Posted by: Spadefox | March 19, 2009

Spade Invaders — Undead Hero (The REAL one)

Undead Hero by dancingfrogman

So yea. After that nice intermezzo of those many joke reviews of that poor guy, I guess it’s time for the actual thing. Undead Hero, an NPC and partner of the game Guardian Heroes. Granted, I never played the game, but I can imagine what it is like after seeing a few screenshots. Seeing as I don’t know which attacks you directly took from the game or used in a similar way, except for those with pictures, I guess I can’t say if they’re true to character or not… But I digress. Let the games begin, m i rite?

First of all, the organization is neat and kept in one colour scheme… only thing that strikes me is the changing colours of the headers and the attack inputs/names… the rest is swapping yellow-orange. You should have used headers in the same colours. The orange-yellow combination can be a bit hard on the eyes when reading through your walls of text, but it’s bearable… or maybe it’s me after having like no sleep at all. Who knows. I like the use of pictures/sprites a lot, it helps visualizing several moves. I like the separation between animation, move properties and uses.

As you already know, you sometimes have this kind of writing style, which makes your descriptions longer than they could be, and sometimes a little hard to understand. The most apparent I can see from reading the first few parts of it (yea, I’m going step by step) is at the uses of the Neutral B.

Quote:  “You will be wanting to use this move at every opportunity you have, but be careful though, as the longer your thinking of which command you want to use, the more likely you will get punished for it, so you have to think about which command you want to use, and quickly press the L/R button to get to the command. A very, very useful move, but punishable if you are slow at picking your commands!”

I would’ve clipped off the last sentence from this, as you repeat some information you already gave. You also state “the longer you’re thinking of which command you use, […], so you have to think about which command you want to use […] to get to the command.” That phrase is utterly complicated and unnecessarily long. As said, that’s one of your bigger flaws which make your sets faaaaaaar long than they could be without the not needed information. Pretty much the whole moveset, and not only Undead Hero itself, suffers from this, it is apparent through all your works. I would phrase the use of the Neutral Special like this:

“This move is one of the most useful in Undead Hero’s arsenal, so you might want to use it at every opportunity you have. Be careful, as long thinking or taking too long to press the L/R buttons to choose your command can end up with you getting punished. Plan ahead before starting up the move so you can minimalize the chances of recieving a blow!” or something among those lines. It’s just nitpicking, as it’s part of your style. That paragraph is not by much shorter, but a line it sure is, and you don’t have the word “command” in it 4 times and neither huge nested sentences. I mean, my English is not as good either, but you have to admit that the one description I quoted and changed here is a bit hard to read – and as said, not the only one. ;P

Backstory could be a tad little longer, maybe describing the game and the characters Undead Hero is associated with a bit further as it’s a rather obscure game choice. Stats are odd… 3.9? 7.8? Why not just make it 4 or 8 and call it a day? I can see where you come from, but I think we don’t have to exaggerate in stats, right? I can understand .5s, but that’s a little silly. 😛

Aha. So you’re one of those culprits who take the special thing of Specials away by putting them first. I mean, it’s your decision, but I keep the good stuff always till later. ;P Anyway… Lessee… Neutral Special is very interesting and unique, and well balanced. I like it. The fact it has cooldown times and you have to be quick to decide which command you gonna use does make it easier to even out the fact you basically can boost every stat. The Side B and Up B are fairly interesting and seem very true to character. I especially like the Down B, and generally that Magic Point system Undead Hero uses, making him unique while not rendering him useless when he doesn’t have the chance to recover his magic with the Down B.

The Jabcombo is acceptable, the third part with the lightning bolt is neat, though. Dash is meh… UTilt is a bit generic, but the two-time-hitbox helps it out, although you did probably take it directly from the game. Maybe you should’ve added some magic stuff? Like if he has 20 MC he also has some flashy stars coming out for more damage or something? Anyway, FTilt and especially DTilt are great, but especially in the latter you again have this clumsy descriptive way… I had to read it twice to understand fully what you meant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not unreadable, but some of your descriptions are so oddly constructed that it’s sometimes a bit “Huh what? Again…”, if you know what I mean.

