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Wrath of the Kupa King — K.Rool

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I was not partial at all to your first K.Rool, so after seeing how far you have come in Make Your Move, I j**zed in my pants when I heard you were remaking our favorite shoe-in for SSB4. I loved seeing that little video at the start, and it only made me want to b*tch-slap Sakurai even more for neglecting the Kremling King.

But…a lock for SSb4?!

*inserts half-@$$ed Pieman logic for why Dixie is more likely*

JK, of course. Now let’s begin the rundown for this moveset…

Originality: Seeing all this originality made me sad. When K.Rool gets into SSB4, he will not have anything at all like this moveset. I am 100% serious when I say that you need to keep this set and send it to Sakurai/Nintendo when SSB4 rolls around (if Sakurai is not an asshole again and only polls the Japanese). You stated that the Specials were rather basic, but were essential for K.Rool. I agree, but even for basic attacks, you gave them all fun twists. The ability to angle the crown in the Neutral Special is a great effect, and the ability to hurl the crown as far as you want, but have to suffer the lag of it returning to you from that distance reminds me of the grab I gave Hades. Having the Side Special not be chargeable like many before it does indeed make it inferior than the Crown Boomerang, but the spiky effect gives it both usefulness and originality. Props for making it possible to shoot one at any time, making the old one vanish, as this makes you not have to wait thirty seconds if you whiff the first shot. Looking at the Down Special, you said he takes out the blunderbuss like his Neutral Special. I’d fix this typo to Side Special. Its ability to suck in and out bring it more effectiveness than Dedede’s Inhale, while keeping it balanced with sufficient lag. Another thing with the Specials, though. If you press Neutral B with a foe in the gun, you say that you fire them. You should be able to do that with Side Special, the move that would normally use the blunderbuss, as the Neutral B is the crown. I’d review this and edit it to make it more clear. It says this again about the cannonballs you can suck up, so be sure to clarify this, as it is unclear whether you mean that the crown is replaced by the cannon effects with the Neutral Special, or you actually mean the Side Special. Up Special is a great new twist on the Helicopter Pack for a recovery. The button pressing reminds me of a mini-game from Mario Party. K.Rool’s gimpability seems to be one of the major balancing points for such a powerful and speedy heavyweight. Props for that. That Final Smash is one of the most unique things I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I love it. The only question I have is if you use the Up A to bring K.Rool into the fray. He can’t return to his throne, you say. Does this mean he loses the ability to use any other effects of the Final Smash? Or do they replace his normal moves when he is out? Either way, the individual effects are very fiiting and unique, and provide for a much more entertaining Final Smash than, say, a Cannonball Rain. I will address the basic parts in the following sections, seeing as how this part is already long enough.

Detail: As I’m reading most of the moves, I see all the necessary things for a moveset, like damage, knockback, priority, speed, and range. However, some things are unclarified, although I already addressed them under the originality section. These confused me on my first read, and I’d suggest rewriting these parts to clarify them. For the rest, I love how the detail incorporates how K.Rool is doing the move, or why he is doing what he does. Case in point, basic combo. Healing by licking the blood off his fingers is pretty ingenious. The bad breath, flesh lust, and shockwaves from the aerials really made them appealing to read. All the situationals provide for entertaining results. I love how the foe taunts in victory, just like in DKC. I see you referenced Iago & Zazu when you referenced anyone cursed by Air Taunts. At least Iago yelling at the groaning K.Rool to, “SHUT UP!” provides lots of comedic relief. The rock ledge attack was unique, but I don’t understand where you pulled the rocks from, as it’s not a move in DKC or DK64. Either way, it’s a great move. I love the tilts: one is a reflector, one is an excellent original “jewel”, and one provides for a great comedic attack that helps your B-Air even if you whiff with it. The Dash Attack references his original one from DKC, so props there. The F-Smash is cool, although a slight bit OOC (although a Mexican K.Rool costume in a new DK game would be sweet). I see how you turned your old Down Taunt into an awesome Down Smash, and it works quite well. Up Smash is amazingly original and humorous. Great job with the Grab and Throws as well. The Down throw definitely sounds like something you’d want to use on a foe after respawning. As the Detail Nazi, you do not disappoint.

Balance: Reading the (well-written) playstyle, I see how K.Rool is differenciated from every other heavyweight. He’s fairly quick and jumpy, but still equipped with powerful moves, which allow him to play competently, but with enough to hold him back and keep him balanced. K.Rool’s massive size and gimpability seem to be what’s keeping him a fair opponent, but not a broken one. Well done here; I’ve seen so many great movesets fall just short of success because of lack of balance, so you definitely keep that in mind and keep K.Rool a fair character, and not just another heavyweight like Melee Bowser.

