Posted by: agidius | February 27, 2009

agi’s Sunday Recap Episode 1 (But Really It’s Sunday Recap Episode 30 With Intro/Outro By koppakirby)


“Hello boys and gurls. Apparently it’s time for the Sunday Recap. And what a Recap this is, for it is 30! I’m not sure if AGI will treat this as a milestone or not. Anyway, onto things. This week we had a set for Chucky, who Juanhu treated like Kupa Treated Bleak, constantly badgering us for not giving it oodles of comments in the first 5 minutes. Next up we got Alucard. But who cares, because TANOOKIE COMMENTED ON IT! I don’t know who Tanookie is….BUT REGARDLESS, TANOOKIE COMMENTED ON IT! Next up we had a Retarded Duck and Psyduck. And finally, at the the end, we had Venom. And then some Racoons. Rather uneventful week. Although some fun things were had, mainly in the chat of course. Now that I’m done with my rant here’s AGI. Forgot one thing; Buy Tatsonuko VS Capcom! Now you mindless fools, now!” – Koppakirby

Hey, everyone! I’m filling in for MT this week on the Recap so that he can keep playing TvC! Still just as available in retail stores near you as it was last week, for the same low price of just $49.95 plus tax!

Okay, so our first set of the week is the demon-possessed toy that we all love to hate, Chucky! Chucky was posted by BKupa, and he got an ungodly amount of comments. He tended to rely on his knife pretty heavily in the set, but since that’s what the mass murderer would be doing realistically, it’s all good! Chucky was received pretty well, getting positive comments from most MYMers, but Junahu didn’t like the whole instant-KO pummel very much. And I may as well come out and say that I’ve never seen the movie that Chucky comes from… or for that matter, know what movie that might be.

Next, and significantly less noticed than the last set, was Alucard, posted by our very own Junahu! Now, Alucard didn’t get any comments from our standard cavalcade of commenters at first, relying on semi-regulars and what appeared to be quickly-written posts to get to the next page, where we saw…

Jeff Hardy! Now, I actually did read this set myself, which is a rare thing indeed. In fact, I made my second audio commentary on this set, the first of which went to Venom, a set we’ll catch up on later in the Recap. Jeff, once again, was rather void of comments, but I can’t tell why. TWILTY took your basic wrestler and cranked out a seriously impressive moveset, using stuff I’ve never even seen before. I mean, he took the energy of a wrestling match and just sprinkled it over the entire set. While it started out very well with the specials and the tilts, it fell a bit in quality as the set progressed. Still, it was a great read.

And then there was Psyduck! Haven’t read him, but there seems to be a lot of controversy over the usefulness over the mechanic. I’ll be doing an audio comment on him later, so I’ll save my thoughts ’til then.

Venom… poor, poor Venom. As the victim of my first comment, Venom suffered from GW’s iffy writing style, as well as underdetail in places. The aerials were pretty good though, linking into eachother quite well. But the BAir sucked. The BAir always sucks. Write that down in your copybooks now.

Alright, finally, we had a special, joint-ish-feeling set of Sandshrew and Sandslash! Plorf and Kholdstare had a grand shenanigan of posting a pokemon and its evolution one after the other. It was just posted a little while ago so it doesn’t have many comments, but it looks really nice!

And… wow, I guess not finally. We had one final treat from Neha- Nehrahaz- NE-HER-A-ZADE. Crazy name. I must have missed something, because I seem to recall Unown being posted last week, but it’s all good! As you can tell I’m really running out of steam right now, but hey. You get what you pay for when you don’t pay your cohosts.Week in one Story

“The Week in one rant has seemingly been forgotten. But now we have the more impressive counterpart that I just made up; The Week in one Story! Although Ocon did do something similar, but it wasn’t really relevent. Anyway, gather round, it is story time.

A long long time ago, a Super Fighting robot was created in the year 20XX. Its name was Plorfman. Plorfman was created to thwart the evil intentions of Chucky, the doll, by disguising herself as Katapultar.(That wasn’t a misspell). However, she failed and brought forth the evil deity Alucard, who then proclaimed ‘YOU DARE BRING LIGHT INTO MY LAIR!?, YOU MUST DIE!’ Plorfman then transformed into Jeff Hardy to combat this theme, as Chucky got away on his Psyduck mobile. After a long dramatic battle, Plorfman was returned to her original state, an Alucard prepared to finish her. But then Plorfman proclaimed ‘LOL I STOLE MT’S TEAM’ and summoned Onix forth to crush Alucard where he stood! But little did she know that Chucky was captured by Silver’s Avi, and forced to bind with an evil symbiote! Together, they formed……….Venom. Sandshrew and Sandslash were pleased, their creation had come to fruitation. Oh and Abra was commented finally, Rool.” – Koppakirby

MT’s Closing




Jeff Hardy Comment

Venom Comment

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  1. Yes, I got mentioned by KK as being a disguise!

    Some things that should have been mentioned in the recap:

    In the chat, Warlord also posted some videos, but I can’t watch them on my computer. I don’t really know what they’re about. You can see them in the MYM group page, which is a ghost town. You can also see my random image of Exdeath beating Bobobo but it’s more for Warlord’s videos.

    Don’t forget about Kaiser’s SM and to vote on it. He’s going to post it at the start of MYM8, which is something to look forward to in 1-2 months time. As far as I see, it looks a bit deserted. I allegedly admit to voting Suzu every day on his poll without breaking the rules, who now has the highest amounts of votes. If the guys get crackin, then you can beat me. Still, I really want Suzu in that SM badly more than anyone else.

    Since Im a regular member, I’ll offer to do a intro and closing for the next recap since something specials going to happen for 32. That would be good timing, as Im possibly hoping to post my remake of Suzu, just in time for the end of MYM and for Kaiser’s SM.

    If I get Suzu out in time, I might try to get something else out before the end of MYM7.

  2. These polls are getting kind of feeble – why not ask questions like “best XX set?” and “what do you think of XX?”? – but the recap is solid. Well done filling in, agi.

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