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Pride and Prejudice — Ripper Roo

Page 38

Ripper Roo by Jimnymebob

There were never any Crash Bandicoot characters outside MYM 2 for the most considerable time. . .I felt it a crying shame. Those that were made in MYM 2 were, of course, horribly butchered by that anti detail nazi Blitzkrieg. So, I decided to try to represent the entire series with Cortex and Tiny – a duo that wouldn’t normally be paired up together, but would help to represent Crash better, along with giving all the other various characters large roles in the extras.

I never thought another Crash Bandicoot moveset would ever be spawned as I made those extras, but I am now very happy to be proven wrong. And it’s not even me doing it! I get to actually READ a Crash moveset! Let’s see what you’ve done with Ripper Roo! As if that blurb wasn’t enough, I’ve obviously been looking forward to this.

Move Originality: Firstly, the neutral B and final smash are utterly brilliant. They make all too much sense and rival the most creative of moves from the most seasoned of MYMers. Allowing Ripper Roo to form a wall of explosives with TNT was a great addition, along with forming chain reaction explosives with nitro. There are some other hidden gem moves in here as well in the ftilt, dair, and usmash. Very creative for what little you were given to work with in an armless character who does nothing but jump about and lay explosives. The rest of the moveset as a whole isn’t exactly the most original, but due to Ripper Roo’s lack of arms you are rather limited in potential. Due to his lack of arms, you come up with very creative animations for moves such as the rising attack. Taking out a TNT crate and throwing it up on his TONGUE?!? Completely and utterly brilliant, I tell you. My only real complaint is that there are a few too many moves where Ripper Roo kicks forward in here for my liking. . .It’s a very common theme. You do mix up the animations a decent bit as you go throughout the set to avoid an –unacceptable- amount of kicks, it’s more unique gameplay effects of moves that are (slightly, there are still a decent few good moves) lacking.

Detail: You generally very rarely mention both the starting and ending lag for a move, and there isn’t a single mention of priority in the set. While the priority isn’t that big of a priority (lol pun), the attack speeds are. Another issue is that the attack speeds and knockback you list above the move sometimes contradict with the actual move descriptions. You’ll list something as “medium knockback”, but then refer to the knockback as “high” or “great” in the actual move. Another issue that slightly irks me is that you describe the grab fully in the pummel rather then simply giving the grab it’s own section, and you also make the pummel do knockback. . .You do know that pummels don’t knock the foe out of the grab, thus doing zero knockback, right? On a less important note, what’s keeping the foe from just doing the move that does 8% damage for all 4 hits of the side B? Add more detail to that to explain why somebody can’t/shouldn’t do that, as I’m sure that can’t be what you intended with the move.

Playstyle: The playstyle section is rather underdetailed and essentially says to go look at the other moves for more information on it. I don’t want to know who the moves function individually from a playstyle – I want to know how the moves come together, Jimny. In any case, from what I can gather from your playstyle, the way you intended Ripper Roo to play does sound rather interesting. . .But he’s too overpowered to play that way. How so? This brings us to. . .

Balance: All of the moves have either tiny or short lag, it being extremely rare for them to go any higher then this. While Ripper Roo’s moves don’t do –that- much knockback, they do alarmingly high percents for somebody so fast. This guy could rack up damage faster then MK, and while he isn’t amazing at KOing, he’s not outright bad at it. Considering he can also recover decently and is good at gimping/wall of paining with his fair, I’d say he’d be top tier. This could all be fixed with a simple change – tone down the percentages. A lot. On the fast moves, anyway.

Relevance to Character: Excellent. One of the highlights of the moveset. You show both Ripper Roo’s “Dr. Roo” side, and his more wild side. You make such good use of Ripper Roo’s limited moveset potential that hardly any of his traits don’t get into the act. The amount of wild laughing Ripper Roo does in his moves is excellent, I was afraid you wern’t gonna make him laugh enough. The extras all fit too. I could go on and on singing your praises here. . .But that’s not much of a review. On to the critique!

