Posted by: metinahurricane | April 5, 2009

Food For Thought — Plasma Wisp

Plasma Wisp

By SirKibble

What a fascinating character. Hes, like, some sort of wisp or something... made of plasma! Shocker.

What a fascinating character. He's, like, some sort of wisp or something... made of plasma! Shocker.

 So, let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? The second of the Super Star Helpers Ultra tag team, yep. This one has a mechanic, of course, and it’s exactly what one would expect it to be. Your easy writing style is really useful here, Kibble, because it’s just so simple, the way you explained it. The one amendment I would make would be to have a small counter somewhere at the bottom of the screen to make it easier to keep track of his charge; it’s not like the game itself. Here, misjudging your charge could be deadly, and you don’t want to make players guess where they’re standing as they go along.

As for the unique jump, it’s cool and rather fitting, but sounds risky to me. I’ll reserve judgement on whether or not he’s broken for after I’ve actually read the damn thing.


Alright, so on the whole? Fantastic stuff here. For much of it, the creativity is positively seeping. Of course, we’re here for the criticism parts, so let’s gloss over the many good aspects and plunge into vague nitpicks.

I now do feel that Plasma Wisp is overpowered, frankly. His aerial game is ridiculously good, for although half of his aerials are laggy, he’s got a quasi-Rest, a “safe” stall-then-fall, and quite a few moves with hefty strength and range. I think the problem at its core is that you don’t NEED significant charge for any attacks that exhaust it, making it easy to churn them out. Conversely, it doesn’t take much to waggle the control stick around and around, even to casual players not putting too much effort into the whole thing, and getting up to full charge I can’t see being a huge problem. Once you’re there, of course, you’ve got downright beastly moves like Neutral Air, Forward Smash, and Neutral Special at your disposal, and then it all goes to hell for the foe, leading into the early lethal Forward Throw – an awesome idea, but impractical. That’s how I see him when I step back and look at his playstyle, and his great recovery (whose drawback is pitting the foe in aerial combat against Plasma Wisp… and who’s gonna win that one?) only lend to that.

On the bright side, the organization is much better here. The colors feel perfectly fitting, and the bolded and colored labels for Charge Exhausted and what-have-you make it easy to pick up on everything quickly.

I love the tilts that do no damage. It’s becoming a game or something, now; every time I see a Kibble set, I look to the tilts for the very best in creativity. Fun stuff, very fun. The throws are also much more interesting and intriguing here than they were for Blade Knight. I suppose that’s what comes of having more to work with.

In general, I have nothing else to criticize. I could add another thousand words of compliments and attack-by-attack analysis, but I doubt it would really help you or anyone else – definitely not me. There are two more of these on the way, and it’ll all add up to the longest review ever, anyway.

So that’s all there really is to improve in this one; balance tweaking. Oh, and add a playstyle section.




  1. I swear, balance will be the death of me. >.<

    Of course, he’s meant to have a good aerial game, but perhaps I overdid it.

    I really meant to say something about a counter for the charge. This is one thing I will definitely add in.

    Maybe I’ll make more charge necessary for some attacks. True enough, it’s not that hard to spaz the control stick around for a second or two and load up a good amount.

    Hmm. . . On the whole, sounds like I have a fair amount of tweaking to do.


  2. Personally (and hopefully no one has noticed it), I rarely change anything in my movesets after I post them. Not because I think they’re perfect as is or anything stupid like that, more that I’ve moved on and don’t really feel like going back and tweaking %s; who votes based on something like that, anyway?

    I usually use reviews as a way to get an opinion, and see what I did right or wrong as reference for my next set.

    So, yeah. Meh indeed.

  3. In all honesty, I do the same.

    But I feel better about myself if I say I’ll make the change. . .even though I never do.

  4. Well, quite.

  5. i;puip


  7. How… how could you? *sobs*

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