Posted by: The Stadium | February 26, 2009

The Lion's Review — Pleinair

So it looks like my final review as a Sandbag will be the acclaimed Pleinair, thought of as one of the greatest debut movesets in MYM4. Lets see if it can hold up to this fame.

Since you are a new user I’m going to go over how my review, and for the most part the review of every Sandbag works.

Move Details:

Attack Speed (estimated beginning lag and ending lag being the most acceptable form)

Attack Reach (how far does the character’s attack reach)

Damage (a damage percentage is necessary)

Knockback (how far does the foe get sent flying in comparison to a medium knockback attack?)

Priority (does this move go through and cause other moves to fail or the opposite… or are both moves neutralized?)

Hitstun (how long in comparison to other moves is the foe frozen after being hit by the move before they are knocked back. If Metaknight had this, he would be far more overpowered than he is now.)

Okay that is the optimum detail for a high-quality move without going to low or to high into detail.

My main focus in reviews is to balance the character, but I will also keep an eye out for creativity and detail.


You did a stellar job on the organization. Beautifully presented.

The backstory tells us everything we need to know about the character.

The stats are causing my first worry with the moveset. Her 4 attack stats (attack speed, attack power, priority, and hitbox/reach) are all above average. I would also prefer you not including projectiles in the Range stat, but that is personal taste.It is good that you included animations, but few people include them in the stats. Numbers out of ten aren’t really necessary for stats, as words such as average, above average, below average, high, and low, with an explanation below as to more accurately how it stacks up to other characters are usually better and it helps some users balance the character better. Again that is just a matter of personal taste.

Ok the ally information is definitely helpful. I will have to keep this in mind while reviewing. Usagi sounds very interesting, like a Pikmin from hell. Does the explosion hurt people? Same is also awesomely unique. Wow Prinny sounds broken.. I don’t particularly like having Bob-Ombs in my match… hopefully Prinny isn’t easily available.

Same cannon is a very flexible move, but it needs a lot more detail for proper balance to be determined. Do the Usagi’s shot from this cannon work anything like the normal ones described in the ally information (with the 2 Usagi max)? What is the beginning and ending lag of this attack? Are Same’s different firing modes always horizontal or what? Really this attack sounds pretty broken from the information you’ve given me. After 10 seconds of waiting time, a foe next to you, or otherwise within the hitbox of all 3 Usagis will take a whopping 27% damage, higher than any attack in the game even when charged. The medium knockback will also keep them from punishing you unless they miraculously dodged.  After waiting 20 seconds, this attack under the same circumstances actually becomes weaker, but still great, although you will likely be punished do to the low knockback. So basically, based on current details, just use this as a melee attack and you’ve already racked up very painful damage. On top of this, Diddy’s banana is pretty much made obsolete by the 0 second function, as there is no limit to how much Same spit can be on the field.

The recovery move is also highly broken. While it is a unique move and I love it, you have essentially given Pleinair an infinite recovery with no real downsides. Simply using your 3 jumps to get to Same will renew your entire recovery, as he works just like a battlefield platform for his owner. Any opponent who comes to punish you may be punished by Same. But fear not, there is a very simple way to balance this move. Give the move a recharge time. 10 seconds would probably be satisfactory.

The Side Special is the same story a third time. It is really very broken, though perhaps not quite to the extent of the other specials. While it is a nice variation on Wario’s Neutral B, this move makes its predacessor obsolete. It does more damage and faster to foes trapped by it. It also makes the already potentially broken Same canon that much worse with its item throwing function. While you might think that this wouldn’t effect people in a Tournament Match, it does. This move helps make Pleinair an excellent counter to Peach (who it simply murders), Diddy Kong (who loses a staple to his game), R.O.B (who loses his top), and possibly the Links (bombs). Also consider Wario who can also be affected by this move should Sane eat his bike, tires, etc.

