Posted by: Spadefox | March 14, 2009

Spade Invaders — Klavier Gavin

Klavier Gavin by kitsuneko345

Musical Introduction!

Oooo… Ahhh… Spadefox’s first official review as one of the MYM heads. Woohoo. Here we have Klavier Gavin, ace prosecutor and superstar in the 4th iteration of Ace Attorney – Apollo Justice. Let’s see if I can roll it up. ^_^

Musical Headers!

What strikes me first is the “Musical [insert stuff here]”. Musical Stats, Musical Abilities, Musical Attacks, Musical Tilts… That’s getting boring. I remember back in the time when it already got boring with Mendez’ sets, but in both Megaman and Mach Rider, that kind of headers worked and was true to character (Megaman’s “Get equipped with… ” was part of the games and the “Mach …” was in the original manual). This, though, is what I will never ever forgive Mendez. This horrible abomination when everyone started to rip off that kind of headers to make them … well, what? Unique? Nah. That doesn’t make Klavier more unique. The only thing that’s it doing is being annoying as heck. Please, Kits, for the future: Drop it. It’s making your ‘set tedious to read, as it’s iffy to always read “Musical” etc. before any of the headers. Suddenly, in mid-text, the headers turn to “Turnabout Grabs” and “Turnabout Specials” before returning to Musical… wut? Is this intended or did you use your Apollo Justice layout and forgot to change those two sections?

Musical Writing Style and Musical Detail!

One thing I have noticed is, that your wording is a bit hard to understand at times. For example, in the section where you describe Klavier’s tools, you never mention that the microphone has a stand or what type of microphone it is. I have to wait until the Musical Basic Combo starts before I know it has a stand. Even then, is there a stand in all of the Musical Microphone Moves? A lot of lacks move proper detail, as well, with some vital information missing, which I will state in the actual Musical Moves section. Almost all of your moves miss stating how fast Klavier’s attacks are and how much knockback they do. That’s pretty bad. DX

Also… please don’t use those headers anymore.

Musical Moves!

First of all, that idea with the 3 weapons being used to differ his moves, and them having to cool down so they won’t break is a neat idea. Now, what I don’t get: if Klavier breaks a weapon… Will he have to fight without it for the whole match, the stock, or will it return after a while? That’s something I don’t really get. You never mention that. Also, at moves like the Musical Up Tilt you say “… [when used at the limit] the case will break halfway, dropping the microphone and guitar, giving 10% to Klavier and anyone in the way […]”.  How are the other items dropping out, how does it look, how will it hit an enemy? From what you described, Klavier is holding the guitar case on his shoulder, and then swinging it over his head. When the case breaks, will the other items fall forward or up or simply drop down? This is very vital information you are withholding with this. And that’s not the only move which has this problem – in case of the case moves (lolpun) every has it. I also have to state, that I like how you implemented moves using the items Klavier is currently holding, doing different stuff depending on what he has out at the moment. Down Tilt and a few Aerials are this. So his Side Special is basically Wario’s just that he can throw his helmet. Though instead of using “a non-moving Green Shell” for the headgear you could’ve said “It works like a part of Wario’s bike or Samus’ Power Suit”. =P I don’t really get the Down Special… it’s basically the same as Zelda’s Forward Smash, just as a Special? It also doesn’t use the actual guitar? Can you cancel it? How long lasts it? And last, but not least, the Final Smash is cool, especially the explicite use of the female Smashers in it, but one major thing is missing: How BIG is the fangirl group?

And stop using the headers, please.

Musical Originality!

This moveset’s saviour is the fact that it implements the items Gavin is holding and adding in to that break-mechanic. Other than that, most of the moves are rather generic weapon swings, some with soundwaves or musical notes, but that’s it. If there wouldn’t be several effects occuring because of the items breaking, Klavier would be very boring. Out of the Musical Specials, I think the Up Special is the most unique one – and I love the idea of an elevator, by the way – as Neutral Special is basically a reused Special from a couple of movesets, just with the Microphone as quirk, the Side Special is Wario’s with a little twist and… well, I don’t get the Down Special a lot. Sorry. >.< Anyway, I like the Aerials the most out of this set, except for the Back Air, which is your basic backward punch. The Jab is surprisingly unique, as well. I’ve seen a few previews of Ema, so I hope she’ll fare a lot better in terms of uniqueness than Klavier does.

Also, I hope Ema will not use the headers anymore…

Musical Balance and Musical Playstyle!

This is what is the worst thing in this set. You drawing the line to Pichu wasn’t that wrong, considering that Klavier would end up in Bottom Tier from what I can make out. Not only does he hurt himself when one of his items breaks, he also has to wait for 10-15 seconds until he can use that item again. If he uses the case too much, he will break his other 2 items. The fact I have no indicators on speed or knockback on his moves will make me have to judge its balance on the damage and the range, which is… pretty pathetic. If someone sees Klavier, they would think Captain Falcon to be good or even overpowered.

As for the playstyle… I don’t know how one could effectively use Klavier. I know I have to stay from using my items too much, but he somehow doesn’t really flow together. If I play Klavier, what besides taking care of my items do I have to look at? Why would I want to play Klavier if it’s only tedious because of his poor abilities, and the fact I always have to keep in mind not overusing each item? What are his positive sides? I only see negative ones.

And finally: Please. I beg you. Stop using these headers.

Thanks for your attention.



  1. First of all, Spade Invaders really does suit you.

    Second, I still don’t understand why the headers are the worst part. Yes, I copied and pasted the idea of Apollo’s, but that was entirely my fault and no one actually pointed it out. To be honest, I believe that the Headers are nice for the most part. (I mean, would you, a fool, rather foolishly see foolish headers that foolishly say “Foolish X”, because I, who is not a fool, wouldn’t.) But maybe the next time I won’t add headers, because I think that’s what made me not place in this contest. (lol)

    Thirdly, I had the same Problem with Apollo Justice. I thought I’ve improved, but I guess I need to work more.

    Fourthly, I’m sorry that you don’t understand some of the moves here. Basically, for the Up Smash, The items will go up very slightly before hitting the ground, but you otherwise got the basic gist of it. As for the reappearance of broken Items, it is said in the mechanics the they will revive after five seconds of not using the moves. I was thinking more in item terms for the Side Special, so there is the problem. Although the Down Special is like Zelda’s F smash, it goes about 3 stage builder blocks long. As for the group size of the fangirls, It’s about a third of FD’s distance and the height is slightly shorter than Gavin.

    As for the next Part, What do you expect from an ordinary person. He is not a god, no matter what the fangirls say. I expected the Up Special to be the best, so I’ll congratulate you on that. I didn’t like the Aerials, but the Jab was probably my favorite.

    Lastly, I did expect him to be low tier, but this is ridiculous. I am concerned, but I’ll let that go for now. As for the playstyle… My only excuse is that I was in a hurry to finish him.

    Anyway, I like that this review has finally gotten up. I like the fact that it states the good, the bad, and the painfully obvious. If this was a test review, I would say that this would be passed with high standards. All in All, Good Job for your first review on the new and improved Abyss. Let us hope that your days as a Sandbag would be great and That others shall think of you higher than you were before.


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