Posted by: hyperridley | March 22, 2009

This Review's All Mine – Shellder



By King K.Rool


Lookie here, it’s the winner of Make Your Move 4!  And just like in that contest, he’s opening with a pokemon move set!  Personally, I like Cloyster better, but I guess I’ll have to settle for the unevolved form for now.  Let’s take a look, shall we?


So right away you’ve got me hooked at the overview.  He has moves that propel him around like my Wheelie move set in MYM4.  However, Shellder is the polar opposite of Wheelie in basic mobility; he can hardly move at all!  Shellder also has a cool little defense bonus with his crouch.


The animations come next, and you’ve only listed the notable ones, which is what I know do as well.  His walk actually reminds me of Kine from the Kirby series…Moving on to the stats, I’ve become even more interested in this guy.  He reminds me of my self-insert move set in that he’s a bunch of extremes, and I originally had the idea of a “no-turn around” mechanic as part of a larger scrapped mechanic for HR…BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME!  This review is about a purple clam, not a purple dragon robot!  As far as balance is concerned, the little guy is so weird that I really can’t deduce anything until I see him in action.  Which brings us to…


What the hell?  What’s with the specials at the start of the move set?  -9001 points.  But seriously, Clamp is an interesting move for sure.  It’s certainly no clone of Wario Chomp.  I do worry about dislodging Shellder, however.  What if there’s no way to hit him off due to where he landed on the character?  Their only option would be suicide, and if Shellder can pull off clamping on that same spot for every stock…yeah, I think a time limit might be needed.  Bubblebeam brings back horrible memories of Misty in Blue version, and now it pains me with detail problems.  How far can the bubbles go?  What’s the startup and end lag?  How long do trapped foes stay in the bubbles?  This is a really clever move, so I hate to see it pulled down by these issues.  Icicle Spear is a really original recovery, and I don’t see any problems with it balance or detail-wise.  Iron Defense is another innovative attack, but I should point out that Super Armor is when you take damage but no knockback or hitstun.  Shellder has full-blown invincibility, unless he is still able to take hit stun.  Overall, Shellder hasn’t stopped impressing me yet.


Wow, that’s one of the coolest jabs ever!  It’s practically a special move!  And unlike a certain warlock’s jab, this is actually a really good spacing tool.  Leap is a cool move as well, but I think a mention of lag is needed.  For now, it sounds like it has no end lag, which is fine, but it would be nice to have that specifically mentioned.


Now it’s time for the tilts.  Scuttle is another fun little mobility attack, but to be fair I’m sure many people would use it mainly for its super armor and not for the movement part.  I think it would work better to either remove damaging capabilities from the attack, or remove the super armor but give the attack great priority.  Heehee, I haven’t a move set use a BTilt in a long time, and it definitely fits Shellder’s playstyle.  Since it’s the same thing as the FTilt, the same comments apply.  UTilt sounds like a fun move to use on wi-fi, but I really wish that the lag and minimum duration of the move was specified.  DTilt is another clever move, especially how it’s so different from the move in the Pokémon games.  I’m left wondering what you exactly mean by Shellder taking the damaged absorbed after the bubble shattering, but that’s more of a nitpick.  So far it seems like Shellder has some trouble damaging opponents.  Let’s see if this changes when I get to the smashes…


Oh yeah did it change!  Shellder went from wussy to Ike in a second!  Grrr, one of my Black Knight’s smashes was gonna let you store the charge!  Getting back to the review, FSmash and USmash are both simple but clever attacks that show that this guy isn’t incapable of scoring KOs.  DSmash makes me lol for some reason, but it’s yet another fun mobility attack.  I didn’t have much to say on the smashes, but rest assured that’s mainly because I have no complaints about them.


I love Withdraw.  Seriously, it’s one of those attacks that you’d think would have been done a long time ago apparently was so obvious that no one dared to try it.  FAir and BAir (lol same move) are interesting enough, but they seem so basic in comparison to some of Shellder’s other attacks.  Not bland, just not as epic.  I also wish end lag was stated.  Aurora Beam, on the other hand, IS epic, especially how you can combine it with other moves.  Suddenly Locomotion feels like a really fun attack to use!  Waterfall is BY FAR one of my favorite moves ever!  It’s simple to start with, but then you not only added depth with the control stick spinning, but you tied it into the epic UAir.  Seriously, tying together moves like that is the main thing that I’m looking into doing more with my own move sets.  Excellent, man.


Shellder’s throw is yet another awesome move.  I love everything about it, but I think the trap should last for less time, maybe two seconds less, considering it’s practically a OHKO if it connects at a decent percentage.


The final smash is greatness simply due to the effect it has on water based moves.  Does it work on water attacks that don’t belong to Shellder?  If so, this is one move I’d love to see in a game even if I wasn’t the one who got the smash ball, simply so I could experiment with other characters’ attacks (FLUDD is usable now!)


While I had a good idea of how this strange character plays from the move set, the playstyle section cemented Shellder has a really unique addition to the cast.  He’s got barley any really damaging ones, and yet the ones he does have give him so many options that he doesn’t need much else.  He’s got a ton of defensive moves, but his movement-based playstyle means that he isn’t quite a defensive character.  He has no playstyle and at the same time he has a really defined playstyle.  He’s just…Shellder.  I literally have no words to describe this playstyle except as “Shellder’s Playstyle”.


The extras are all standard fare in terms of core content, though the comments on the taunts made me chuckle.  Still, they’re a nice way to round out the move set and give some extra love to the character.


So at the end of reading this thing, how do I feel?  Well, to start, this is my favorite move set from you.  Kawasaki can take a hike; this is such a good move set that I would have 0 problems if this won the whole thing.  However, what’s more, this is easily my favorite move set in MYM5 so far.  It makes me ashamed to have started out MYM5 with my cruddy Ratchet move set.  Heck, it makes me ashamed of my other move sets which haven’t even been started, it’s just that good.  The only real problem I have with this move set is Clamp, and that can be fixed just by giving it a time limit, the rest of my comments weren’t even close to deal breakers.  There’s a reason why you won MYM4, K.Rool.  It’s because you come up with works of art like this.





  1. Man, I haven’t felt this good since Warlord’s review of Kawasaki! Thanks for the (excellent, if I do say so myself =D) review, HR.

    I’ll definitely see my way to adding a few comments on lag and such things; some of them ARE in there, but I tried to condense them so much, as in Bubblebeam, that I suppose they’re easy to pass over.

    Well, quite. Thanks again, I feel all toasty inside now.

  2. I do agree with Hyper_Ridley on this one. Shellder is already guaranteed a spot in the Top 50.

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