I really am not fond of the Down Special. It lacks the creativity of your Neutral and Up Specials. While it is not exactly like anything in the game, it is effectively just a buffed up crossover between the Pikmin Pluck/Throw, D3’s Side B, and Peach’s turnips. Also the prinny, even at a small chance to appear, really isn’t comforting. It makes matches against Pleinair heavily based on luck of the draw. Why would any Pleinair player not abuse this move as much as possible? The very least you can do for this move is to make Prinny not appear when Items are turned off (so that he doesn’t interfere with high level competition).

I always save the Final Smash for the last move.

That Forward Smash is just painful. Its creative, sure, but should someone of Pleinir’s stats have something that could easily give Ike’s F-Smash a run for its money in terms of raw power? 16% to foes in front of and 15% to foes behind Plaenir is just a lot. Ike’s F-Smash doesn’t deal that much (it only deals 12-13% if I remember correctly). This attack’s main problem is probably a lack of important details. I really need to know how fast this move is to judge it properly.. I also need to know how much knockback it deals and how far it reaches at the very least.

Usagi missiles is potentially more balanced the the F-Smash at least, but its still a source of worry, as basically every move has been so far. It lacks important details like the move listed above, though its hitbox has been described atleast some. I’m left guessing as to where the missiles appear though. Are they all spread out in front of Pleinair, or does one go directly at her spot, and one on each side, more in line with a typical Up-Smash? It is a creative move, atleast and the fact that charging it doesn’t increase damage is part of its creativity.

Ouch.. I think Pleinair Flare may be the most broken of her smashes. Perhaps it is the odd use of measurement tool which makes this move sound like it has huge range, or perhaps it is the lack of description, but this just sounds to painful. If both the initial wave and the shockwave strikes a foe, they would take 26-31% damage and whatever (non-stated) knockback this move deals. Even if only the initial hit, 15% is a lot of damage. Again, important details are necessary to fully understand the balance of the move.

The Side Tilt is the only thing so far that hasn’t really worried me as to its balance. Its unique as far as tilts go (even though it is more fitting as a dash attack)… the only real problem is the fact that it is so underdetailed not having speed, reach, knockback, or anything besides damage really.

The Up Tilt is a bit more worrysome than the Side Tilt but it doesn’t really sound that bad from what you’ve given me. Again it needs more detail.

Eesh that Down Tilt is clearly the best of her tilts by far. As a general rule of thumb, never give a move that deals tripping good damage (5% being the max in mox circumstances) and never combine stun with knockback (and with great damage on top of that). No matter what hits the foe in this move, they are screwed. Its a creative move in function, but its just to much as it is. It, like other moves, especially the tilts needs more of the details that I listed first in the review.

Ouch that Neutral Air is just painful, hitting on both sides (or possibly every direction) of Plaenir for great damage. It also sounds like a projectile, or atleast semi-projectile on top of that. Yes more detail is necessary to properly balance this move… but really it sounds painful. Its a creative move, like many in this set, but also like many moves in this set it is really pushing it balance wise and could use more detail. Are you starting to see where Plenair’s power is far from just a bit above average?

The Fair is Olimar-esque but still original in some ways (mainly the way in which the Usagi’s are built up). Even with one Usagi… this is an above average aerial from what little information on its crucial stats you have given me. The advice for this move is the same as the others… tone down the damage unless you really want to nerf other stats (and you have to include those other statistics to).

Ouch…. that Up Air sounds painful. 16% + a meteor smash or knockback that might be to unpredictable to DI? Due to the move’s description the foe shouldn’t even suffer anything if they hit Pleinair herself and don’t touch Same. As always, you need to include the crucial details.

The Down Aerial is probably the most powerful one so far. An infinite reach downwards projectile that deals great damage and high downwards knockback (practically a meteor or spike). This spells doom for pretty much any foe to be hit by it while not on the stage, especially Ike, Link, and other characters who cannot vertically recover to save their lives (quite literally lol). Of course, this move needs more clarification (and you have probably grown tired of hearing this).

