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Wrath of the Kupa King – Lust

Page 22

Lust MasterWarlord

Well, I’m sorry to say I’ve never had the chance to watch or read FullMetal Alchemist.  However, reading these sets might just be enough to get me to watch a few episodes on Youtube.  Now, without further ado, let us delve into this set.

Originality: I’m really liking this set in that regard.  Lust seems like a new female type that would be interesting and fun to play as.  All these references to her “fingers”…I’m going to assume you mean her nails, due to the scratchy descriptions of most of the moves using them.  Now, onto the Specials.  I like her Neutral Special as a tether; the mechanic itself sounds like Hades’ grab with a suicide effect.  Interesting, but not excessively so.  Now, the side special was my favorite part of the set, what with how each of the characters reacts and why.  I’m not going to go in depth into every single character, but here are some that caught my eye.  Samus’ helmet is a cool feature.  The K.Rool one gave me nostalgia.  Joker and Hades are real players, which I like.  Klump & Krusha reminded me of Candy Clone on the show.  Jafar was a nice little shoutout to the Aladdin ending.  Peter Pan made me LOL, then remember the movie (“What’s a…kiss?”).  Scorpion and below made me happy as well.  Excellent job here, although it would favor her over characters in some matchups.  Finger Spring is pretty cool, but not as original as some of the other moves.  The Nail Polish reminds me of Ken’s Mindgames, where he gets a different effect on a basic move for every mindgame he hits wth.  Props there.  Basic attacks are all good; I really like how most of your new movesets incorporate humorous sayings as the move titles (e.g. Family Jewels, Bed of Nails, etc.).  The Forward and Up Smashes seem quite damaging for a character with only average power, but the laggy effects keep them from being broken.  The different Down Smash starts remind me of Dimentio’s spirits, so well done.  I have no real complaints so far; reviewing one of your sets is not as much what needs improvement, but what is favorable over other parts of the set, which should be increased in some cases.  Whorenado made me LOL again.  Back Air and Down Air stood out among the aerials as the most unique; the cage effect was my favorite.  All of the grabs made me happy; the tickling effect, neck-latching, and massaging seemed quite character-defining.  The Final Smash was slightly confusing as to what the snakes do at some points, but was still quite awesome.  I’d recommend adding a bit more clarification here, but it’s not a huge priority.  Overall, originality is a high point for Lust.

Detail: Another trait I’m noticing in some of your movesets is not a lack of detail.  No, the Detail Nazi would never neglect his detail.  It’s that sometimes the move’s effects can be slightly unclear at times.  Case in point: the Final Smash.  I had to reread it a few times before I realized what you meant about the “tail” touching.  Nothing here is that severe, but it’s worth throwing in a few sentences to a few moves just to make sure everyone can understand what it does without question.

Balance: Lust is a unique character in this regard.  She is a fairly balanced character that I don’t see any glaring problems with.  It seems that she could accumulate easy damage on foes with some special aerial/Smash effects, combined with Nail Polish, but none of the attacks are super consistent, and the nail polish takes time to build up, so nothing is too unfair, although it seems that Lust could potentially be a character that could be a big challenge to overcome for lesser players.  She’s a faster character with powerful attacks that take time.  Lag is a major balancing factor for some characters, and you implement that very effectively with Lust.  Well done.

Fitting to Character: As I previously mentioned, I have never watched her anime or read her manga.  However, she seems to be a stereotypical wh*re with giant nails, so you stay completely in character here.  Every move sounds like something seductive and slutty, so it’s apparent to any reader of this moveset that she’s called ‘Lust’ for a reason.  Nice job.  It’s good to see characters that fit their character (which Smash has a drastic lack of).

Extras: The entrance baffled me; how did Lust get to the stage?  It’s OK if you have no other options, but I’d suggest looking for a new one if you can.  The taunts seem perfect for a cruel female, especially the kiss, and I like it.  The victory poses are pretty sadistic as well, especially the one with Gluttony.  He’d be a vore fan’s wet dream.  Kirby Hat and colors are OK…but the Codec?  And I thought I was a perv!  It’s OK, though.  Everyone does it from  time to time *cough* that’s what she said *cough*.  The SNAAAAKE part at the end made me ROFLMAO.  I like Wrath’s effect, but you used him for Gluttony, so I won’t go into deep detail again.  The Skyler Ocon matchup seemed slightly out of place all by itself; don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting matchup to read on, but I’d suggest doing one or two more just to make the section feel fuller.  I like the stage’s fair layout, and the guardians ensure an interesting, although not full-out annoying matchup.  The SSE role is stellar as usual, of course.  Not only do you fully incorporate two groups of new characters, plus the unused last-minute characters and characters with no background explanation, you give them all fitting and unique levels.  I can’t wait for the next chapter of Immortal Eye to read more of your writing.  In the midst of that, Pride is a cool boss, although I thought you’d make a moveset for your defining Sin.  Maybe in the future?  Either way, I’m pleased to see the Extras movement is succeeding, cause sometimes users vote for sets just cause they love extras (like Waluigi’s crotch-taunt for MYM noobs who want Waluigi in SSB4, to name one).  Great job here.

Organization: This is a nice layout to read.  I like the formatting of the words (it looks like the style I use, in contrast to your new style with K.Rool).  They’re both readable, so either one is good from here on out.  The colors fit Lust’s character quite nicely, although they can get slightly garish to read over a long period of time.  However, as a fast reader, I don’t really care.  Finally, I enjoy how you separate the detailed attacks into paragraphs; keep this up, as it is much easier to read those longer moves like this.

Closing Comments: Your homoculi movesets have really grown on me; I don’t know if I like Lust more than Envy, but she’s definitely just as original and good a moveset.  Once again, you don’t fail to disappoint, and this consistency is a valuable trait for the head MYMer.  There are a few points of the moveset that could benefit from a slight rewriting, but even without this, Lust is a great set that I’ll have to add to my list of votes.  Keep up the great work!


My work here…is done.

That is all.







    First he spams for getting his moveset posted, now he steals the moveset reviews I claimed!

    I am very pissed now.

  2. What? Lust review…not by Lust?


  3. I am profoundly sorrow, Spade. I had no idea 😦

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