Posted by: The Stadium | March 22, 2009

Lazy Days — Ema Skye


By kitsuneko345


Woohoo, I’m the last Sin to post a review! I guess it kinda fits my name, but still. I feel kinda sad, being so lazy and all. But  hey, I’m Sloth. It’s my  job. 😛


Now onto the actual review part. My first thought: you love AA characters, don’t you? Seriously, almost every set I’ve seen from you is from AA. Can they all really be that unique? I mean, couldn’t you write about a character that’s from a game at least somewhat focused on combat? Seriously. Anyways, the next thing that jumps out at me is the




We can read it without being gargantuan, Kits. I promise. You might wanna change it; it makes the set look sloppy, IMO.


But onto the actual review. So, the mechanic’s pretty cool, but it seems it would take a little too much time to use in an actual Brawl. Hm. Anyways, onto the rest of the moves: I enjoy the different items, though I don’t quite get the point of a Snackoo the opponent either ends up taking 1% or none at all? What’s the point of them? It seems like you were just trying to stick in something else Ema uses…


Anyway, onto the specials. They’re all quite solid, frankly. I like ‘em, especially the Up B. It’s really simple and yet unique at the same time. Great work on that, kits. Although, I am a little confused about the Side Special and all the angles: are they just diagonally up, diagonally down, and straight ahead? Regardless, you should probably find some other way to describe their trajectories.


I like the jab and the Dash attack; they’re simple and unique. I have a feeling that’s gonna be a pattern throughout the set.


About the Ftilt, you mention only the Gold Snackoo deals 3% over time. You didn’t mention that when describing the Snackoo itself; you should add that in to the general description. Otherwise, I like the risk you take with the Ftilt. Utilt seems somewhat useless, but that’s just me. I think that if the author who created the mechanic calls it “complicated” it needs a bit of simplification. Dtilt seems a bit…I dunno, bland. I do like the crawling addition, though; it makes it look like a great edgeguarding move.


Fsmash doesn’t really make much sense; why would water spray and stuff when you shake it? I dunno, I’m not too fond of the move itself. Can’t you think of something better? I do like the USmash though, as it encourages you to create footprints; then again, since the mechanic is so complicated, perhaps it’s not such a good idea… DSmash is fine too, if a little obvious.


For the Nair, does it take up two of your Luminol ammo since she sprays it twice? Whether it does or it doesn’t, you should add it in. I think the Fair might be a little overpowered, though; otherwise, that bag must have a buncha stuff in it. And if it does, you should probably alter her speed if she’s lugging around a heavy, damage-dealing machine. I like the Bair, though. It’s kinda nice, but it seems like it would give her a broken recovery if you DID use the Up B correctly. Uair could use a bit more originality. If the moveset creator admits it’s the same as another move…well, you could probably think of something better. Once again, though, you make up for it with the Dair and its many possibilities. I don’t quite get how you can recover with the Hairdryer—perhaps you should explain it better.


The throws by themselves aren’t exactly spectacular, but I like how they lead into making shoeprints; it’s rather clever, although I don’t like that you’re basically tied into using all three throws if you use one of them, as it makes Ema’s throw game pretty predictable.


The Final Smash is…just weird. You need some more detail there, like where the lines come from and where they come down. It also seems that there’s a broken sentence in there: “There were also be a black outline from the opponent anytime you the line comes out.” You need to fix that.


I like the Playstyle. It’s concise and simple, but it doesn’t really go into much detail. Still, it’s not much to complain about.


Taunts shouldn’t affect the battle…they should just be taunts. Healing taunts, taunts that affect the entire battlefield…no. That shouldn’t happen; it’s like giving Ema two extra moves. Some of the victory poses seem like they’d take a long time, particularly #2. Victory Poses are usually short and sweet. The Codec’s a bit odd and doesn’t make much sense, but whatever.


In short, this is a solid set that suffers from some bland, repetitive attacks and lack of detail in some spots. Plus, I can’t see Ema holding much of a spot in competitive play, what with the emphasis you place on her complicated mechanic.







  1. What is this? Your sign-off is pretty much the same, but in a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE? There’s a limited number of languages, y’know, and you’ll run out of them sooner or later, Tanookie. =P

    Also, I’d highly recommend linking in the moveset in the review. Yep, yep.

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