Posted by: hyperridley | March 20, 2009

This Review’s All Mine — Golbez



By Spadefox


So here we have my first review as a Sin.  And it just so happens to be a move set from one of my favorite MYMers.  This is a move set I’ve been looking forwards to for a long time, so let’s see if it’s lived up to my expectations.


Okay, so the first thing I see is the absence of a special mechanic.  Not that it’s a problem, considering my own best move set had no special mechanic, but it’s something to note nevertheless.  Let’s just hope the actual moves are awesome enough to justify it.


Just from the stats, Golbez sounds like an interesting character to play.  He’s a large and heavy, but floaty with a hovering ability.  So he sounds like a heavy aerial based character, which is unique in itself.  I like to see stats like power and attack speed listed as well, especially considering there overview is just a character synopsis, so I have no real way to tell balance just yet.


Moving on to the actual move set now.  The jab is pretty basic in usage, but that’s the least of its problems; it is, quite frankly, almost useless.  It deals 5% with bad ending lag.  By comparison, Ganondorf’s jab deals 11% with better range and has low end lag taking into account its canceling frames.  While I’m sure Golbez is not meant to be a powerhouse, his jab is anything but a “powerful spacing tool”, as you put it.  The dash attack is not much better in this regard.  It deals 8% and has bad lag in both the startup and end.  Yeah, you’re not kidding when you say to only use it when you’re sure it will connect, and I don’t think I would use it even then.


Let’s hope the tilts are better…okay, so the Ftilt is really cool concept-wise, being an anti-projectile move that doesn’t just reflect everything.  And this time there’s actually justification for it making Jigglypuff look like a power character.  Yay!  One thing confuses me, though:  What do you mean by the move failing?  When he doesn’t hit an enemy?  Doesn’t hit a projectile?  Doesn’t hit anything?  Hits two projectiles?  Yikes, four different ways to go with your statement.  UTilt is another fun defensive move, and it has priority mentioned.  Were all the moves before this disjointed?  Personally, I prefer to have priority mentioned even to say when a move is disjointed.  DTilt is cool in appearance, but it has no mention of lag anywhere, and it could use a slight damage buff.  Please tell me that the smashes aren’t underpowered…


Forward Smash is just plain awesome, and the first time I felt really good while reading this move set.  I especially love how it has the “distance increases while charging” effect but is a melee attack with a set hitbox as opposed to a projectile.  And it’s not underpowered!  USmash is awesome in concept, but it has some major detail problems, which in turn make the balance abandon ship.  So it deals no damage and only minimal knockback, but you say it can be used to prepare other attacks?  How?  If Golbez is able to move around while the black hole is going on, it certainly isn’t mentioned in the description, and the fact that there is no mention of end lag anywhere doesn’t help matters.  It would also be important to state the maximum range of the black hole’s suction effect.   DSmash is funny to imagine, and is well balanced, but I don’t see how it comes out quickly when it has that entire starting animation to perform.


Now we get to the aerials.  Nair is awesome overall, but you made me raise an eyebrow when you said its one of his most useful moves and then immediately afterwards said it has bad lag on both ends.  Um, isn’t lag taken into account when judging a move’s usefulness?  It sounds like your judging usefulness solely on damage, which worries me.  Same thing with Fair; you talk about how slow the move is, and then say it’s a “very good gimping move”.  Um, no, it can’t be with startup lag that’s horrible.  At least the move looks cool…Now we get to Bair…THE EPICNESS, IT BURNS!  I can’t describe how much I love this attack.  It’s so simple in appearance yet so brilliant in how it’s used!  And it’s well balanced too!  Uair is also pretty cool in both appearance and gameplay, especially when Golbez leaves the attack behind like Black Doom’s Uair.  It’s also well balanced (finally, we have two moves in a row that don’t make me cringe), though I wish you stated how tall the whirlwind is.  I’ll assume it’s as big as Golbez.  Dair is decently interesting, but there are some detail concerns.  Where is Golbez holding his hands in relation to his body?  How far and fast does he swoop downwards?  And a nitpick: I don’t like it when people outright say that a move is boring.  It’s like telling the reader that this move set isn’t worth reading.  So, overall, I like Golbez’s aerial game better than his ground game, though the balance and detail problems have carried over…


