Posted by: SirKibble | February 12, 2009

The Knight's Analysis — Black Mage

~=~=~ Black Mage ~=~=~

– by Twilight-Emblem –


So I’m a little familiar with Final Fantasy’s Black Mage, but I can’t say I’m too familiar with 8-Bit Theater, though I’ve heard of it and it seems like I may have seen a bit once or twice. Let’s hope that doesn’t hinder my ability to appreciate things about the moveset. Of course, if that would significantly help someone to like the moveset, then my first recommendation would be to add some links to videos or whatever to help your readers. If not. . .then I guess we’re good to go!

So, these first few attacks, unfortunately, are both vague and rather bland, so I can’t say much about them. Stab, stab, swipe, slash, stab. I think you can do better to make the moves interesting and creative. Moving on to the Tilts, with the exception of the Forward Tilt, they sound more interesting, but without some more detail, I. . .really can’t tell what’s going on. He “fires a sweeping blast” and that’s about all I get. A “sweeping blast” could be A LOT of different things. This would really be better with some details, descriptions, and clarifications.

More of the same on the Smash Attacks. The Forward Smash sounds cool, but I can’t really get much out of it. The Up Smash is simple, but it’d work with some more detail. The Down Smash is fine, but it takes me back to the Tilts. You said in the Down Tilt that the shockwave came up “around him,” which would generally imply that it shot out on both sides, but here you tell me that his Down Smash is a weaker version of his Down Tilt that shoots out to both sides. Again, this is just an issue of detail.

The Aerials are a mix of boring moves without detail and interesting moves without detail. Really, that’s the biggest and most obvious thing that this whole moveset needs. The Down Aerial, for example, sounds totally awesome, but I just can’t picture it right without you telling me how this thing’s supposed to work. And then the Throws, I can’t say much for that I haven’t already said.

The Specials, now. . . The Neutral Special doesn’t even tell me anything about the attack, just that he fires a Bolt, and that he can charge it up to three levels. The Up Special is better-described than most moves, but most of that is due to the fact that it’s basically ripped from two existing moves. The Down Special is kind of weird, being “Goblin Punch,” in which he. . .kicks the opponent. Aside from the weirdness, there’s nothing to point out about this move. The Side Special. . . Oh, wait, there is no Side Special. . . The Final Smash, then! Like most everything else in the moveset, it just needs more detail. I can’t stress enough how much a good description would help almost all of these moves.

Usually an “Other Attacks” section includes both Ledge Attacks (one for when the character is under 100% damage and one for over) and Rising Attacks (attacks when you’ve been knocked to the ground), but whatever. Anyway, the rest of what I see here is fine, all the Extras and whatnot. No problems there. So. . . Yeah!

In summary, I can only suggest two things for this moveset. First and foremost, detail needs to be added throughout the moveset. The attacks are all so vague right now that almost none of them can be properly envisioned. That alone would seriously help the moveset to be a lot better. The second thing I can suggest is to do away with the majority of those generic knife attacks and whatnot. You’ve got free reign over the character, so make him interesting! I mean, he’s the Black Mage! Certainly, he’s got some more interesting techniques to employ than a full arsenel of generic stabs!



  1. Yeah, I have to say, not my best work. I agree about the generic part for the most part, and I really hadn’t quite grasped the importance of detailing at the time, so I didn’t put much there. I might redo it in MYM5 as a Black Mage Remix or something to that effect in order to improve the quality.

  2. That’d be awesome, let me tell you. I would love to see this remade. It’s full of potential, you just hadn’t really got a handle on MYM yet, which is understandable. (Most of us didn’t really get it until last contest, even those who’d been around for longer.)

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