Posted by: metinahurricane | March 8, 2009

Important flash bulletin!

So the thread was closed. This is, of course, due to a few annoying reasons all coming together. Nothing we can do about it now. But now a lot of the discussions, of course, are going on in the chat, so I figured I’d come here and make sure everyone knows what’s going on.

The thread was locked because of a misunderstanding and because it’s pretty much served its purpose. The only thing we still need it for is for announcing the results and discussing them – and the mods have agreed to a compromise. When the time comes for that, they’ll unlock the thread temporarily.

This is good news for all of you who have workspaces and whatnot with BBCode that seems forever lost now. It’s not. We’ll give everyone advance notice of when the results are coming so that everyone knows when the thread is going to be unlocked.

The important thing here is what it means for MYM in the long run. We’re being watched by the mods. In MYM 5, things need to be different. Use the group as much as you like, use the chat, but in the thread, only two things allowed: posting movesets and talking about movesets. Future plans, eehhhh, I guess. Previews, only if necessary. NO COUNTDOWNS FOR MOVESETS. Wait your turn or just post it where you can get it.

There’s nothing wrong with some light socializing, especially if you’re one of the poor souls with no chat access or without the time to be in there all the time. But make sure that ALL your posts have on-topic content in them. That doesn’t mean just a few words about a character you’re making a moveset for. The group is good enough for that. We’re gonna be a lot more strict about this; we don’t want something like this to happen before we finish a contest. If you’re off-topic after getting a warning, expect to be reported. A small sacrifice, necessary to keep the whole going.

Future events such as these may affect YOU in the future. So remember; keep watching the skies!

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  1. Well said.

  2. Acknowledged.

  3. wut?

  4. Well done, Ka-Rool. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  5. Thank you for at last speaking about this. πŸ˜€

  6. Someone had to say it. Well done. This needs to be in the OP.

    Also… did Mic say when the thread was going to be unlocked?

  7. You’re welcome to one and all. I figured one of the Sandbags/Sins should make some sort of statement about the recent events.

    We’re not sure when the thread will be unlocked. Results should be out Wednesday, hopefully, so somewhere around then.

  8. Ah, good…

    …and sorry to keep bothering you all on the subject, but the results WILL be posted here on the Stadium, correct?

    Because that would make my life so much easier.

  9. They’ll be posted on the temporarily unlocked thread, I think.

    Maybe here too.

  10. Sure, we could post them here, too. Don’t see why not, after all.

  11. What are you waiting for?

  12. For someone else to do it. I’m sleepy as hell and don’t want to reformat for a different medium. =P

    It’s in the thread now, though. Everyone can go and comment on it there, and it’ll be added here later.

  13. 1) Chef Kawasaki (KingK.Rool)

    2) The Joker (MasterWarlord)

    3) Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright (SirKibble)

    4) Advance Army (SirKibble)
    5) Dimentio (MasterWarlord)
    6) Halberd Crew (K. Rool, MasterWarlord, SirKibble)
    7) Mach Rider (Chief Mendez)
    8) Black Doom (Hyper_Ridley)
    9) Super Star Helpers (SirKibble)
    10) Jonathan and Charlotte (Spadefox)

    11) Cortex and Tiny (MasterWarlord)
    12) Kefka (Spadefox)
    13) Deoxys (Chief Mendez)
    14) Gemini Man (SirKibble)
    15) Cortez (Hyper_Ridley, goldwyvern)
    16) Simirror (Agidius)
    17) Pleinair (Emergency)
    18) Fang the Sniper (Hyper_Ridley)
    19) Wheelie (Hyper_Ridley)
    20) Capsule J2 (MasterWarlord)

    21) Jafar (KingK.Rool)
    22) Peter Pan (Tanookie)
    23) Roll (Meadow)
    24) The Sandbags (Chris Lionheart)
    25) Shanoa (MarthTrinity)
    26) Aeon (Spadefox)
    27) Undead Hero (dancingfrogman)
    28) Snorlax (KingK.Rool)
    29) Viola (Junahu)
    30) AOSTH Robotnik (dancingfrogman)

    31) Kid Goku (TheSundanceKid)
    32) Wiz (Kholdstare)
    33) Guntz (Spadefox)
    34) Electrode (KingK.Rool)
    35) Daroach (Hyper_Ridley)
    36) Death (Hyper_Ridley)
    37) Pokey (The Trophy Master)
    38) Anonymous (Kholdstare)
    39) Hyper_Ridley (Hyper_Ridley)
    40) Uchiha Sasuke (TWILTHERO)

    41) Electroplankton (Akiak)
    42) Frog (SirKibble)
    43) Ken (BKupa666)
    44) Charley’s Ghost (cheap_josh)
    45) Wispa (Junahu)
    46) Mega Man (Chief Mendez)
    47) Hades (BKupa666)
    48) Midna (half_silver28)
    49) Lyon (Spadefox)
    50) Skyler Ocon (SkylerOcon)

    Until the Sandbags get it up… here ya go, agi! =D

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