Posted by: hyperridley | March 22, 2009

This Review's All Mine – Waluigi



By Spadefox


At last, the moment I’ve been waiting for!  After years of sulking in the darkness, Waluigi rises into MYM with a move set made by our very own Spadefox.  Considering the massive amounts of spin-offs this awesome character has appeared in, this should be a great move set, right?  RIGHT?!


Okay, so now, the stats.  Just like Golbez, Waluigi has an interesting set of basic abilities, being large but not extremely heavy, and having excellent jumps with floatiness.  Seems like a solid aerial combatant to me.  But since power and attack speed are not mentioned, I’ll have to read the move set itself to see how he plays.


Okay, so the jab immediately starts bringing in the spin-offs, which makes me happy.  The detail is already better than Golbez.  Balance-wise, the move could probably stand to do more than a pathetic 3%, but at least this time you didn’t overestimate the attack’s usefulness.  The jab is already instant win just due to being my favorite vehicle in Mario Kart DS, but you also once again improved from Golbez’s dash attack in detail and balance.  I had to dig around for the lag, but I found it.  So far I’m already liking Waluigi more than Golbez.


Wakoopa shell is simple but clever, especially how you actually had the balls to make a “wa” koopa shell.  I see no flaw in balance or detail, and you specifically state that it’s disjointed.  Yay!  Lil dunk is lulzy to me for some reason.  It’s another fun move, and it seems like Waluigi is going to have a good projectile game, which means he now reminds me of my Bass.EXE.  Tick Tock Bomb is a decently interesting trap move.  I can’t believe Snake doesn’t have a time bomb attack.


And now for the Smashes.  Mario Tennis is just freaking awesome.  I love how he has to pick up the ball again after he uses it, it really makes you think ahead before attempting such a powerful attack.  My one complaint is that it doesn’t state how much knockback the tennis ball deals.  The USmash is also quite fun, particularly how the end lag increases with more charge time.  Like the FSmash, it’s a really powerful move that still require careful usage to make the most of it.  The DSmash is…odd.  There’s no other way to describe it.  It’s a fun trap move, but I see no mention of lag.  Still, I’m liking this guy so far.  I’m liking this guy a lot.


Considering Waluigi is an aerial fighter, I can’t wait to see what aerials there are.  Whirluigi is an interesting take on the “spin around a lot nair”.  It could use a slight damage buff in the sweetspot, but otherwise is perfectly fine.  Mrs. Bob-Omb is another fun trap move.  This guy has a lot of fun trap moves, doesn’t he?  Bair is pretty simple, but the animation makes it non-bland, and it has a sweetspot.  Poison Mushroom is another simple but clever move, it’s really fun to imagine, and I love how it can backfire, adding more strategy to Waluigi.  Dance off is pretty basic in usage, but the animation instantly makes it fun to use.  At first I felt that it was useless due to how hard it is to hit with, but when I realized he could be potentially deal 16% total, my fears went away.  The aerials are yet another solid category in this move set.


Oh God, do I really want to see this guy’s specials after the win in the rest of the move set…Liar ball is epic.  It’s got great mind game potential, and is just all around awesome.  Spiny Shell is lulzy how you actually made it attack the person in first.  Once again, got no complaints.  Oh God, you actually implemented the swimming power from Mario Tennis!  Instant super-vote right there!  It just needs a mention of lag.  Walluigi is a nice spin on barricade moves.  I like how it can be used a recovery tool by both yourself and your opponents  The specials are all great and I have no major problems with them.


Waluigi’s grab is much better than Golbez’s simply due to coming out fast XD.  The pummel is standard in gampeplay but has a cool animation, nice touch with the coins spilling out.  Maybe these coins could actually count in a coin match?  Just a thought.  The FThrow is freaking brilliant.  It’s a really creative and unheard of move.  I’m curious to see how much damage a professional Melee would build up with how many inputs those guys make a second.  The BThrow is another cool throw, and the luck based element actually makes the thing more balanced rather than less.  I am concerned about it dealing great damage and knockback 90% of the time, however.  The UThrow is simple but clever, though it would have been cooler if any other enemies on the ground took damage as well, making it feel more like a real POW block.  DThrow is decent, but it seems pointless in comparison to his other throws.  The other ones all deal more damage and knockback, and it doesn’t deal any special effects to the enemy besides make them trip, but Waluigi doesn’t really have any comboing attacks that he could use to take advantage of it.  Maybe if you tripped an enemy into a Mrs.Bob-omb it could be useful, I dunno.  The grabs aren’t quite as good as the rest of the move set save for the epic FThrow, but they’re still above average.


The final smash is cool.  It’s certainly better than some generic giant bob-omb like most Waluigi sets would do.  I like how you implemented the dirt attack.  However, I think it would have better to have a final smash that pertains to his playstyle, like he eats a golden eggplant that makes his traps have more powerful side effects and Whirluigi having stronger wind.  The current one is by no means bad, I just think it could have been better than the one that is currently there.


Now for the extras.  Crotch-chop = 2 super votes.  Enough said.  The other taunts are good but fail in comparison to the almighty crotch-chop.  The Sonic-themed alt color is funny.  I loved how you gave him team victory animations with Wario.  The item box and its fake is a fun item combination.  I actually think this should have somehow been implemented into Waluigi’s move set, it would fit great with his traps.  I really must insist on giving the playstyle section its own separate section from the extras, it’s too important to be lumped together with taunts (unless that taunt happens to be a crotch-chop of course).  This is MUCH better than the Golbez playstyle section, and it fits really well with the move set itself.  Honestly, I don’t think I’d ever play Waluigi competitively, but he sounds like a character that everyone needs to try once in their life just for the WTF factor, and just as fun to watch!  As for overall balance, I think Waluigi is one of those characters that could be top tier but very few people would be able to achieve that potential, so he wouldn’t saturate tourneys. Waluigi Pinball is a really weird stage, and it would be interesting to see if it ends up tourney viable.  I hope it does since it’s one of my favorite tracks in Mario Kart.


So at the end of it all…I feel saddened.  I feel saddened because this move set is so freaking EPIC and I’ll never make a move set that can compete with this or Shellder or Arthas.  They’re both just that good.  This makes Jonathan and Charlotte look just “good”.  This makes Black Doom look pathetic in how you made all these wacky attacks but fit them together in a coherent playstyle much better than Black Doom ever had.  All this needs is some lag mentioned on a few attacks, everything else is just nitpicking and suggestions.  If you never make a better move set than this, Spade, it’ll be because this is as close to perfect as a move set can be.





  1. It had to be posted.

  2. It had to be posted.
    Sorry, should have said great post! Waiting on the next one!

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