Posted by: Spadefox | March 22, 2009

Seductive Notes — TWILTHERO

TWILTHERO by… you guessed it… TWILTHERO!

Well at least it saves me putting in two tags, lawls. So… TWILTHERO is an original character and self-insertion of TWILTHERO (darn this is so confusing… I pity the poor guy who will review Spadefox).

So, what strikes me first is the picture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than anything I could throw out, but next time look there’s no stains on it. That looks disgusting. ;O Also, calling yourself “cool”, “awesome” or “funny” is not really cool, awesome or funny, quite the opposite. For the notes: Point 1 taken. This time no stain plz. Point 2: lol? WTF is this? Introduction… *reads* …what? I don’t get anything. What the hell? Spy? Parents shooting his arm off? Who is Mendystar1? TWILT Brigade? WHAT IS THIS?! If you are going to put in a fictional story with a self-insertion as description, at least do it in a manner so a person not knowing this story knows what happens! I’m even more confused than before reading this. Guh… x_X

The organization could recieve far more attention… it looks a bit bland and the dark colours are not really that good of a choice, especially that dark green. Also, do you always have to write TWILTHERO in ALL CAPS? I know it’s the actual nickname, but you also could write it normally… >_< Your writing style also is a little meh, just like dancingfrogman’s.

Golly, he sure has good stats. The only thing below average is the jump and the weight… Why is he so big yet so light? O.o The stats, otherwise, aren’t overly good though, so I dunno…

Anyway, on with the actual moves. Specials first, taking again the whole excitement outta the ‘set. <_< Let’s see what we have here. Neutral Special. Hm… he lets loose an attack of light? How does it look like? Is it an arrow or a spear, or a ball? Upwards version… “will put the ball of light in his body, and he will glow lightish”? O_o You mean he will glow from the inside? You also mention that this is Twilt’s best recovery twice. Down version… waaaait. You can infinitely use that buff, you know that? The duration until you can use the Neutral B again is 10 seconds. The downwards version lasts 10 seconds. Unless, of course, you mean that AFTER those 10 seconds you have to wait another 10 seconds until you can use it again. That’s a very crucial detail you’re lacking. In any case, this thing seems darn overpowered – he does have another recovery (although easier to gimp) and another projectile, so I can stay with my powerup which buffs pretty much all of my attacks. The projectile is pretty darn strong, too… I dunno. Already the first move and it seems slightly unbalanced to me. Let’s hope that losens. Anyway, on to that said other projectile, the Side B… Wow, so he can extend the range of his grab or has a Pikmin-esque projectile the enemy can’t shake off? Sheesh… the 30 seconds are, though, giving this move at least slight balance. The Down B… Oh God… don’t get me started on that one… =/ So, he covers HALF of Battlefield? And with 150+ 3/4? Holy crud. And what it does is awful, too. So Twilty can move around in this sigil area, and it takes 5-10 seconds on the ground for the enemy to get their heart attack. Those two informations I got from talking to you on the chat – you never mention them in the move itself, and you should do so, as this is very crucial information to judge. Basically, if you keep your enemy with aerials inside of the field, you can pretty easily get 20% damage and them laying on the ground becoming helpless victims for another attack. Ouch. Those 1% damage per second don’t make much up, either… it seems to me like a horribly broken move. Up B… is… pathetic. I’m not even going to mention this. It’s basically a horribly bad rip-off of ROB’s Up B. This move doesn’t even seem to have any purpose but balance out the other 3 rather broken Specials, respectively giving Twilty a small chance to save himself when he has used his Neutral B. So wow. Even after only reading those Specials I’m almost convinced that this moveset is going to be HORRIBLY broken. I hope this look disappears – the specials are really really unbalanced, imo. Nerf ALL specials but the Up B, which you can buff a bit.

