Posted by: SirKibble | March 13, 2009

Make Your Move 4 — Top 50 Movesets

Make Your Move 4
– THE TOP 50 –



1) Chef Kawasaki by KingK.Rool

2) The Joker by MasterWarlord

3) Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright by SirKibble

4) Advance Army by SirKibble
5) Dimentio by MasterWarlord
6) Halberd Crew by KingK.Rool, MasterWarlord, and SirKibble
7) Mach Rider by Chief Mendez
8) Black Doom by Hyper_Ridley
9) Super Star Helpers by SirKibble
10) Jonathan and Charlotte by Spadefox

11) Cortex and Tiny by MasterWarlord
12) Kefka by Spadefox
13) Deoxys by Chief Mendez
14) Gemini Man by SirKibble
15) Cortez by Hyper_Ridley and goldwyvern
16) Simirror by agidius
17) Pleinair by emergency
18) Fang the Sniper by Hyper_Ridley
19) Wheelie by Hyper_Ridley
20) Capsule J2 by MasterWarlord

21) Jafar by KingK.Rool
22) Peter Pan by Tanookie
23) Roll by Meadow
24) The Sandbags by Chris Lionheart
25) Shanoa by MarthTrinity
26) Aeon by Spadefox
27) Undead Hero by dancingfrogman
28) Snorlax by KingK.Rool
29) Viola by Junahu
30) AOSTH Robotnik by dancingfrogman

31) Kid Goku by TheSundanceKid
32) Wiz by Kholdstare
33) Guntz by Spadefox
34) Electrode by KingK.Rool
35) Daroach by Hyper_Ridley
36) Death by Hyper_Ridley
37) Pokey by The Trophy Master
38) Anonymous by Kholdstare
39) Hyper_Ridley by Hyper_Ridley
40) Uchiha Sasuke by TWILTHERO

41) Electroplankton by Akiak
42) Frog by SirKibble
43) Ken by BKupa666
44) Charley’s Ghost by cheap_josh
45) Wispa by Junahu
46) Mega Man by Chief Mendez
47) Hades by BKupa666
48) Midna by half_silver28
49) Lyon by Spadefox
50) Skyler Ocon by SkylerOcon


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