Fitting to Character: This is near perfect here; the Specials all fit his in-game character and cruel personalilty perfectly. His vanity leading to his inability to crouch is win, as are his kingly fits of anger and show-boating power moves. Along with Joker, K.Rool is your best showing here. Every single move fits the Kremling Kommander in a way that has never before been brought up. Well done, this will definitely keep K.Rool standing out among your self-quoted better future entries.

Extras: Although the Up Taunt may seem generic, a villain of K.Rool’s stature does need an evil taunt. I couldn’t agree move that Bowser needs a badass taunt involving his dark laugh made so prevelant by Super Mario 64. The possibility of a whimpy roar for the Side Taunt is win, as is, “YEAH! THUNK YOU!” I like his entrance, although I also would’ve loved to see the Krockship from DKC2 as a possible entrance, if not an alternate entrance for his Kaptain costume. The bow victory pose seems like something Sakurai would actually do, bowing being a Japanese thing. This is pretty cool, especially for a show-boater like Rool. Using the Kritter is pretty cool, and the crown KO made me LOL. I like his loss pose, as it seems extremely fitting. By leaving out the victory theme, I assume he shares the standard DK one. I might just throw this in, but it is not that high priority. The Kirby Hat looks like the one from the old “K.Rool for Brawl” thread, and I like how Kirby inherits K.Rool’s Family Jewels in addition to his Crown Boomerang. That Codec made me LOL; it’s in the same vein as the Halberd Crew talking about Meta Knight’s “Tier” Position. Klubba was the AT I used for my old K.Rool set, and I love how you added the toll move. Klubba is the perfect AT for K.Rool, so props there. I like the stage and it’s originality, but if I were remaking a K.Rool stage, I’d make a scrolling Gangplank Galleon, with areas like rigging, cargo hold, main deck, upper deck, and plank, just for nostalgia, but you did great here anyways. I liked seeing the remixes I added to K.Rool’s Lair here, as they are several of my faves on my iPod. I love the Alt Costumes, and the extra moves that go with them. They fit the stereotypes of pirates, scientists, and boxers perfectly IMO. The X Marks the Spot, Mushroom Cloud, and Toe Jab were my favorites. I love the SSE Role just as much as I did when it was used for Klump & Krusha, so I don’t have anything else to say on it. Your ability to pump out high quality extras when others get lazy and neglect their importance really makes your movesets stand out. Amazing job!

Organization: Your new organization is an excellent improvement on your already decent layout. After Scar & the Hyenas (who have already undergone a lot of BBCode), I will probably change to this easy-to-read format. The colors also match K.Rool’s reptilian style while staying readable. Great job here.

Closing Comments: Amazing opener, my favorite in the contest so far, and probably for a while. It is near perfect in terms of representing K.Rool. I’m serious when I say that you need to send this moveset to Nintendo; even though they will probably not pay much attention due to their laziness and newfound casual gamer fetish, it is worth a shot to save K.Rool from the blandness of the likes of the moves of SBM that would most likely be implemented due to the fact that they haven’t been used before, although they are a tier lower than utter bullcrap. You have taken my place as the best K.Rool so far; mine would’ve had more detail had I been a competent set maker when writing it, but your originality sets it so far ahead from the influx of K.Rools that have flooded MYM since the beginning. This will definitely be receiving a vote from me. Stellar job overall.

And now, ending at 1,712 words, I believe it is time for me to say:


Thank you for reading.




  1. Really epic review, BKupa, although you essentially talk more about the originality in the detail section. 😛

    To answer your questions:

    1: Neutral Special and Side Special were originally switched as button inputs, hence why the side special is mistakenly referred to as the neutral special. I’ll fix that ASAP.

    2: Up A on Final Smash gives K. Rool back his normal moveset and makes him vulnerable. It’s mainly for finishing off a foe with an insane damage percentage easily rather then using the awkward traps of the stage.

    3: I’ll send it to Sakurai just for the heck of it, even though it’ll be ignored. You think he’d accept a link to the post in SWF where all the pretty BBCode is in effect, or would I have to post a long wall of text that would go over the character limit?

    Anyway, glad you liked it so much. I hope that K. Rool and Fatman won’t be too overlooked by my other stuff.

  2. After typing about the specials alone, I saw that my paragraph was so enormous that I decided to divide it into the detail paragraph as well. Sending it to Nate Bihldorf for him to translate it for Sakurai would probably be the best option. Send him a link to the moveset so it looks better. It will probably get ignored, but it’s worth a shot. If he is intrigued by a Diddy/Dixie Down B swap, he’ll probably climax over this K.Rool.

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