Posted by: SirKibble | February 18, 2009

The Knight's Analysis — Aeon

~:0:~ Aeon ~:0:~

– by Spadefox –


So I hadn’t heard of this guy before this moveset (which is the case for any Castlevania moveset; I’m beginning to feel deprived), but I distinctly remember thinking very highly of it when I read through it before, at the time of posting. Granted, reviews like this tend to let me dig deeper, so let’s hope a more thorough inspection produces a similar opinion! Before I start, though, I just want to say that something about this guy is just cool. I can’t put my finger on it, but looking at him and everything, he just seems like the kind of character I would enjoy.

The Overview is great, clear and concise. The Stats seem solid, nothing too worthy of note (though you’ve already said he’s a good ranged fighter and has unique Specials). On to the attacks, the Standard Combo looks fine, though a question has just come to my mind, and I expect it may hinder my ability to understand the majority of the moveset: How does Aeon (or anyone, for that matter) hold and use such a weapon? Just from looking at it, I’m a bit strained to see how the hands would “shoot out.” Are they retractable, then? I’m kind of missing that. I’m just going to assume that the hands can retract, and that the clock is the total base of the weapon here. I guess you’ll have to correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway, the Dash Attack looks good (and further solidifies my thoughts about the weapon), as do all the Tilts. In particular, I like the Up Tilt; it’s just a fun move to visualize. All of them make good use of his unique weapon, though, and are practical attacks with easy implementation, which is really a relief after reading so many attacks in MYM movesets that would be impossible to explain to a Smash newcomer. Feels good, this does!

The Forward Smash, I like. Again, it’s simple and practical, but it makes fun use of his weapon so it’s not bland like a lot of similar moves would be. More of that from the Up Smash and Down Smash as well. I’m really a fan of how much you’ve detailed all the moves without long-winded descriptions. It makes this moveset immediately likable. One question I have now, though, concerns the two hands of the clockblade. I’m solid now on how the weapon works, with the whole retracting and protruding thing, but isn’t one hand significantly shorter than the other? Does that affect some of these moves, like the Up Smash and Down Smash? Anyway, just something I wondered as I got to these attacks.

The Neutral Air feels a tiny bit boring, though the Meteor Smash property spices it up enough. The Forward Air, like you say, is a simple move, which I’m still finding excusable, but I hope to see something more interesting in some of these Aerials. Ah, there we go. The Backward Air is what I’m talking about! I like it, I really do. It’s fun and creative, while still remaining practical and useful. Excellent. The Up Air and Down Air are also quite good, though the Backward Air remains my definite favorite of the Aerials.

Ah, now the esteemed Specials. The Neutral Special is cool, simple and effective, but not without its quirks.  Feels a bit like a combination of a few other characters’ attacks, but its unique enough that. . .we’re just gonna forget that point entirely! The Side Special. . .is something I can’t believe I haven’t seen somewhere before! It’s so simple, yet so unique and brilliant! Seriously, I’m beating myself up right now for not having ever thought of a move like that. Awesome. I’ve commented on the Up Special before, as it was the thing that stuck out to me the most when I looked at the moveset before. It’s either an incredible recovery, or a totally awful one. Of course, as long as the player’s paying attention, they’ll be able to evaluate whether this move will help or hurt them, so there’s nothing wrong with it at all. On the contrary, I’d consider it a definite highlight of the moveset. The Down Special, once again, is a genius idea that I can’t believe hasn’t been used in another moveset (though it’s definitely very fitting to Aeon)! The self-damaging bit is perfect for balance, combined with the waiting time in-between uses. I’d automatically assume that you end the effect by pressing Down B again, though I should point out that’s not made totally clear in the actual move description.

The Throws are basic enough, nothing too spectacular. I like the Up Throw, if just for the extra effect of speech and once again, good use of the clockblade. For the most part, the Throws look good, despite being simple. The only one I might suggest changing is the Down Throw, for fairly obvious reasons. It’s just so simple, it could be seen as boring. Naturally, it’s not without its uses, but perhaps a more interesting Throw could be given the same use? Anyway, that’s not critical or anything, just a small suggestion.

The Final Smash, I love, love, love, love, love!! We don’t see enough cinematically-oriented Final Smashes, I think. In fact, I hadn’t even really considered the possibility until now. It’s excellent, really. And I love each character having their own line. I’m just sad that I can’t see lines for every character, though I understand it can’t be easy to come up with something for everyone. Still, excellent work here!

The Taunts look great, as do the Results Screen Poses and the rest of the Extras. I’m afraid I’m no fan of going in-depth about Extras, so it will have to suffice that I think they look solid and they compliment the rest of the moveset well.

So that’s that! I must say, this moveset was a real breath of fresh air for me! I loved it! I honestly think what makes me love it the most is how easily it feels like Aeon would be able to be put into Smash with this moveset. The attacks are very unique, but you’ve avoided any quirks that might make Aeon undesirable for the roster. To me, the practicality and (for lack of a better word) simplicity of this moveset really seal the deal! I regret to admit I still have a few of your movesets to give a thorough read, but in any case, don’t be surprised if this one gets a vote from me!



  1. Yay!! Glad you liked it so much. ^_^

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