Ahh… now the Smashes. One of my favourite parts of the set. Blazing Balls is a nice move, though I think homing is a bit too much. The move’s not too strong in terms of damage and knockback, though, but has insane range (3 seconds, that’s two Falcon Punches, pretty much). It though can be reflected and such, so it’s not THAT bad. But here you have again that clumsiness perfectly shown. You also mention that the victim of the move will recieve horizontal knockback twice – if I read that move, I assume it would always be the same knockback unless you state it’s explicitly different. USmash is cool. I love electric moves in general, and sticking out your sword and summoning lightning bolts from it like He-Man is amazing. You even manage to make the DSmash although being bigger and longer than MK’s whorenade kinda balanced… 8-13% damage is not much for a Smash, so… that’s that.

Aerials, I guess. NAir… Combosexkick. Nice idea, seemingly taken from the game, but maaaaaybe you should’ve added some other twist to it but the high speed. I dunno… it kinda seems bland to me. FAir… flames save the day, I guess. The rest is not too interesting. I LOVE the Wallcling sideeffect to the BAir, although the move itself is not that exciting. UAir, on the other hand, is sensational. When I first read the name of that move I though “Zelda UAir ripoff -_-“, but in fact it only kinda resembles Zelda’s UAir… Adding projectiles into an aerial is brilliant. I also like the firepillars in DAir, which is, as you already say, nothing too exciting otherwise. Overall, the Aerials are okay, but fairly standard.

Throws are okay. Nothing much to say here. I’m not really a throw expert per se, so I dunno. They look interesting and also implement the MC, so it’s good, I suppose.

Unavoidable Final Smashes are… ehhh… I dunno. I always have a bad feeling if you just release an attack and everyone gets huge amounts of damage without being able to avoid it. Even Olimar’s and the Ice Climbers’ Final Smashes are avoidable, so I dunno.

I love how you implemented the Beam Sword item into his attacks, by the way… neat idea. Never would’ve thought of that one.

Extras are here. Not much, but not sadly little. Love the Entrance.

Now for the balance… You actually did pretty well. His seemingly broken moves – except for the Final Smash – are balanced out in terms of damage, speed or knockback. He has a lot of laggy and lingering attacks with huge range, and the Magic he needs for it adds only to the difficulty. I think Undead Hero wouldn’t be an awesomely good character, but surely would do well in Brawl. He’s neither over- nor underpowered. He does seem like a very challenging character to play as, though.

The pieces come together quite nicely, though, and I think you managed to squeeze out the playstyle you wanted to. So kudos to you for that.

Overall, Undead Hero is without a doubt one of your best sets, if not the best so far. Most of the more bland moves you had you spiced up with magic bonus stuff, and the playstyle is odd yet interesting. You were able to keep balance even with crazy moves like the DSmash or the UAir. The only thing you really need to work on in general is definitely your wording. Some of your descriptions just overly complicated, stuffed with repeated or unnecessary information. One tip for that: If you have finished your move, read everything again one or two times, with keeping the mindset: “Can someone besides me understand what I mean? Is everything necessary in? Can I shorten it by clipping off unnecessary information?”

I hope I was able to help you… and sorry for that very very late review.

Well, quite.



  1. Well, quite? WELL, QUITE???


  2. You’ve already claimed “INDEED”, “LOL WUT”, “WTFHAX”, and “IT’S A TRAP”, KRool. No need to be greedy. D=<

    How long did froggy take to get this review? Three and a half months? Ouch.

  3. Hey, at least he got it, eh? 😀

    *Tries to think of an ending catchphrase for himself*

  4. How about… “THAT IS ALL”.


  5. I’m done with INDEED. And bah to joke review sign-offs. “WELL, QUITE” was to be the next big thing!


  6. Yay for the review (at last :P), I’ll do rounding up of the stats for Disaster/Battalion Army. And the changing off colours will be non-excistant. I always seem to have troubles wording moves… I think that’s me overall though, It seems I failed again to do so… AGAIN!

    Since I did re-look my sets a few times… maybe I need someone else to look over it, as I must be too clumsy!

    Thanks for the review, I’ll adapt the things that I did a bit off into my new sets to the already posted MYM5!

  7. Not as good as Trinity’s.

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