Posted by: The Stadium | February 24, 2009

The Lion's Review — Micaiah

Way to show compassion for us Sandbags.

Ooh an FE set… nice. Its very odd that the sages in particular got so much love in this contest. I mean Bastian, Ilyana, Calill, and now Micaiah. And thats not even counting the Necromancer, Lyon. Well bias has no place in reviews so don’t expect sugarcoating.

Good background information. Explaining the series was odd, but interesting.

The overview was kind of eh… it really doesn’t explain her playstyle much, not doing anything to describe comboes and little to describe tactics. It basically states what everyone should know already if they read the set… but the spoiler made me lol.

Now time for your in depth review:

Umm… can you even call accuracy a stat? I’m pretty sure accuracy in Smash is completely random as your foe can theoretically dodge anything. I wouldn’t exactly call 4.4/10 slow.. its just a bit below the average. Ok these stats are just whack… do you really have to resort to decimals… in fact you don’t even have to use numbers… words like slow, fast, strong, heavy, etc. work just fine. Her balance in stats is really quite sketchy… assuming accuracy is attack reach, that is.

Interesting style. Every detail is given in small words.

Ok, the Neutral A is really quite boring… and how long does it stun the foe. When you don’t specifiy, it could be as little as a millisecond or as long as 10 minutes. The balance of this move really depends on how long you mean by stun. Its “combo” the hold hit is interesting, I suppose. It has an inconsistency. “Range is only slightly better than the first hit” and then “very weak range”.  Still the hold makes the whole thing more interesting if only by a little. You should state how easily DI allows the foe to escape though.

The Dash Attack is interesting, but holy crap its so underpowered…. 2.8 seconds end lag? Maybe if the move did 20-30 damage.. but this is a really average move we are talking about. Ganondorf has less beginning lag then that on his Neutral B!

Her F-Tilt is the exact same story but to an even greater extent. 3 SECONDS! Your opponent could rape Micaiah in that time!

The Up-Tilt thankfully deviates a little, though .4 seconds is still pretty punishable. Is that 10-12% damage per hit or total… because if thats per hit… ouch.

The Down Tilt made it even more clear to me that you don’t know what quick is. In a competitive video game that requires reflexes (Smash, most fighters, and some MMO’s) 1 second is really a lot longer than it sounds. Quick is really like 1/4 of a second. Other than that, the attack is okay, and a fairly creative adaptation of a generic spell.

The F-Smash would be awesome visually. Okay don’t use metres as a measurement of distance in a moveset. There is no real scale of inches, feet, metres, etc… Instead we are forced to use things like bodylengths, or more commonly stage builder blocks, as expressions of length.  There is so much inconsistency in this move. At one point you say the sphere moves quickly and at another you say it moves very slowly. You claim this move cannot be charged, and yet their is a fully charged percentage. By itself, this move could be potentially overpowered because, frankly, 19% damage is a pain, but when factored into the rest of Micaiah’s horrible moves… it doesn’t help her that much. Don’t get me wrong, this move is creative and I would love to use it.

O.O the Up Smash leaves her vulnerable for 2.3 seconds just counting the duration? That is going to hurt Micaiah big time. This move is basically just a vertical variant of the F-Smash. The concept is creative the first time.. the second time.. not so much. Isn’t Nosferatu supposed to steal health for the user? Its really hard to decide the balance on this move.

The Down Smash is creative but there should be more to it… something of this nature should have the ability to reflect projectiles (or perhaps absorb them) or protect the user with great priority in those directions. You should probably state the starting and ending lags for this move. Also… is the 1.9 seconds the entire duration, including the 1 second starting or the spinning part only?

The Neutral Special is a very clever adaptation of another generic FE spell. Most of it I like, except for, again, it doesn’t work within realistically useful time. 6 seconds is almost 3 Warlock Punches.

Thani is absolutely amazing creativity wise. I would love to use something like this in a doubles match (or a Free for All on a VERY large stage). Sadly, this is probably one of her more useful moves unless that opponent is agressive (which they should be when playing against Micaiah.) 3 seconds minimum charge time is rather painful though. Since the move sounds predictable, I’ld say its balanced, if not underpowered.

Ok now the Down Special is the first move in this set that strikes me as overpowered. Its a great concept, and I had considered things like it… but dam. This is like… the ultimate gimping move… Yeah. Micaiah is the queen of doubles.