Standards. The Jab is neat, even though it sounds very useless. No enemy will stand 2 seconds in front of you. The FTilt is pretty generic, if I may say so – just a sword slash. I don’t really get the explanation on the Down Tilt… How does the thunderbolt look like? Is it a vertical assigned one, does it come from the sword, from below, from above? Otherwise it’s okay, I guess… The UTilt, meh… I don’t know what I should say about it… so he disappears and pops up to slash upwards? I can’t really make that out, that’s one of those clumsy descriptions you sometimes tend to make. =/ I like the water effect, though. The Dash Attack… now THAT’s a move. Although I would reduce the wiffing and generally the lag. 3 seconds are 2 Falcon Punches (1 is ~1.5). 3 seconds also is normally an almost if not completely charged Smash. Despite it being such a dangerous risk-reward-move, I still would half the lag on all of the times you have mentioned in that move. Otherwise, this is the best move so far, without any hesitation.

Smashes. FSmash is okay I guess… the transformation makes this move a little bit less bland. The fact it has so little damage does relieve a lot. The DSmash … wait… what’s that? Why are you putting stuff like that note – like in the “disclaimer” – into the ‘set? What is this tomfoolery?! The move itself is okay, I like the idea with the plant. Same goes for the USmash – it would be bland if it wouldn’t have that odd hitbox with the bolt and the slash. So, still not outranking the Dash Attack, but FAR better than the Tilts.

Aerials. The NAir is horribly generic… pretty much Meta Knight’s Jab just in the air. FAir… Wait, what? “in the forward direction of TWILTHERO”? Why not just say “In front of him”? Anyway… the move is cool, with the charging and whatnot, but why does he have to stop in mid-air? I could stall forever with that one. <_< BAir… holy crap that description is an abomination… So he summons an iceblock, turns around, smashes it and it shatters with pieces flying out? Why put it into such a complicated form? Why not saying what he does and instead overly complex describe it like that? =/ The ending lag is horribly. I would never do that move, neither offstage nor safely above the stage, because it has 2 seconds ending lag. That’s longer than a Warlock Punch! I also don’t really get the last part… is the enemy able to crack the ice shards? If yes, why would they be so dumb to destroy them for getting 10% with each when they could get hit for only 2-3%? Or do you mean the iceblock Twilty summons – that the enemy can destroy them for 10% damage? But why would they do that? It’s not like they would gain much from it besides 10% damage – with the move having a maximum of 18% if ALL pieces connect with the maximum damage – which you say practically never occurs. The UAir is basically an aerial upward launched Falcon Punch. Oh my… The DAir is … interesting, but… 20 feathers? And every feather does 1-2% damage. If you say there’s no chance I even get 15 feathers – what is the maximum? And why not put as many feathers as it’s possible to hit with? And with the weakness of the feathers you mean that they can be knocked away and have like no priority? But… why would I bother using that move in the first place, then?

Grabs. Thank God this is over soon… Ahem. Excuse that slip. So… what do we have here. A section called Grabs/Throws not having a grab? Is his grab long ranged? Short ranged? Tether? Fast? Slow? Easy to punish? Dashgrab? To put it into MW’s wording: NEEDS MOAR DETAIL. How should someone be able to judge how Twilt’s grab game is if I don’t even know how his grab works? lolwut… 2 freaking seconds for a PUMMEL? For 4%? Dear Lord… Moving on… FThrow is useful for Doubles or FFA’s, huh? Neat idea. Not very practical, tho… Though still better than a lot of the moves I’ve seen so far. I would’ve given it a bit more damage though, it seems pathetic. So… The BThrow seems funny, but… wouldn’t it make more sense to have the enemy suffer a short amount of stun from that shock or something instead of plain 10% damage? That throw is one of the most interesting moves in your set, and that says something (nothing beats the Dash, though…), so overall, I’d say that you maybe should swap that out. Make it do little or even no damage but have the enemy be stunned so you can hit them with a followup attack (would make more sense than the Jab in my opinion). The DThrow seems a little bland… but it’s okay, I guess. You should’ve let the >_>-stuff, though (same goes for the name of the BThrow)… emoticons and joking around in a (intendedly) serious moveset makes it ridiculous. I actually feel like you’re pulling my leg rather than reading a moveset. Also WOW. That UThrow has horrendous ending lag. If I played doubles against Twilty, and the Twiltyplayer were to use it on my opponent, I simply could step up next to him and either use a halfly charged Smash or a freaking Warlock Punch. Hell YES! FREE HITS! \o/ Otherwise, it’s… okay I guess. Not really something too exciting, y’know.

