Posted by: Spadefox | March 22, 2009

Seductive Notes — Airman

Airman by agidius

Ahhh… Airman… one of my favourite Robot Masters, if it’s only for his theme. *opens up music folder, gets into Rockman Iwao-Ni Remix album, listens to Airman remix* Ahhh… so beautiful… ^__^

Oh wait, I have to write a review! But I can while listening to this music! AWESOME! 😀

Airman is agidius’ first entry in MYM 5, and with his quite impressive entry in MYM4 – Simirror – he placed very well and made himself a name. Now, of course I hope Airman will live up to the standard agi has set with Simirror. Let’s get this going, rite?

The organization is very basic, but kept in Airman’s colour scheme, which like a lot! Neat idea. Several graphics and an animation are there to make the move description easier. It has animation and properties split into several sections, as well. Overall, nothing fancy, but definitely not bad.

Introduction is good. I love the idea with him being weak to plant attacks, but I dunno if that’s such a good one. I still don’t get why everyone has trouble with Airman, in my opinion he’s the easiest after Metalman… I mean, it’s hard to dodge those tornadoes at time, but in general… <_< The stats are very balanced, that lack of power surely is part of him. Judging by the stats alone, Airman would be horrendously underpowered. But knowing he uses moves to shove around his enemies, most likely, I will just say you definitely didn’t overpower him. The Special mechanic is simple, yet interesting… one of those “magic power” mechanics. A glossary, nice… well yes.

Moveset. Yet another one of those Specials-first jerks. Grr. The neutral B is simple, yet interesting. I like the stacking effect. Even so, I would not make the punishment for using it when already something is onscreen a few torque points, but rather just some lag like Wario has when his bike is out and he uses Side B. Speaking of Side Bs, the same applies to Airman’s Side B. lol. It’s a neat idea, I like that literal wall of pain thing going on. Both moves aren’t really bursting from creativity, but they’re pulled directly from the game, and the stuff they do actually make up a lot. So yea.

I love the name of the Up B. Awesome. XD It’s also an incredibly unique recovery. I love the idea to make it dependable and reusable with the torque. Awesome. Great work on that, even though Falco will have his happy time with it. The first sentence of the Down B… really cracked me up. Generally the description is nice. =P The idea is awesome, though. Building your own little backup unit, giving it supplies, working together to refill yours faster, and you even mention SHFFLing in it. Awesome. ❤ I love the idea to pieces, and this is definitely the highlight of the Specials. Great stuff right there. The fact it’s only once per stock… I dunno if that’s so good. But I guess he’s a gimping demon, so maybe it’s less bad.

So you’re one of those culprits putting Tilts apart from Standard attacks, huh? Well, whatever. The Jab literally blows. It’s a neat idea. Pretty evil gimping tools already in the first standard attack I read. Haha. I like it, though. Far from generic. Dash Attack is the same, although I lol’d at the DACUS. Neat idea, but seems a lil … well… little to have only a fourth of a second to deal any knockback or somtehing. Heh.

Tilts. First, don’t say any move is bland or boring, people tend to immediately think less of it. Because, granted, the FTilt’s punch alone WOULD be boring, but that second part of this move is great, making totally up for it. Ack you do it again for the Utilt. Shame on you, really. =P The move itself sounds a little like Zelda’s Usmash, but the wind effect is cool. I like how you can trap them for another attack. Neat idea. Last but not least the DTilt. Wow. That’s a cool move right there. I love the charging, though it makes it seem like it’d be better as a Smash, taking the damage into account, as well. On a small sidenote, you write “Airman is completely mobile during the move”. I’m pretty sure you mean IMmobile, right?

Smashes. I honestly first read the DSmash to see if it could be swapped with the DTilt. Basically, I love the idea of this attack. It’s totally wacky, neatly done and well-balanced. But I do think you could change the move with what the DTilt does. It would make more sense for the Tilt to be some Melee attack while the Smash is chargeable. Of course, it’s just a suggestion and totally up to you if you want to do that, but I personally think so. Just leave it with the 14% basic damage, make it unchargable and it’s a neat DTilt. Yes, that also includes the torque being charged a bit. Now well. Let’s go back to that FSmash. … 35%? Wow. O_o That’s bad for such a huge move. It does cover a wide area and wrecks recoveries, so I would tone at least the damage down. I think 25% (maybe it was a typo of yours?) should be the maximum. That move is a BEAST, defending against projectiles, shoving enemies away, and dealing up to 35% damage. Wowser. The USmash on the other hand is pretty good again. Nice idea with the tornadoes blowing up and the smaller ones rotating around the big one. The one thing that strikes, me, though, is the range of it (to offscreen?), and if Airman can move after letting out the tornadoes (I assume so cause the small tornadoes are rotating?).

Let’s look at Airmans airgame… lolpuns. The NAir is cool. You make the stereotypical “spinning around”-NAir into a nice move fitting to Airman. Absolutely. I love it. Why did you write “of his torque” in all caps in the FAir? Otherwise neat move. Flailing yourself around in the air is always awesome. The UAir is great, projectile going weaker, I love the concept. Wowser. The DAir is sensational. Creating platforms with an aerial? Awesomesauce. The BAir’s description cracked me up. Even then, it sucks. lolol. Nah, I love the idea. Not as cool as the DAir, but one can see you went all out on those two moves. Great. I love the Aerials in general.

