Posted by: MarthTrinity | March 25, 2009

Envy This! — Envy

~ Envy ~

by MasterWarlord
Omigawd I’m reviewing myself! Okay, so I’m [lies]totally awesome[/lies], I know that…oh wait…not me, MasterWarlord’s set…okay then, this one’s also pretty awesome too though!

My second MasterWarlord review, this one happens to be for my Sin namesake; Envy. One thing to note, I am a HUGE FMA fan, I’ve been one for two years so I really think this is gonna help me tear into this set and get down to the center of this most unusual set with actual knowledge of the topic matter.

Of the bat, the presentation is nice once again, no complaints here really. I know a lot of people like the specials up first but I really don’t mind either way, you know what you’re doing when it comes to organization. You’ve got some back-story which is good but it’s a bit short and a tad bit vague for those who haven’t seen FMA…on that note, is this why you’re making people watch FMA, Warlord?

Onto stats: they’re pretty good size, weight are about right…walking speed may be a bit high but really, who walks…when you can run; I’d imagine Envy a tad faster (like maybe a bit slower than Falcon) but it’s pretty good the way it is. Traction seems a tad high but once again it’s nothing hugely broken. Power and attack speed balance each other out as do the range and priority (which all seem evenly balanced, kudos there). Jumps seem pretty good, I wouldn’t imagine Envy having to use his somewhat risky Up B when he could just return within his two jump limit. No special traits to be read about here so I’ll move on…

To animations! Not much to say here, they’re all particularly well done most notably the spot dodge/air dodge…I also appreciated the dizzy animation but fear that it’d probably make your Wii explode with the amount of data processing as he transforms into each character.

The Neutral Special is a smart way of incorporating Envy’s copying abilities right off the bat. My only question however is whether or not there’s a limit on WHICH moves Envy can steal. For instance, this attack could be used to copy say…Peach’s Up B, giving him an EXCELLENT recovery. If you taunt, does it rid you of the move like Kirby’s Copy ability? Is the only way to get rid of it to lose a stock? Does it have identical qualities to the other character’s move besides slight beginning and ending lag? These are all questions that pop into my head at the moment.

As for the rest of the specials…the Side B made me laugh but I’d like to know exactly how long the opponent is distracted for, you say they’ll quickly toss the picture away but it’d be nice to know exactly how long it works for. Once again I see your fascination with “–cide” moves as Envy’s Side B can also double as an Envycide. The Up B, as you seem to admit, is quite useless unless thought out well…you pretty much need to know you’re gonna be dying soon in order to pull it off well. Plus…the extra ten damage AND the free fall effect are just gonna mean that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get smashed away the moment you try and angle yourself back onto the stage. The Down B I just find kind of weird to be entirely honest…I want to play as Envy, not Bowser, Ganondorf or Dedede…Besides, once you take 20% you’re pretty much bound to be smashed away with Envy’s light weight and horrible end lag there. The fact that you can only jump once and can’t even recover (let alone use an aerial attack) also means you’re gonna get gimped insanely easily if you get knocked off the stage.

The neutral A combo is pretty interesting but it seems like it’d be quite hard to hit with the second half of it considering Envy goes backwards during the second half and the foe receives forward knockback. The dash attack sounds interesting but I can’t imagine it being very useful considering it’s weak, relatively low range and low priority; even as a defensive move, it seems rather useless.

Tilts are up next, the side tilt is certainly one of moves that displays Envy’s dirty personality…not sure how often you’d be doing the low blow but it’d certainly be humorous…providing you’re not on the receiving end. The up tilt is also quite interesting and pretty balanced out considering you’re screwed if you’re trying to use this for cheap KO’s. Not entirely sure why you’d want to use the crappy version of the down-tilt, I guess it gives it a bit more originality but besides the slightly higher end lag of the buffed up version (pun intended), there’s really no reason NOT to use that one.

Situational attacks now…the under 100% ledge attack seems rather useless; yet again one of those moves that you’re just gonna get swatted away while using it. The other ledge attack seems equally useless really…and then it brings me to the rising attack. God would I HATE to hate this rising attack…a potential for good damage…but even more potential to get totally destroyed with a smash attack…I don’t like those odds personally. The tripped attack is alright but nothing too noteworthy.

Smash attacks…I like the Side Smash but basically seeing it as being spammed repeatedly until you get the desired Smash attack…not really a BAD thing, just something I noted. The up smash is, in my opinion, the least unique move I’ve seen so far…even the name is kinda…dull. “Shoot Up.” It’s the up smash and you…shoot up…good for preventing aerial attacks though so I assume that’s what you were really going for. Down Smash…not gonna lie, that down smash made me VERY happy. Perfect the way it is, change nothing there.