Oh God, and now I got to read some Spadefox specials…*reads specials* Oh yes, now I get to read some Spadefox specials!  Ambush System is pure win.  It’s definitely a great spacing tool.  Piercing Beam is also cool, especially since it seems that you can use it simultaneously with the Ambush System.  Zero Gravity is one of my favorite recoveries ever and furthers my suspicion that Golbez is an aerial fighter.  Really, for such a simple move, it has so many options you can do with it, such as stalling above an attack and prolonging your aerial combat.  Meteor is the least interesting of the specials, but it’s still cool how it becomes a projectile in the air, thus making his aerial game even better.  Overall, the specials are easily the highlight of the move set.


Now the grabs.  First off, you said his grab motion comes out slow.  From my experience, anybody with a grab that is slow to come out is banned from even suggesting that it’s good.  The pummel is cool in appearance, and I have no complaints on balance.  Typical pummel damage.  The Fthrow is very powerful at 19% damage potential, but it doesn’t KO so it’s alright.  It also sounds familiar…Bthrow is standard damage-wise but it looks cool.  Again, no real comments.  Uthrow is Mewto’s Uthrow, lol.  But that throw is epic, and you kept the epicness intact, so it’s fine by me.  The Dthrow is just great, man.  Seriously, it sounds fun to use, especially when it ties into Golbez’s aerial game.  So, apart from his startup lag making his grab-game crappy, his actual grabs are nice and they are ridiculous enough to make them worth using when he does finally get his victim.


The Final Smash is decently interesting, allowing Golbez to move around while the attack is going on.  Other than that, I haven’t got much else to say (though Ridley is a much cooler dragon =P)


The extras are all mostly standard fare, though what you have is nice…is that a playstyle section?!  Yay, Spadefox made a playstyle section!  But why is it in the extras?  Anyways, it says absolutely nothing about him having a good air game, lol.  And it says he is good at damage racking.  REALLY LOL!  So it seems that he has to be played defensively using stuff like his Dtilt and those cool specials for spacing and distance.  That does seem about right.  However, the last sentence really just made my day: “but excels in outright destroying an enemy if used correctly”.  Okay, besides the fact that you’ve already established that Golbez has a poor offensive game and therefore cannot outright destroy an enemy in the literal sense, isn’t it true that any character is great once mastered, at least in theory?  Still, it’s only your first playstyle section, I’m sure you’ll improve in time.


So, yeah…there was a lot of negativity in this review, wasn’t there?  However, nearly all of it was balance issues, and I’d say most of it could be resolved just with some damage or speed buffs.  The other half of Golbez’s problem is a lack of detail in some areas, especially in that USmash.  However, stuff like creativity and originality are definitely categories this move set scores high in, particularly in having moves that are “simple yet brilliant”.  Overall, I still feel that Jonathan and Charlotte is your best move set in Make Your Move, but Golbez certainly is far from a bad move set, and I have faith that Waluigi (which I’ll also review, yay!) will be up to the epic standard that I’ve come to expect from you.





  1. Nice review, HR. Very fun to read and constructive. Looks like you focus on balance, which is always good. Congrats!

  2. Spadefox
    the balance genie?
    The Balance Nazi?
    The balance fox?
    The balancing Fox?

    Take your pick Spade!

  3. Oh no. You ain’t reviewin’ Waluigi, mah boi. I’ve got dibs on that. I intend to make that beauty of a moveset a star.

    Anyway though, that review was very detailed and insightful, far better then my reviews. Well done, HR.

  4. @Kris121: Um, why would Spadefox be the balance Nazi when this was MY review? >_>

    @K.Rool and Warlord: Thanks for the support, guys ^_^

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