Grabs, huh? Wow. I love what you did with the standard grabbing animation. It’s nothing that comes unexpected, but still awesome. I love how the enemy can still hit you while you draw him in. Even then… doesn’t that make him an awful chaingrabber with grab releases? I imagine that can cause lotsa troubles. I chuckled at Brawl’s T rating, but even then that Pummel seems pretty nasty. Still appropiate, I guess. ;O I like that it gives you more torque. The FThrow is rather basic… it reminds me of Mewtwo’s Golbez’ FThrow, but still cool. The UThrow is nifty, too… I like that it affects other people, too, and that it throws them out horizontally. The DThrow is awesome. Very neat idea, again. Same goes for the BThrow.

The Final Smash confuses me a little… I guess the wind goes over the whole screen like one Dreamland/Green Greens? So it’s guaranteed 15% damage the enemy recieves? I’d like to have explained how that exactly works with those 15% damage. I think they wouldn’t even be necessary, the FS is powerful enough as it is, changing the movement and buffing Airman as well as filling up his Torque. If you explain to me, how the damage works, it maybe can stay, but I honestly think just dropping it would the best solution.

Neatly done alt. colors, cute alternative Snake Codec, and Taunts featuring gameplay effects – awesome! So the Extras are good. And lol @ :mad:-Grimer at the and. =P

Now, that we’re done with this. What should I say. You did an excellent job adapting this guy who normally doesn’t do anything but hopping around and shooting little tornadoes into a beefy moveset, with good amount of detail. Your writing style is extremely fun to read, and your occasionally thrown in jokes are pretty nicely bedded into the set. Some moves which look generic in the first view turn out to become highly interesting added with the wind effects, such as the NAir or several of the throws.

The playstyle is awesome. I love movesets which have a different playstyle than usual ones (as you probably can see with sets like Golbez or Waluigi), and playing to shove your enemy off the platform and wrecking their recovery is pretty neat. I love how you implemented that Torque into pretty much every move, and how you put in the air based attacks.

You even managed to balance the moveset out pretty well, with his wrecking wind abilities being toned down in terms of damage and/or knockback. The only striking problem I saw was the maximum damage of the FSmash, which is quite frankly too much (35%!). The other thing is the ability of him to probably grab release CG. The rest is extremely well done, stronger or almost overpowered moves are balanced out with the use of the Torque, and just not working if used without. If you fix the FSmash and the CG-ability I can sense there, the moveset is perfectly balanced for such an odd working character like Airman is.

Overall, this moveset is great. There’s not much to say, because even the rather bland moves are spiced up with awesome wind effects, turning them into more unique ones. I remember Simirror had similar things, but here with Airman it’s even more cool, if you ask me. He’s definitely surpassing the Kirby helper in quality, and so far one of the better movesets I’ve seen in MYM5. A few little fixes, otherwise, great job.

Well, quite.



  1. *skips down to commentary on moves*

    Originally, Standards were first, but KRool… *voice shouts: NO KROOL JOHNS!* I’ll change the punishment on the Neutral/Side B. I’ll add the lag effect, plus not allow Torque to be built up during that time.

    Well, Falco gets another punching bag. Ah well, Airman will just have to blow him away during his charge time for his own recovery. Problem solved. Glad you like the Down B.

    *doesn’t get why DACUS mention is funny*
    I’ll increase the time the hitbox is active to 1/2 a second. The reason that it’s so low is due to how much ground he covers in that time…

    I’ll try to get out of the habit of labeling my moves as boring. And as for the DTilt, the “Airman is completely mobile during the move” portion was supposed to be taken as the fact that you could chase the tornado down once you released it, enabling you to hit the opponent with another move.

    Believe me, I tried to switch the DSmash and DTilt… but it just never happened. I’m just leaving them the way they are, for now at least. The FSmash (as mentioned in the chat, and I believe the move itself) does not deal damage in one fell swoop, rather in many small hits over a long period of time, enabling the opponent to run away to take less damage. (I even provided strategies to take the least amount possible. =P)
    The USmash’s range, however, I don’t think was mentioned. It was only supposed to cap out at 1 block above his head, then remain there until the attack dirappears. And yes, he can move after letting them out.

    NAir was suggested by a friend… at least, the spinning motion. I added the awesome. :bee:
    The all-caps in the FAir was due to the move originally reading “ALL OF HIS TORQUE”. I’ll switch it out for bold.

    As for the Grab/Grab Release dilemma, I’ll add how the opponent is able to move from the release before you do, allowing for punishment.

    I’ll drop the damage dealt by the Final Smash to 10%, and add a better explanation on how it’s dealt.

    :mad088:… it’s the perfect closer.

    *acknowledges ‘Overall’ paragraph with happy simle*

    Playstyle, playstyle, playstyle! The most underrated part of the set, and yet one of the most critical components. Glad you liked it.

    I still don’t agree with you that the FSmash is overpowered… Ganondorf’s can do upwards of 40%, and his happens all at the same time. Also, Airman’s FSmash takes… I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT IT TAKES LONGER THAN USUAL TO CHARGE!! *facepalms*
    Ok, you’re right on that. I’ll add my new point, thus balancing th move a bit more. CGing ability has been fixed.

    Thanks for the review, I’ll go about fixing those portions now. I’m glad I specifically requested you; you pointed out stuff I never would have noticed. Also, I’m glad you liked it so much. =D

    …long reply is long.

  2. Spade, stop converting people to Specials-last! Don’t make me send out the Gengars…

  3. I never wanted them last. Just after the A attacks. ;P


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