Neutral aerial made me feel uncomfortable in a good way, I like it the way it is…anything Armstrong is win however. Forward air made me laugh because I know first hand how 4Kids kills whatever it touches. My only question with the forward air is if the lolipop angles down while flying or if it just flies straight. The back air is creative and acts at the ultimate noob killer; no new players to this game will outlive this one really (plus how do you spot dodge a bomb INSIDE you? I don’t expect you to answer that, more of a weird observation I made : P). Up air is good, no real complaints there.…down air is fairly weird but in a good way, seems pretty even in the fact that you’re likely going to get gimped because any opponent’s can take the stall and heal aspects too…

Grabs are next and I’ll say now that I’m a huge fan of Scar too. The pummel might want to be changed; if he’s holding them by the head with one hand (I imagine he’s palming their head like in the series) why would he strangle them? Probably be more like a head constrict or something. Awww, and here I was hoping the forward throw would be in character and be an insta-kill. But really, I like the forward throw, back and down throw do mostly the same thing, original indeed. The up throw however is a little weird for my taste…he “blows up their fat?” I take it that means he explodes it (somehow) and not inflates it as I’m sure the latter would make the opponent heavier instead of lighter…

Overall playstyle I’d prefer after the entire set but who am I to say stuff about organization? Hah, envy your foes’ KO moves…I smirked there…besides that it all looks pretty much like I imagined playing as Envy, good job summing it up.

Then the motha-floopin’ long Final Smash…you just had to remind me of Hughes’ death, didn’t you? *cries secretly to self* So…it’s useless if they SEE you…well that’s not too hard to dodge. I see Envy’s as being one of the more useless Final Smashes really. As long as you don’t turn around (or at least do it carefully) you can just wait to smack the Smash Ball out of Envy; even the one hit KO doesn’t make up for the high potential of it being absolutely useless.

I only have problems with a few of these Final Smash cutscenes so I’ll list them seperately…

Peach and Bowser both share the same problem; no way in hell would this be allowed in a Nintendo game with THAT obvious of innuendo.

For Wario, Envy would most likely turn into a “solid gold” version of Wario himself. The two things Wario loves most are money and…Wario, he’d be clueless. Meowth is just a bit too out there despite the Pay Day attack.

The Marth one. Ha. Ha. Ha. I laughed at the Ike one so at least I realize I’m a hypocrite >_>

Tentacle rape on Lust would no way be approved for a Nintendo game either, yeah, I’m just thinking realistically here, personally it doesn’t bug me but I’m trying to think along the lines of what would happen if these WERE in Brawl.

I assume Kawaksaki and Dracula are similar for a totally unrelated reason ; )

As hawt as Hawkeye is, I think it’d probably be a bit more emotional for it to be Hughes in place of Hawkeye for the Final Smash against Roy; just a kind of blank stare of like “But…you’re dead…”

Electroplankton made me lol. Seriously. Kudos.


Extras are all good as I’ve already seen them before and approved them to be awesome…the lose pose made me laugh once again. The only thing I’ve been wondering throughout this entire set is why there’s no reference to ~SPOILERS~ Envy’s dragon form at all, not even in a win pose ~SPOILERS~. I dunno why but I’m kinda getting a tad irritating by the amount of people making codecs where the character they’re fighting patches into the line…it was creative in Brawl when Slippy spoke to Snake about Falco, but not it just seems a tad overused.

Overall, I feel this is a vastly better set than your Lust one (which to be entirely honest, I was kind of put off of due to the amount of out of character parts) but not quite up to par with Gluttony. There were a few complaints mentioned in the review but my overall one is that, even though the stats for Envy are balanced, Envy himself seems almost UNDERpowered; abysmal KO ability, fairly bad special recovery and just the fact that he’s incredibly lightweight seems to stack against him. All in all, a very enjoyable read, and while I did have a good amount of fun reading it…I don’t feel that this is your best set of the contest.






  1. I would’ve said if Envy lost his neutral special by taunting. It would destroy the whole point of you’re stuck with what you get if you could just casually take another move. Yeah, the only way to refresh it is to get a new stock. Hence why there are no limitations on what you can copy.

    Envy is suppossed to be underpowered with his default arsenal — the idea is that you’re suppossed to get good moves to cover up his weaknesses with your neutral special and fsmash. If you could, say, get Wario’s fsmash and side special, for instance, you’d be golden. Envy has the potential to be overpowered but can also be underpowered if he doesn’t get good moves to support himself.

    The down special and usmash are indeed rather iffy. The section I felt most comfortable with in the set was aerials. I made the down special and usmash rather early just to get myself started. . .Blah.

    Most people have been saying the final smash is broken rather then underpowered simply due to the guaranteed KO. . .So that’s a new one. In any case, with Envy’s ftilt, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to hit with it.

    I toned down the Hawkeye Final Smash upon your first seeing it on your request. Hughes could be potentially interesting, agreed. Perhaps I’ll make it one of the few ones with dialogue?

    As for the rest of them. . .Yeah. It was kinda stupid to do something that would be so obviously unable to be included, especially so blatantly with Lust, after I went through all the trouble of making the screen black out before he fires his gun. I’ll come up with a new one for Lust and tone down Bowser/Peach.

    Envy’s dragon form isn’t present because it would’ve been the final smash if anything, and that would’ve been awkward to make a eight move moveset for like Gluttony’s final smash. Besides, this current one is far more original and sticks out in people’s minds more, no? I intend on including dragon Envy as a SM boss eventually, anyway.

    I hope this cleared up some stuff for you about the ‘set. Anyway, good review. . .Glad to meet a fellow Armstrong lover. 😛 Anyway, the best is still yet to come. Missingno and/or Zasalamel will hopefully blow you away.

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