Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 21, 2009

Envy This! — Fatman

~ Fatman ~

by MasterWarlord and KoJ


All right, this is now my SECOND Metal Gear Solid character review, this time however it’s Fatman by MasterWarlord and (in spirit) KoJ. So let’s see how the obese bomber from Dead Cell measures up, shall we?
Right off the bat, I love the organization of this set. The colors for the headers are great without being distracting and the light gray font for the button inputs adds some variety without making it distracting; it’s subtle but nice. All of the moves are in a logical order, nothing weirdly out of place or anything like that so once again, good job with that.
Onto stats first; the stats seem pretty balanced upon inspection…Fatman’s a fast, heavy hitter with horrid recovery and abysmal attack speed. I would say that his running speed is a tad high even though he certainly is quite fast in the actual game, being faster than Falcon just gives Falcon another 30/70 match up…

Ah, but wait! This is where things get cleared up, in the animations department. I see now that Fatman has to build up his momentum and go into a coasting animation before he reaches maximum speed. That makes it far more balanced, forget my previous comment about the run speed being too high. I like the fact that he keeps his momentum when he drops into a crouch, nice little unique feature there. The second jump and the spot dodge were both creative and rather humorous so I enjoyed them quite a bit.

The Neutral B was something I really saw coming…and boy am I glad you did it so well. This move is very well balanced in my opinion, the fact that not only can the bombs be destroyed before they detonate, but that they can also hurt Fatman if he’s not careful balance out the good range and good damage/knockback. It actually reminds me a lot of the game in the sense that it’s kind of a race to put them out before they blow. The Side B is a bit bland compared to the other moves but it is taken from the game and executed quite nicely…because of its somewhat limited range, I see it as not too spammable, but if it locks them in place, it could be a bit unfair. The Up B’s major damage dealing capabilities are balanced out by its start up lag and damage to self so it seems quite fair and original. And then we come to the Down B; my favorite move in the set. I love this move and all the possibilities it could create when it comes to mind games, the fact that it’s incredibly clever usage of in game. My one question about the Down B is whether the explosion acts the same as the one for the Neutral B; more appropriately, does it also hurt Fatman when the tripwire explodes?

Standard moves now; the A combo looks fun but I’m curious to whether it could be used to lock heavier opponents in place like a zero to forty percent combo or something….The dash attack is also quite creative but actually seems like it would do a bit more damage or knockback considering it brings him to a dead halt. Handle Slam seems somewhat useless considering the way Fatman seems, you’d rarely want to stop and get up close to your opponent. The Up Taunt is quite interesting and seems pretty fair, 5 seconds of no projectiles for 30 seconds of no up tilt. The down tilt is just humorous however but also makes total sense. All in all, these are all pretty balanced and I don’t see any glaring problems with them.

The situational attacks are all incredibly original and interesting in their unique abilities. I won’t go into a lot of detail here but seeing that the Ledge Attack (Under 100%) adds entirely new depth to edge guarding is certainly a good thing.

Besides the slightly lame name of “Plant Bomb,” the side smash is also another creative idea, essentially giving Fatman a whole ton of gooey bombs to play around with. While certainly unique, it’s also well balanced…to avoid some redundancy here, I’m gonna say this now: This set is INCREDIBLY well balanced. Almost every move has an upside and a downside to it. While some moves may seem overpowered, they usually have a disadvantage for Fatman too, such as slowing him down or even damaging himself. There! Now I can stop saying “Gee that’s well balanced!” The up smash is a classic; taking the direct quote from the game and using it in an original way. The down smash ALMOST takes the spot for my favorite move from this set, but it’s still beaten out by the trip wires. The whole “taking you down with me” is dead on when it comes to Fatman’s character.

On to Fatman’s obvious weakness, the air! Fat people + gravity never seems to end well, but his neutral air is actually looking quite good. Due to the random nature of it, it seems like it could be incredibly hard to dodge. That actually might be the one move so far that I question if it’s balanced or not, but even so, it’s not ridiculously broken. The fair has some interesting properties but besides the slight healing the attack is rather bland. The cypher is interesting but near the end, you even admit that the move is somewhat useless, still cool though. Bomb Head is creative and comical but useless as a move, damaging yourself when it’s even said that the hitbox/range is fairly bad…yeah, I’d avoid using that one. Dair seems useful for trying to avoid being juggled and it’s certainly a unique move.

Not gonna lie here….the grab is creepy as all hell, interesting…but creepy. The pummel seems a bit detrimental considering the damage dealt to yourself. Forward throw seems wonderful for setting up more traps as you implied…the back throw just sounds highly amusing. Up Throw is alright but…the down throw is even creepier! The fact that you can pull off “Fatcides” makes me happy on the inside but the fact that you’re basically pulled into a fat man’s coat and walked around with is creepy to no end.

And THEN there’s the Final Smash! Incredibly great idea here, instead of the cliché mass explosion like you could’ve pulled off, you decided to give Fatman some time to drop his bombs to make your own mass explosion! Plus that’s pretty much all you CAN do considering the opponents are invincible during it. I do like this concept though, great job there.

The taunts and win poses sound great and the codec was quite good as well…the extra that REALLY stood out for me however is the cool Vamp AT. Yeah, I’m one of the few that don’t flat out hate the slightly creepy vampire…but I do love this AT…heck, you even balanced THIS out!

All in all, I REALLY enjoyed reading this set. Fatman is a really balanced set with some highly original ideas thrown in, I’d certainly say this is a strong set for you Warlord; I’m sure KoJ would be proud!







  1. Hooray for putting Specials at the start of a moveset!

    Also, MT, not meaning to sound hypocritical considering I just started doing it myself, I’d highly suggest linking the moveset itself at the top of the review. Better exposure and all that.

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