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Food for Thought — Gluttony

ζ~ Gluttony

By MasterWarlord

Can I... eat him?
“Can I… eat him now?”


Well, well, well, what do we have here? Fitting that I review this big bro, considering that I am Gluttony, after all. Funnily enough, Warlord’s said a few times that this is more a self-insert for him than anything else. Just a little creepy factoid to keep in mind. On with the review! If you don’t like reviews, scroll way down for an awesome poll instead! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It’s cool to know how WordPress works.


So let’s talk first things first. I know and you know that you made this one before updating to my template, but it works here as it does with Dimentio. You wouldn’t expect it to, but the combination of puke green and that nasty, fleshy brown works revoltingly, and makes the moveset stand out completely. This is the advantage of the color-everywhere style; gives the moveset more personality, if done right.

So let’s talk mechanic. It’s awesome, to say the least. It’s actually a rather typical mechanic – use a certain type of attack to get stronger over time – but the tie-in with his ravening hunger is just awesome.

How do the actual attacks hold up? It’s interesting, because this one strikes me as a case of individual attacks taking a back seat to overall playstyle, a rarity in a Warlord. Just looking at the Specials, they’re not nearly as zany as yours usually are, althought they’re still interesting. I admit, I’m not a fan of the Up B; it’s a bit banal and similar to his Neutral B, as well as giving him a second Gluttoncide, which is probably not a great idea. On the other hand, I DO like how focused the moveset is around its mechanic. The drool puddle is a great attack for him, here, in that it’s simple but lends to his overall feel. As in, it’s gross.

There’s a maximum of 100% hunger, yes? If you somehow get up there, perhaps by getting them up against a wall with your Neutral Combo, it can’t rise any more, yes? Just my logical assumptions, but a clear mention of this would be cool.

Now, there’s the Up Tilt. This glares at me a bit. I understand the coolness of it and all that, but him suddenly kicking up breezes really feels random to me. Seriously, although it’s a neat idea that should be implemented into one of your future sets, I’d replace the attack entirely for better continuity. Unless, of course, there’s a reference to him ACTUALLY accidentally creating wind in the anime, in which case it’s forgiven.

Is… is his Dash Attack a THIRD Gluttoncide? Oh my… he’s really serious about getting that meal, isn’t he? I’m actually kinda liking this now; it’s a sort of close-combat style involving lots of contact that feels uniquely fitting to a big fat voracious glutton.

I’m noticing that this moveset is much more wordy than your more recent ones, more like your old ones. It’s got a bit of overdetail, to be honest, with you repeating things about lag and whatnot several times. Not a huge issue, as it is with some frogman sets and such, but it does get a bit annoying, especially in the Smashes.

Little question that I’m almost afraid to ask – does barf linger after being created by his Forward Special or Up Smash, or does it vanish instantly? It’s just a little detail, but I think it’s something we’d all need to know.

I’m noting that Gluttony has some serious issues building damage until his hunger gets higher. Very interesting, that. To be honest, you’ve always been a pro at balancing your weird ideas, which is why I’m not commenting on it all that much. Each attack in and of itself is balanced, which adds up, to me, to a pretty balanced character. Nothing in the stats bothers me in the slightest – he’s more or less a classical heavyweight.

But then there’s Breath of Death. This is one of my favorite attacks yet, but I’m thinking it’s overly good. Essentially, if you make contact with the foe, you automatically gimp them? With Gluttony’s good recovery, awesome Back Air, projectile spikes in the form of droppings, and many Gluttoncides, I’m starting to think he’s TOO good at fighting off-stage for a heavyweight. Hmmm…

While we’re going attack-by-attack, I have a problem with Forward Air. It’s brutal, and its drawback is that it’s likelier to kill you than a foe. But on stage with walls, what then? It’s practically unstoppable on, say, Snake’s stage (dammit, can’t remember the name, I’m an idiot).

The throws are just as interesting as yours classically are, with Down Throw standing out as a simple but unique idea. Although I do feel the huge start-up would make his whole throw game more or less useless, but that’s neither here nor there, and everyone needs weaknesses.

Good for you, making a full moveset for his Final Smash. I’m considering these more and more to be like extras, and I’m horrible at judging their strength anyway. There’s really nothing to measure by; those in Brawl vary from practically assured KOs to… well, Peach’s. Or Jigglypuff’s.

As an added note, the SSE role is even more of an eyesore than ever, huge wall of sickly green as it is. Not that I read that kind of stuff, anyway, as you know.

So what’s the impression I get as I pull away from this one? Well, I see a notable difference between it and K. Rool and Fatman. Clearly, it’s an MYM 4 moveset. The difference between the two isn’t big at all, so it flies here, but it has all the influences and factors of that age – lots of detail, simple organizational scheme, focused mechanic, tons of creative attacks – but it also has a cohesive playstyle, which is nice to see. If it had been posted back then, it would have been up there with your movesets of the time. Here, it’s also up there – but whether I like it more than your other two, I have yet to decide. They all have their own unique charms, although using that word for this revolting fellow feels like blasphemy.



And now, I leave you with this:

Yep, I figured it out. Hooray!




  1. It’s Shadow Moses Island. :V

  2. Urrrrrgh. Of course it is. *shoots self*

  3. XD at final option on the poll… and the fact that people have used it.

  4. I admit I was tempted, just for the lulz, to vote it. The face at the end just makes it so, so funny!

    (But in the end, I voted for Gluttony.)

  5. . . .There’s a reason Gluttony seems like a MYM 4 set, although you can’t really judge that MYM 5 will be dominated by low detail sets just yet. It’s barely even started.

    Anyway, the reason is Gluttony was the first of the sets I made. The reason why Gluttony’s playstyle works was. . .Well, because, I made him to fit my playstyle. I would main him. No questions asked. He’s a heavyweight who DOESN’T HAVE TO APPROACH. Epic.

    The aerials are indeed probably the most alarming part of the moveset balance wise. Perhaps I’ll weaken them (Particularly that blasted nair) and make the grab less slow?

    Also, I love final smashes. There’s no limit with them, so you can be as crazy as you want. Gluttony’s actually has the most thought put into it out of all my FSes. . .Save Envy, but that’s a special case.

    *Votes multiple times on poll*

  6. >=(

  7. Well, quite

  8. I don’t like Warlord. >=(

    …that still gets me. XD

  9. The really funny thing is that more people chose that than Fatman. Poor Warlord. =P

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