Posted by: bkupa666 | March 15, 2009

The Wrath of teh Kupa – Eddie the Head

Page 685

Eddie the Head Sonic the Baron


Starting right off, I’ve never really listened to Iron Maiden, although I remember some of the songs from somewhere.  It was nice to see the description of where the character came from.  As I scroll down and see that opening paragraph…wow.  That was pretty tight.  Now, as for the moveset, I’m not the biggest fan of movesets where the character narrates the moves (this was also the case for Viola and Trident Knight).  It doesn’t really detract from the set, but I prefer the moves in third person.  Although Eddie’s dialogue is much more entertaining than the above two sets, in my opinion.  Props for that.

Originality: I’m liking what I see for most of the attacks.  I can’t really tell if they are song names or not, but I will assume so.  Those movesets, including Weird Al and Three Days Grace, have always been fun to read and see how the songs are conveyed into workable Smash moves.  I would love to see a few more effects from some of the moves, though.  I enjoy how you give Eddie some standard moves with badass special effects,  which is a good idea if the move seems too generic.  But, for example, the Down Tilt.  Maybe some rain could stay onstage and make the ground slippery?  Maybe the Neutral Air could have dark effects like Ganondorf’s moves?  These are a few examples of moves that are original, but have potential for more.  The other moves are pretty sweet.  I love the effects that Eddie has with his katana and scythe.  I’m liking the move appearances themselves for the specials, although if you nitpick, some flaws appear.  I like the Neutral Special as a projectile, and the Down Special sounds cool, although it would be difficult to do much besides block Eddie, as the direction fired is random.  The Up Special sounds like a nice recovery, although it sounds like just Fire Fox, but with a plane.  Still cool, but whatever.  And Side Special confuses me a bit.  He charges his katana while talking to his bi’ch?  Is the katana supposed to be a phallic object powered up from talking to Charlotte?  That would be hilarious, but it needs some clarification.  And I like movesets for Final Smashes, and the Devil sounds pretty creepy and awesome.  The move effects seem somewhat underdetailed, all dealing 13% and seeming simple in function, and a one-hit KO from the crack seems slightly imbalanced, even though you can run away.  I’d tone it down a bit, but the effects themselves seem incredibly awesome.  Good job overall.

Detail: I love how the knockback and damage is stated by Steve Harris under the description, but he is sometimes inconsistent on when he mentions range and attack speed.  It’s not entirely absent, but for a fuller, easier read, I would suggest adding these to the moveset.  And for some of the moves, you are appealing to the audience who knows Iron Maiden and their songs and their symbolism.  Because I am not one of these individuals, I would maybe throw in some more description of what several of the moves are signifying. 

Balance: I see no glaring problems here, although some of the ranges seem oddly long for the less than average range listed under his stats.  His power also seems a bit more than a 4/10, so I’d change that under the stats.  This is not a major issue when there is move detail to work on, but I’d suggest altering his stats to be slightly stronger and longer ranged for more accuracy.

Fitting to Character:  As stated earlier, I’m assuming that the attack names are Iron Maiden songs.  If this is the case, they fit a zombie character perfectly.  Seeing a scythe, katana, and several elemental attacks really make Eddie stand out as well.  I wouldn’t really change anything here, as it all seems perfect for him.  There are a few generic moves, as you pointed out, but these don’t really take away from anything, seeing as how they have unique ways to hit you.  Well done.

Extras: The taunts d0n’t really seem taunting, but I believe that the term ‘taunt’ can be misleading; these badass poses/actions are there for awesomeness, and that can be melded into taunts easily.  The victory poses seem underdetailed slightly, but I love how they involve some Iron Maiden members and Charlotte again.  The loss pose is pretty nice, too.  I like how the alternate costumes correspond to a different album, so props for that.  It seems OOC for Snake and Otacon to start singing in the middle of a Codec, but I loled anyways.  Your stage proves that cool stages can be used, even if they are banned from tournaments.  It seems like an interesting layout.  I don’t know if there are any other Iron Maiden members to make an Assist Trophy out of, but if there is, I would suggest doing it to round out the extras.  Even without it, though, these are still epic. 

Organization: The layout here really drew me in.  The fonts and images from the CDs that went along with the moves was absolutely badass.  I’m not so much of a fan for seeing description and effects in different paragraphs, but seeing as how Steve and Eddie are narrating the moveset, this is the only suitable way you could’ve done that.  Well done here.  This makes the moveset stand out on the page a lot more.

Closing Comments: This moveset way by far my favorite of yours, StB.  Seeing movesets made out of musical mascots or artists really helps you appreciate their works more.  There are a few things explained above that could help you improve the overall quality of the set some more, but the unique style of writing in this moveset mixed with Eddie’s hilarious comments really makes it stand out among music movesets, and in the contest as a whole, in my opinion.  And that is saying quite a lot! 

And so ends my first review.



  1. Why do you ask for more detail at Victory Poses? They’re Extras.. <_<

  2. It said, he stands there with Charlotte…is he making out, holding hands, charging his katana…you get the picture.

  3. I never really thought of the Side Special’s innnuendo. Iwas trying to base it off of the cover art of teh Bring Your Daughter…to the Salughter single.

  4. Also, Eddie is bragging about the Charlotte being his b*tch thing, it was to meant to be an unreliable narrative. As in, Eddie’s not a pimp. 😉

    The Sid Special was overall kinda hard for me to get to work. 😦

  5. And one more thing: Yes, all of the moves, with the exception of Live After Death, are named after Iron Maiden songs. Live After Death is a famous live album from Iron Maiden.

  6. And one for luck. 😛

  7. I see about the Side Special…I’m guessing it was a famous song you wanted to include but had a hard time trying to find a place to use…it’s still good, as long as you clarify it a bit :D.

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