The problem with the Up Special is to much complication… its unique but really… its just to much. Keep in mind… someone has to actually be able to play as the character…

The Nair seems underdetailed. Start lag? End lag? Priority is especially important for a move of this type.

The Fair is a nice concept. Only thing I can really recommend is to state how much lag it has.

The Bair is odd and yet interesting. Its kind of overpowered though. Micaiah’s RAR is beastly. Lets put it that way.

The Up Aerial is just plain weird. I don’t know how you’re getting things like this from a generic light mage, but kudos to you I suppose. The balance on the move is fine.

The Dair is another unique move. And its fairly well balanced to. That freefall weakness definitely makes this powerful move risky.

Okay so the grab is very typical, but with reduced ending lag. Micaiah, as underpowered as she is, needs ever little strength she can get.

The grab attack is well balanced, but bland. (then again, how creative can a grab attack really be?) The F-Throw is reminiscient of MK’s Final Smash, but atleast its balanced, if not underpowered. Okay so how much damage does the B-Throw deal? 2% +4-6% or just 4-6%? Either way it seems useless. The Up Throw is awesomely creative for a throw and definitely worth using… though its still inferior to awesome throws like Mewtwo’s Up-Throw. The Down Throw is probably my favorite and its fairly well balanced as long as the damage doesn’t go higher than 10% but I believe you meant to say “Its easier to escape than Rexaura.”

O.O Holy mother of Mudkip. That Final Smash is broken. 6.5 seconds of 15% per second is 90% (rounded down) and 105% (rounded up). And then to boot it instantly kills everyone. Even if this killed Micaiah that would be absolutely rediculous, especially in a free for all. Even if Micaiah is attacked and interrupted, it wouldn’t be surprising for everyone (including Micaiah?) to leave with 45%+ damage. OUCH!

The extras are extra, of course so it is your choice if you want to include them. Some of what you have is pretty noteworthy. The Codec made me lol… now why do I feel like Octacon?

In summary, Micaiah was a good moveset and probably gave the Mary Sue more credit than she deserves. Creativity was the definite strong point. Detail was good, but often confusing. Your weak point was serious underpoweredness in most moves (and serious brokeness in a couple).



  1. Wait, it got reviewed already? O_O Balls, I was hoping to have a moment or two to fix a heap of numbers! It’d be absolutely uncalled for of me to come off as ungrateful, since I’m not that you reviewed it. >_< Ah well, here we go.

    The overview was meant to explain what Micaiah is like in general before the reader reads the moveset (hence why it’s at the start to give you some info on what to expect), but I suppose it’d be better called an introduction or Basic Overview. The kind of thing you were asking for there would be in Advanced notes, for tips on how to tie it all together. It’s relabelled anyway.

    Statistics are definitely my weak point in this moveset. I feel that I got damage spot-on, but speed tripped me here due to what was ultimately excessive worry on my part. Since I got the assumption that giving anything ‘vague’ in terms of detail was taboo I put down her speed to numbers, which worked against me as can be seen. I definitely wanted to come back and fix several speed levels (namely the f-tilt and dash), but given that I feel horrified at the notion of putting down a figure like 0.4 and anticipate cries of “BROKEN! NERF!”, I began with something big. Way to please everybody, Mardyke. -_-

    Looking at it, essentially the main (if not only, if I may say so) problem with the moveset would be gone if I’d just substituted words like “long duration” instead of using figures – something I thought would be frowned upon, but is no excuse now. (And BELIEVE me when I say I know how a competitive game/MMO moves, even though I goofed up on the speed figures here.)

    And for clarity’s sake, that’s not how the Final Smash works; forgive the phrasing for leaving that impression. What it did was leave Micaiah open and defenceless for that period of time, with nothing statistic-wise actually happening, but then after the six seconds were up it would then attack with the high damage and knockback. I had thought it to be underpowered from looking at it that way. :<

    Other than that, thanks for the review are in order. By the time you read this (hopefully :V) I’ll have fixed the speed phrases to something I can handle.

    ..But I happen to like Micaiah. D: Believe me when I say that she is DEFINITELY not a Mary Sue. Far from it. Before you tell me to, yes, I have spoken about it on SerenesForest.

    AND I WON.


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