Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 15, 2009

Trinity's Judgement — Crono

~ Crono ~

By Twilight-Emblem

So we have a moveset for Crono here. Random factoid: It’s always bugged me how Crono’s name is spelled differently than the title of the game…but that’s beside the point, review time now!

From the start I figure that you didn’t quite finish this set as you have a section for Movies and a Technique Exhibition…but nothing linked there. Not exactly necessary but it’s always nice to have some videos posted. As for music, you’ve got a bit but that’s mostly extras so I won’t penalize or anything for not having more.

Moving on to stats it would appear that they’re all fairly average, really no big complaints here besides the one complain I have overall with the set; I really am not a fan of the centered text. It makes the text center at weird times and sometimes disrupts the natural flow one would have while reading the set. It’s not a MAJOR problem, but I think it would be better off not centered like this, just my personal opinion of course though. Back on the stats, they do a fairly good job of describing via comparison how Crono acts, but could also use a tad more detail.

First off, I love the use of sprites here. That’s what makes this set stand out, it’s always nice to have a nice, clear visual to go along with the attack. Something I noticed here however was that these attacks are lacking crucial detail…not only are damage percents missing but there doesn’t seem to be any notes on attack lag. The attacks are derived from the game, which is good, but I can’t help but feel that the up-tilt is a little tacked on.

Onto the Smash attacks…personally because I’ve played Chrono Trigger, I understood V Strike, but to anyone else, even WITH the diagram it’s somewhat difficult to decipher what exactly the move does without being able to see it. Lightning seems like Pikachu’s Down B but chargeable; exceptional range for a smash attack makes me wish I knew how much lag, damage and knockback the move was capable of but sadly it’s still slim on details. Frenzy seems a bit like Confuse…in fact, quite a few of the sprites in that image are the same, but even so, I wish I knew how much damage each individual strike did.

Aerials next…how many hits does the neutral air do? Does it just keep going on until Crono touches the ground or is there a limit? If there’s no limit, it seems incredibly broken as an edgeguard; KO your opponent once and then Cronocide them repeatedly. The forward air I really like, it’s original, it’s cool, I’m good with it. Bair sucks, nothing against you, back airs ALWAYS suck. Up air is confusing….is the opponent stunned indefinately until they touch the ground? If so, it could EASILY be used to gimp recoveries and 0% kill pretty much anyone you could hit with it. Dair is interesting but, while I do have lag details, I have NO details about how much damage or knockback it does which would be incredibly helpful.

Specials all make sense and seem logical from a glance, let’s go into detail! Getting better with the detail on Lightning II but I’d still like to see a bit more. Lightning II in the air actually seems well detailed however so kudos for that. Like before, it’d be nice to see some more detail on Cyclone like exact damage and range and such. Cleave is similar in structure to Aether but there’s not a WHOLE lot to be down about that considering how similar to the two moves are really. Wind Slash is alright and it’s good that it gives Crono some ranged gameplay, I’d just like to see the exact range, damage and knockback of the attack, common complaints throughout the set though.

The Final Smash is…quite frankly incredibly confusing. It seems to have a considerable range and insta-KO’s anything it hits. I’m not really seeing the drawback here…

Forward throw is a bit cliché but is interesting in the sense that it’s MEANT to hit other foes. Back throw would be probably easier to understand if there was actually the visual representation there. Not sure how I like the fact that the up throw can be DI’d out of (albeit with great difficulty). Down throw is certainly interesting but I really can’t see it serving much purpose

Situational attacks are always nice to have, won’t go into a lot of detail here because there’s not a whole lot of room for originality but I do like your rising attack, quite original.

Taunts and victory poses straight from the game are a very nice touch and you did a great job with the alternate colors. The remainder of the extras are somewhat limited but like I said before, it’s unfair to judge a set based upon extras.

So in conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend adding some major detail to future movesets. Stuff like percent damage, knockback, start up/ending lag, range, heck even priority make movesets SO much clearer. While doing a future set, read what you wrote and ask yourself, “If I were someone else, would I be able to picture this attack in Smash?” Besides that, you did an excellent job of using attacks straight from the game and I do like the use of sprites as well.




  1. I see the “B-air sucks” gag in it ^.^

    Just saying lmao!

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