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Food for Thought — Blade Knight

*~ Super Star Helpers ULTRA ~*

†– Blade Knight –†

By SirKibble


DISCLAIMER: These will NOT be the biggest reviews ever seen. They won’t nitpick about the balance of individual attacks as many of you seem to like. I’ve got four of these to get through, so I’m gonna focus on the big issues rather than simply trying to make MY review bigger than anyone else’s.

Look at me! Im retro!

Look at me! I'm retro!

 SO! The first – and perhaps biggest – problem I remark about this little dude is the ambiguity in his attack descriptions. Sword-based movesets often have this problem, because there’s bound to be an attack or two that say “Slashes forward” in all so many words, and this is no exception, especially as you seem, as I am, to be keeping your detail level down and readable – which, by the way, I love, and makes the moveset a hell of a lot of fun to read. I haven’t gotten through one this quickly since Deoxys. However, attacks like the standard combo, up tilt, dash attack (sweep in a vertical arc? Seems contradictory), forward air, down air, and even – to a certain extent – neutral special, could all use a bit more elaboration on what he’s actually doing with his sword.

On that note, one thing I do feel you shouldn’t be leaving out are the basic animations. Yes, they’re boring as sin to write (ohoho), but they give you the whole feel of the character in a few brief sentences. This is probably something I’m going to be voicing again for each of the Helpers.

The throws stand out among the rest of the moveset, to me; most of it is so interesting and so dynamic and does so much with such a basic, boring character, but the throws are as generic and dull as they come, with the amusing exception of Forward Throw. Come now, Kibble, you can come up with more fun stuff for these! I get that he’s meant to have a poor throw game, but still! Perhaps make Down Throw more powerful, but make you aim him, and if you miss, he gets stuck in the ground with punishable wind-down? And other little twists of that sort.

And where is my playstyle section? Curse you, Kibble, for you have blasphemed, and I cannot envisage Blade Knight’s strategies and technique!

Now, as for the attacks themselves… apart from the qualm in animation detail, they all seem to have the necessary features. There’s not much mention of priority, but as I’ve pretty much thrown that by the wayside myself, I can’t complain too much about that. The attacks that deal no damage, a trademark of yours and something I try to include in my movesets as well, are all intriguing, stuff I wouldn’t think to include in a set for such a generic character. Obviously, I love Back Aerial.

However, the level of originality itself seems a tad more limited here than in most of yours. This is in no way your fault, but there it is. Although you did some great stuff with the tilts and smashes, the specials in particular don’t seem nearly as intriguing as they should be, and maybe that’s because you included all the zanier ideas in the regular attacks.

What would be a debilitating weakness is perfectly acceptable, because this is a multi-character moveset! And that, of course, means that we have to look at the big picture, and since the very next character has a mechanic to his name, I’m willing to look at Blade Knight for what he is; a great implementation of a more unique swordsman.

[Oh yes, and I seem to have forgotten one important thing; organization. The style itself is pretty great – I used it myself in half my MYM 4 movesets, including Halber Crew for us all – but I don’t particularly like the yellow/silver combo there, to be honest. I know the silver is meant to be his sword, but I’d rather just see another green. At the least, give it a try, see how it looks; I can’t know for sure what works without seeing it, so I might be wrong here. While we’re on the subject, everyone should definitely use this site as the source for all their colors.]

So this is a good start, Kibble, a very fun moveset, that would be still better with some clearer animation descriptions and a playstyle paragraph or two. Onwards we go! Still three more movesets to review, and this time, no excuse for slacking off!






  1. So this is what it feels like to get a constructive review! 😛

    All right, so I guess I’ll work on making those descriptions a little more clear. It ain’t easy with sword attacks, but maybe with more references to Brawl’s cast of sword users’ moves, I can be a tad more clear. :S


    Yeah, up front I’ll admit that I struggled with the Throws on Blade Knight. Aside from his lack of material to pull from, I also kind of wanted to try my hand at making a less-than-crazy character, y’know? Guess it didn’t really pay off there.

    I’m terribly sorry about the lack of Playstyle. I figured that as a team, they should have a more comprehensive Playstyle Summary, and that’s frickin’ hard to write for four characters! 😦

    Yes, I always love me some non-damaging attacks in my moveset. 🙂

    Concerning the Specials. . . The Down was gone from the get-go, obviously. With the Neutral, I wanted to take -something- from his actual abilities in the game, so that took that. A recovery move was hard as heck to come up with, and the Up Special resulted. :S The Side, though. . . Is it that bad? I thought that one was all right. . .

    I used Blade Knight’s own color scheme for the organization, or at least tried. Those three colors are the most dominant colors on him, but. . .eh, I could try something different. . .

    Anyway, glad you at least enjoyed it, whether or not it was anything very special. I’ll say now that I think he’s easily the weakest part of the entry. Hopefully the other three will be better! :bee:

    (And I’ll try to think of a new ending line, so I don’t have to borrow a stolen one again next time.)

  2. Side Special was okay, I guess. Relatively cool. I mean, I realize that those two are pretty much pulled right from game, but I figured I’d draw attention to it just so the review seemed longer. ^_^

    I’d be VERY happy just with a paragraph for each character individually; I mean, I can connect the dots just fine. I dunno, though, it’s not a dealbreaker or anything.

    And I hate writing animations too. You noticed how there’s been less… and less…. and still less in all of my movesets since Electrode. Still, I refuse to dump them entirely! NEVER THAT!

    *off to read The More You Know 1*

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