The Back aerial, like many moves is also unique but overpowered. 17% (from both hits) damage is a lot on what sounds like a pretty fast move. Detail, detail, detail.

The Jab combo isn’t really broken at all. Its dull by the standards of this moveset, but its still good by the standards of an A comb (atleast its no cliche Punch, Punch, Kick). The combo is described as being fast, and its reach is probably above that of the average A combo. Its total damage is 2+3+4 or 9%, which is pretty high for an A combo, but its far from the brokeness that many of Pleinair’s moves have reached.

Wow… I love the dash attack. It is amazingly creative in animation and its one of the few moves in the set that doesn’t sound overpowered. Still, it needs more detail.

It is rare for me, or anyone for that matter, to go into detail on the situational attacks, as they are almost an extra. It is hard for them to be broken, and your seem like fairly average situationals from what I can tell. I liked the get-up attack. It almost seems comical.

It sounds like Pleinair has Olimar’s “hax-grab.” You should really state the reach and speed of this thing.

Ouch.. painful grab attack for sure. Use it once then throw them and you’ve done satisfying damage. My suggestion.. either remove the first 3% or the after poisoning, your choice. Another important thing for grab attacks is to compare their speed to that of other grab attacks.

My general rule for balancing throws is to give high damage throws low knockback and vise versa. Never allow chain grabs/throws.

The F-Throw is basically Mewtwo’s amazing Up-Throw but horizontal… which is harder to survive.

The Backthrow needs a knockback amount.

Wait, what? So the Up Throw basically covers the foe in Samespit… what does this do to them exactly? I am intrigued as this has great creative potential… 12% damage is a lot for a throw, especially one that deals a considerable amount of knockback (which again you need to state the amount of knockback, not just the direction).

Okay did you make the Down Throw just for me? You know I’m a sucker for midevil weaponry. Again 12% is a lot for a throw. The foe gets knocked diagonally… but which direction diagonally… last time I checked, there were 4 different diagonals. How much knockback does this move deal?

Okay, so basically the throws as a whole are pretty broken and all but one need a knockback amount. Basically just use your Grab Attack once and pick a throw… and you’ve done some serious hurt.

Ooooh a Special Mechanic Attack. Nice. Its a very tactical move, but it seems as though you were basically just trying to fit a Snake down b-esque move into the set. Its painful and could probably use more detail as to knockback and whatnot.. but its far from the most broken thing in this set.

Now for that Final Smash. I choose to do this last because it is the one move with no impact on high level competition, and yet it is also the move that is most often broken. Oddly enough, the Final Smash for a moveset with obvious balance issues is really rather balanced in and of itself. Now in the hands of a king button masher… yeah it may hurt. But hey, those people are probably in high-level competition anyway, right? My verdict… at worst this move could use a 1% damage decrease per laser.

I like how you’ve included a playstyle.. but lets be honest. Pleinair’s playstyle with her current stats is pretty much just do anything and you will win against most opponents.

Extras are not my thing to review. They are… as the name implies… extra. If you include excessive extras, then good. If not, well really only Warlord and maybe a few others are really going to judge you for it. I like how you went out of your way to make a Kirby hat and damage meter + logo.

Pleinair has the speed, she has the power, she has the reach. She is only slightly light for her size. Her recovery is infinite. Really… she has it very good. Perhaps these issues wouldn’t be so bad if more of the necessary details, which I have included for your reference, were there. By now, you probably know everything that I think of this moveset. It is highly creative and entertaining despite its issues. It is my opinion that you will go a long way in Make Your Move should you choose to stay and learn from this review.

And so, it is finished…. my final review as a Sandbag. It was also my longest review ever, if I am not mistaken. Hopefully this will serve to make one more MYM’er reach greatness. It has been a fulfilling job, one which I am sad to leave.



  1. Thank you so much, for the review.

    *bow* I’ve learned a hell lot from this.

    *salutes* I will remember you Chris!

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