Final Smash is really really wtf. Either you mean love in the sense of girlfriends, then why the hell are there FOUR? If you mean love in the sense of deep friendship, then why the hell are there only girls? Are you afraid of being called gay if you say you love your friends? Wussy. So you’re either a snaketongued slut (yes, males can be sluts too ;O ) or very popular among girls… do you happen to like Barbie? Okay, enough of that, I think. Let’s look at the actual move. I can choose from 4 Final Smashes, huh? Diane is pathetic. I wouldn’t use her if she has so bad starting lag. Not to mention the attack itself is meh. *reads next… blinks… reads Diane again… reads other two intros* Uhm… Just a question. Why not just put it as introduction of the attack saying “Whomever you choose, the respective person will appear on Twilthero’s side and aid him in combat with their attacks”, instead of putting the same sentence over and over again… 4 times? That’s a joke, right? =/ So, to get back to the actual move… Mendy. She… seems better than Diane, but still pretty bad. The blossoms are most likely to be dodged – you should maybe explain how big an area they cover – and the slash is not that bad, and can be dodged if you just stay far away or in the air, I guess. Katrina. She turns the lights off, which will cause the screen to grow black. No shit, Sherlock. <_< The attack is a rip-off of Zelda/Sheik’s FS, just in weaker form, and she heals Twilty and even buffs his next move. Wow. Talk about overpowered. The buff (One. Freaking. Move.) isn’t necessary, and although you can keep the healing, you maybe should tone it down, and instead buff the light arrow. Now Lynda. THAT is a Final Smash. You should’ve scrapped all of those ideas and just go with Lynda. That’s a great Final Smash. Covering the stage in eyes, having them to need to dodge so they won’t get frozen while Twilty slams them into the ice… awesome. That’s a cool attack. Either make the other ones useful (except for Katrina – but that one needs another form of change) or just use this one – I think that’s the best of the FS attacks. Stick with it. For the last line… why didn’t you do that with the introduction too? Man…

Extras are there… I didn’t read them fully, just skimmed, I’m already darn tired. >_<

Now for the rest of the stuff… Wow. Okay. Your Detail is generally acceptable, but you have several moves where an exact description of what everything does would’ve been helpful. Some of the moves suffer from you odd gripe of describing, too, mostly the BAir (it sucks a lot because of that, lulz), but a lot of other moves. Some moves are generic, but those I already mentioned in the wall of text.

The playstyle… Well… Your moveset has no playstyle, if I dare to say so. I have no idea what I should do with Twilthero to fight properly, let alone win in a match. I guess the balance of the set does its part, as well…

Now the balance. The balance is what this moveset struggles most with. The Specials are HORRIBLY broken except for the Up B, which is pretty much useless. Generally, you went pretty much on a Hit-or-Miss-line with that ‘set. Either the move is useful and overpowered OR it is absolutely horrible and totally useless. The awful lag you have on most of his moves are, as well, part of why they are rendered unusable.

This is – so far – one of the worse entries I’ve seen, not only from you, but in general. Sorry to put it like that, Twilty, but this moveset is just some random magic and sword attacks shoved together (he doesn’t even have one constant element and instead goes through the whole spectrum of magic), mixed together absolutely without any connection and the balance is SO HORRIBLE that I almost want to go to the toilet and vomit. Everything which could get wrong has gone wrong – it does say something if the MOST interesting and balanced attack is the DASH ATTACK.

tl;dr: This moveset basically sucks (especially the BAir). It lacks in so many parts that only an almost complete revamp can save it. This was an extremely weak entry of you, Twilty, and the fact it’s a self-insertion with very crappy put backstory makes it even worse.

Well, quite.



  1. Well, quite? Well, quite?!



  2. Well Spade….thanks for the review. I just did this moveset for fun. I was testing out how i could do an original character. Thanks again.

  3. Though the review…….big ouch.

  4. Yes Agi. WELL QUITE. D:<

  5. Poor little TWIL, this whole review is Spade basically picking on you. What a big bully.

    Also, Spade, nice review, but I’d split those huge paragraphs into a few shorter ones for better reading.

    Also, *echoes agi angrily*

  6. I’m doing quite well to be – *shot*

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