Extras: Curses! Hardly anything to critique here! The animations/basic actions are good, and you actually get quite creative with them in his crouch and his air dodge. Very unique. The stats are kinda off due to the imbalance of Ripper Roo, though. . .The taunts and results screen poses are good, the poses more so. I was kind of expecting to see Ripper Roo’s loss pose from CTR since he can’t clap due to his lack of arms or having him clap with his feet, but that’s obviously insanely nitpickish. I don’t particularly see why Kirby’s version of Ripper Roo’s neutral B had to be so nefed, but whatever you say. Codec doesn’t go OOC, a rarity these days, so kudos to you. I love the Eel Deal stage. Fairly simple with only one twist, but it’s a doozy. I apologize for stealing Ripper Roo’s main boss fight stage from you with Cortex and Tiny (:P). The music choices aren’t all that great sounding, but they fit the Roo, I spose. The item is quite unique and well detailed, but isn’t true to game. I’d picture this item falling in mass like in the Crash games, but you make it sound rather rare. I LOVE the assist trophy. Far better then what I would’ve done with them probably. It’s insanely true to game yet very unique in effect, particularly with you being able to pick up the swords. Only complaint is that I don’t think they last nearly long enough and they aren’t all that powerful anyway. Buff up their duration to 15-20 seconds or so. Ooooooh! You even have an SSE Role! You amaze me with your quantity and quality of extras, that you do. It’s long and detailed, and the first cutscene where Roo meets the Ice Climbers is pretty detailed and creative sounding. I also love how the giant polar bear becomes the bearminator. The polar bear fight is decent enough, but once he has the tank it’s essentially a complete rehash of the Crash Bash fight, same mechanics and everything. My other complaints on the SSE Role are that Roo joining the Climbers is a bit random, the battle stage is too easy, and MK and Falco taking Roo and the Climbers INSANELY random. That last bit seems more like a cop-out to not keep writing then anything. Why not just say Roo goes on to show up alongside the Climbers as Meta Knight climbs the mountain? Anyway, as stated earlier, this is better then what most regulars do with their extras, and helps this moveset to stand out. Why do I still comment on every individual extra but not the individual moves? God knows.

Organization: Without a doubt the biggest and most blatant flaw with this set. The jab is located under the smash attacks, and the categories of attacks are listed in an utterly random order. The order is generally ALWAYS standards/tilts, smashes, aerials, throws, final smash. Insert specials at either the start or before/after throws. Insert situationals either after standards/tilts, throws, or final smash. Aside from the headers, the moveset is a gigantic wall of blue text. I’d highly suggest changing the colors of the move names/button inputs and bolding them. The organization probably caused a good few people to pass this moveset up as a newcomer set despite it having lots of hidden goodies within it. K. Rool would have your head for this organization.

Overall: It’s a shame this moveset was given the bottom of a page and had such bad organization along with a new moveset being posted on the page afterwards. This thing got ignored, big time. It deserves better. There is without a doubt plenty of good stuff in here. Still, this moveset certainly isn’t without it’s issues and has plenty of room for improvement. I thank you heartily for giving me this moveset I’ve been so dying for before swearing off movesets. . .But you give a wolf a taste, they’ll only come back for more. You’re already a fine moveset maker, but I’d be amazed at your later movesets if you continued to keep improving. I see plenty of potential in you, Jimny.



  1. Thank you for the review Warlord 🙂

    The biggest thing I was most unhappy with was the organization/ layout, but I’d spent around 35 to 40 minutes adding BBCode etc., and by the time it reached 2 o’clock in the morning, I’d had enough XD. I’ll be able to fix it easily though, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    I’m glad you liked the extras. The fact the SSE seemed a bit “odd” was the fact that it was originally the one I was going to use for my Alex Kidd set, so I just deleted some parts out (which maybe I shouldn’t have done), and used the boss from it. And the randomness of it fits SSE :p.
    You are correct- I did run out of ideas for the SSE, and I couldn’t think of a way to continue it without rewriting the remaining parts of the SSE, which would have taken me too long.

    I haven’t played CTR, except for a demo lol, so I have no idea what his victory pose was XD.

    For the moveset, I wasn’t aware it was so broken XD. So basically I need to either increase lag or decrease damage- easy enough. I’ll try to make his descriptions less contradictory, and I’ll add starting/ ending lag and attack speed to each attack. I was planning to, and may still, make diagrams for each attack showing where the hitboxes are for each of his attack, which would help clear a lot of things up.
    I’ll split the grab and pummel up, and sort the pummel out. For the side B, I meant to put that you can’t use two of the same attacks twice in a row.

    Finally, for the playstyle section I was lost at what sort of thing to write. I wasn’t going to add one originally, but when I decided to add one, I was just complete and utterly lost on what to say. I’ll try my best to make that better.

    Thank you very much for the review Master Warlord- it’s great to have something that I can build from.


    *sharpens a stick at both ends*

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