Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 20, 2009

Envy This! — Revolver Ocelot

~ Revolver Ocelot ~

by UserShadow7989
Review time once more kiddies, this time up to the plate is Revolver Ocelot from the Metal Gear Solid series. Awesome character here, I absolutely love Ocelot in the actual Metal Gear Solid games, so let’s see what he’d look like if he were in Smash Bros. shall we?
All right, right off the bat you’ve got all the background information; always a great place to start because you want to inform people of who your character is and what series they’re from. Glad that you actually paraphrased too because it’s personally kind of irritating to read an entire Wikipedia article on the character, but that’s beside the point.

Before I go any further, the organization of this set could be improved a bit. The orange/peach font color is a pain on the eyes, and considering the entire set is colored so, it’s kind of difficult to read. I personally find it easier when just the headers are colored but if course white walls of text are also frowned upon, it’s difficult to find the middle ground however.

Stats now…they look quite good actually. Seems like a relatively large target with fast, weak attacks and excellent range. His weak attack power cancels out his range advantage and his relatively weak jumping skills counter his weight and exceptional traction. Overall, I see these stats as fairly balanced, good job for your first time, this is usually the hardest part. Unfortunately, the overall layout of the set suffers the most here however, it’s quite cluttered and hard to tell where one stat ends and the other begins.

The animations are all clever and I love the little commentary on each one, however it becomes cluttered once more here, making it difficult to read once again. You do however have pretty much every animation you could think of here however so good job on that one.

Moving onto the basic moves, the A combo makes me fear that it could be an infinite like the fan is considering you even refer to the knockback/damage as similar to the fan, it’d be a nice extra bit of info if you could add something about that. The side tilt was saved from being dull by adding the spur-based sweetspotting effect, I like that. The up tilt is fun and interesting but as far as randomly little extra information is concerned, I’d like to know how long this move takes and possibly how far the bullets travel. The down tilt also makes me quite happy, I did a move similar to this with one of my MYM4 sets; a low (or in this case zero) damage attack that stops them in their tracks, very original and very nicely executed.

Dashing attack seems a bit good but not outright unfair…I love the ledge attacks, I’ll say that right now. The over 100% damage ledge attack is incredibly creative and I honestly appreciate how nicely it was implemented. My only complaint is that it seems a tad overpowered; ten damage and it lasts incredibly long for a ledge attack (even though that’s juts the lasting effect), I’d possibly reduce the time the bullet stays out for.

I like the originality of the front smash but in reality, it seems kind of impractical and a bit hard to hit with actually if your opponent’s paying attention. Not exactly a BAD thing, it just seems kind of like the weakest smash option. Up Smash is alright but nothing special compared to the other smash attacks, I would remove the part about giving Ocelot a slight boost in the air however; you can’t use smash attacks in the air. Down Smash seems a bit good like the ledge attack, I think it’s just the 15 second period where the bullets can stay on screen that gets me a bit, looks good besides that however.

On to aerials now; the nair seems kind of spammable but I suppose that’s fine considering it’d mostly be used against people who’re spamming projectiles themselves. Fair and bair are both fairly simple but there’s nothing really to complain about there, they’re both fairly bland compared to the rest of the set however. The uair should probably be changed, the fact that it makes them enter a freefall (as if they used their up b) makes it the ultimate gimp regardless of range or not. I suppose it’s somewhat balanced out by the short range and Ocelot’s less than fantastic jumping, but even so, it seems quite good. Dair is a stall-then-fall but seems original enough to help avoid the cliché “downward kick” category.

Grab attack is interesting, but does it require the person PLAYING as Ocelot to hammer on the A button or the person playing as the victim to hammer on the button to escape it? The forward throw is decent but is probably the weakest, plus I don’t THINK you can actually escape a throw once the input has been pressed for it. Back throw and down throw are probably my favorites, however the down throw seems a bit overpowered dealing fifteen damage in one throw.

Now up are the specials! The Neutral B is a given but seems quite good; do the bullets fire as fast as Fox’s lasers? Or are they slower? If I get hit by one, am I going to get hit by all twelve? The Down B seems somewhat useless as an attacker isn’t going to give you a chance to use it if they’re on the offensive or, if they’re on the defensive, they’ll see you coming because of the sparkles. Snakebite is probably the weakest move in the set to be entirely honest; it seems more like Zero Suit Samus down smash than anything else. Liquid Lunge is kind of a bit bland but it’s quite difficult to come up with recoveries for “realistic” characters, so I can’t blame you for that one really.

Final Smash time, can’t say I didn’t see Ray coming, I like it personally. I’d like to know how fast the water blasts come however; are they possible to dodge or are you pretty much doomed if you get too close?

The two gameplay sections for Ocelot are nice, I especially like the playing AGAINST Ocelot section; most of the time you simply see sections for how one would play well as their character, this is playing well AGAINST the character; very nice touch.

I was surprised that one of his taunts isn’t twirling the revolver around but what can you do? You’ve got a good amount of extras here from the basics to the alt. costumes. I LOVED the AT for The Sorrow, each of the little lines was excellent, I highly enjoyed reading that part…plus the two codecs at the end were great too.

Overall, this is a great first moveset for you. Besides the previously mentioned organization problems (as in the block of orange text burning peoples eyes) this set is great. My only disappointment is that many people will possibly pass this great set up because of its organization. I definitely think though that this is a wonderful set for you first time, besides a few bland moves and the problems mentioned above, this set is a great first shot; I look forward to seeing what you’re capable of in the future.






  1. Thanks for the review. I fixed up everything you suggested, and notably buffed the Down B(less starting lag, it only sparks when Ocelot turns if off) and the Side B(better damage).

    I’m glad you liked it, especially the Assist Trophy. I spent a lot of time on it. Good luck with any of your own movesets.

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