Posted by: Spadefox | March 21, 2009

Seductive Notes — The Goos

The Goos by Wizzerd

God I miss my Spade Invaders. “Seductive Notes” is so much less witty… ~_~ I’ll get the one who changed the name thing… >:| … Oh wait, review. Right.

Excuse me. *ahem*

The Goos from World of Goo, huh? Never played this game, only heard of it. Okay, so this is a n00b set. Gonna be boring, but at least I can bash it… *scroll scroll skim* WHAT THE HELL?! A detailed newbie moveset?! What herecy is this! Fine, you want a review? You’ll get one. *shakes fist*

The organization is primitive and easy, yet successful. One can easily distinguish all moves from each other. The coloring is a little bit shyly placed, but that’s okay. First moveset and all. A few pictures are thrown in to ease up descriptions. Overall, nicely done.

The special mechanic sounds VERY interesting, but … 20 seconds for one single goo? That’s pretty long, I think. Considering you start out as extremely weak construction, that makes it hard for me as a player to become powerful enough to get a black or even green goo. To get a fire goo after a KO is a neat idea, I approve of, though. The stats make it seem far better, but as said… I would reduce the time to about 10-15 seconds, 20 is very long. Fighting 20 seconds without a possibility to add goos would be horrible. DX

The Specials… Neutral B I saw coming, Up B sounds cool, no complaints with it, Down B sounds cool, too, but… Side B is pretty bad. By all means, the idea is great, but considering you start out with 3 goos, it’s useless until very later when you have far more of them. Not to mention that 2 seconds of being punishable while throwing out your goos is horrible! Make it 1.5 second, that’s how long it takes to let out a Falcon Punch.

The Jab is interesting, really, and so is the Dash Attack… I’d rather think the two would be swapped, though… I dunno. A second of startup lag for a dash attack is bad, too… even though it’s a ranged and strong one.

The FTilt is very unique, and the UTilt, too. I saw you made some comparisons to existing moves. I suggest you to not use their name. People probably don’t know the names of the characters’ special moves. I mean, it’s clear what the Ice Climber’s Belay is and so on, but some moves are not as “of course”, so just make it – in this case – the ICs’ Up B. And everyone will know what it means. The DTilt is just as interesting… Honestly, the Standard attacks up to this are far more interesting than the Specials – something I suffered a lot from, too.

Ohhhh… The Smashes, huh? I first read the DSmash to be honest, and now I completely understand how that moveset works. Very nifty. Why did you put the bland goo tossing as Special, not this thing? The flagsetting would’ve fit far better as special to be honest. And at least put it as a note into the description of the playstyle respectively of the special mechanic. I already was near crying. One question though – can the opponent break the flagpoles? The FSmash and USmash are a bit less unique than their Tilt counterparts, but still acceptable, I guess. The arrow thing makes up a lot for the USmash, the FSmash is indeed slightly bland… I would’ve maybe changed it with its tilt. It’s funny to see when the Smash is more boring than any other related attack, lol.

Now on to the Aerials. NAir… huh… how to the sparks from the non-fire version fly? Projectiles? Like Game & Watch’s NAir? The UAir and DAir are nicely done, I like those implementations of loose goos. The FAir and BAir are rather bland again. So, without hesitation I think I can say that the Tilts are definitely the highlight of this set.

I love the grab mechanic, but… the throws are almost sadly boring in comparison to them. Your Situationals look good.

Now, the Final Smash. This thing right there is epic. I don’t really get the thing with the hand, but transforming the stage into the internet and having punny things in this new stage is downright epic. I love it! It fits perfectly with the Tilts again.

The Extras are a bit scattered over the place, but still existant – I love the Snake Codec, it made me lol due to its sheer randomness. Although it’s a lil short. ;P

As for the balance… at first I thought “Oh God oh God, this thing must be the Pichu of MYM!”, but then I saw the damage several moves deal, and how you can get goos way faster with the DSmash. It made me sigh in relief. So all in all, it is balanced well enough – you have to deal with major problem in the beginning of a match, but as soon as you had time to set up flags and get more goos, it will become far easier, and maybe even close to overpowered. It still isn’t, though – the slight randomness to the goos depending on their leader is similar to what Olimar has.

Overall, I have to say, that this is by far one of the best newcomer sets I’ve seen. It implements the game very well into Smash, has probably one of the most unique special mechanics, and is executed and balanced very well. Funny enough, the tilts are the most interesting attacks in this moveset. Most moves aside of the tilts and a few others are not generic on itself, but the general idea is, I’d say. Just shoving forwards is not too interesting, and the worst part is probably the BAir, you even say it’s like pretty much every other BAir kick. So… it sucks. >_>

If you work a bit more on the originality of your moves, I see you becoming one of the better contenders. Despite all critique I made, this is sensational for a very first set, and I hope we will see more of you in the near future.

Well, quite.



  1. *shifty eyes*

    I wasn’t the one who changed the name thing. Nope.

    That’s a pretty beefy review, I must admit…



    I am in the RIGHT to steal your “Well, quite” if you steal my Spade Invaders. D:<

  3. Well, if we wanna get technical, I didn’t STEAL Spade Invaders, I just kinda killed it.

  4. You took ’em from me. That’s all it needs. <_<

  5. Bah! Someday, Spade… someday, when your guard is down… “Well, quite” will be mine again. Just you wait!

  6. Well, quite. We will see, kind Sir.

  7. Simplicity can only go so far.


  9. Whaaaat? First I’ve heard of this.

  10. Ironic much? The person the review was actually for never posted. :p

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