to be completely frank.

Nitpick #3: OH GOD ANOTHER MOVESET WITH SPECIALS LAST. When they’re THIS vital to the mechanic, PLEASE put them at the beginning. It really does make a difference. I know about the buildup and all that, but I’d rather catch my audience’s eye right off the bat; I never want to search for the meat of the moveset.

Compliment #1: The playstyle is uniquely awesome. Pokey’s a great character, if hard to implement, but you pulled it off. The mechanic doesn’t go into the realm of the impossible while still remaining utterly unique. Very cool, very cool indeed.

Compliment #2: The attacks themselves are also fantastic. I really didn’t see this coming, as I wasn’t all that impressed with Rowan, but you manage to keep them all fresh, as well as patently readable. There’s so many unique things done with his unique body in the standard attacks, it all just comes together. The Specials are also great: Neutral is functional, of course, while Side B is awesome and fitting to character, and well balanced, too. Down B reminds me of good ol’ Paper Mario. Congrats, you’ve got yourself a fabulous suite of moves here.

Compliment #3: Although some of them are kinda lame, the headers for the attack sections please me. The more people so this, the less Spade can blame me. Hooray!

Complaint #1: The glaring, huge problem with this moveset that turns me away from it more than anything else is the organization. Why the hell is every section in a different font? Half of them are practically unreadable! For the love of GOD, fix this. If you do, I guarantee you – like, 100% – I will vote for this moveset. If not, I will NOT. I hate the random font changes and will slay you if you don’t fix it.

Complaint #2: Balance issues abound. Pokey has fantastic stats, a versatile and mindgame-filled suite of attacks, and plenty of firepower. I don’t see any mention of it, but Pokey should get lighter for each ball he loses. It just feels like a natural. A bit of work here, and it’s easily fixed. It’s not a huge issue, anyway; I’ve never heard of a moveset flopping because of BALANCE.

Complaint #3: I do NOT like random appearances from Buzzy Beetle. They feel… well… random. I don’t see the connection, beyond Paper Mario, and that just doesn’t justify it. It’ll take some creative stretching, but I’d love them replaced with some POKEY attacks, even if those are more bland. Staying true to character with the concepts you already have would bring this to the next level (second time I’ve used that phrase in this set of reviews, innit?). This goes for the Chomp Up B, too.

…So, overall? Great stuff. This will be underrated, make no mistake, because your first effort wasn’t quite as powerful and because you’re a newcomer (not to mention the crippling organizational faux-pas), but it’s certainly very deserving of accolades. I despise Bidoof, but I’m sorta looking forward to the moveset regardless, after this. Also, Pokemovesets are always good. Wheeeee!




  1. I changed some thing like his weight, the fonts ( I killed too much eyes ) and the stats are a little bit more balanced!

    Thanks for the review K.Rool!

    A vote for me! Yay! 😀

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