Posted by: SirKibble | April 5, 2009

Killing With Kindness — Bass and Treble

Bass and Treble by Hyper_Ridley

I have long awaited this moveset, and it’s now an honor to be the one who gets to read and review it. I’ll waste no time saying anything beforehand except that I will try to avoid any bias due to my fandom for both the character choice or the MYMer who made that choice. With that, I’ll get started.

First things first, the character Summary and Overview are nice and brief. I like that. Everything’s told to us that we need to know without there being paragraph after paragraph about the characters. These are the basics of who Bass and Treble are and how they play in Smash. It’s what we need to know, and nothing more. Perfect. The mechanic is equally well-described, while not going into details that should be saved for the moves themselves. Excellent. Naturally, I’m also a fan of the use of the [Treble Attack] and [De-synch] tags. 🙂

Stats, Pros, and Cons all look fine, though I try not to read into those much. The moveset itself, I feel, is a much better way to determine balance, as you just can’t get the feel from a bunch of numbers and/or short sentences. So with that, let’s tackle the actual moves!

 The Standard Combo looks great, a simple, functional, yet interesting implementation of the basic Bass Buster. Really takes me back to Mega Man & Bass, it does. Anyhow, moving on! The Forward Tilt is very nice, especially with the change that happens when Treble is de-synched. The picture really helps, too, as I know basically what’s going on even before I start reading. I have a teensy complaint, though. That dark purple text is mighty hard to read, at least for me. I couldn’t do it without highlighting. Granted, it’s only the extra notes, but I’d still like it be a little more friendly on the eyes. The Down Tilt is also good and interesting, especially with its ability to re-synch. I’m definitely a fan. The only thing that I can see that may be worth mentioning is the speed at which Treble moves, and roughly how far over Bass he jumps with the alt-grab. Up Tilt is very nice, not much to say about that one, but the effect from hitting Treble is cool. The Dash Attack is nice and quirky, but could still easily fit into a player’s game. I’m loving the different ways all these attacks can work. It really says something for the duo’s versatility as a fighter.

The Forward Smash is something I figured would show up somewhere in the ‘set. It’s a pretty standard idea for an attack with a man-and-dog character, but is pulled off well. The Down Smash, as you say, is a bit boring at first, and honestly, it’s even a bit boring after the additional piece of the attack. Not criminally so, but it’s probably my least favorite attack thus far. I realize there’s a need for some normal-type attacks in a moveset, and I’d probably do something like this myself, but I feel I should point out that it’s sort of a weak point. The Up Smash is cool if only for the variationg depending on charge. All in all, I think you suffer from the same thing as me on Smashes. Your Tilts are far more interesting, and the Smashes get reserved for more simple attacks that can easily function with the charging of a Smash Attack. I can’t say I know the fix; it’s a known vice of my own, but it may be something to take into consideration.

The Neutral Aerial takes us back into interesting moves. The elemental properties are really well-done there. It’s the kind of move that’s simple and easy to make work, but isn’t the kind that everyone would think of. The Forward Aerial is nice, though I don’t really have any super-special comments for it. The B-Air sucks is actually really cool, especially for the fact that you have to be aware of Treble’s position when you use it. The Up Aerial is cool. No complaints there. It’s a creative, fun, and useful attack. Very good. The Down Aerial is good (I remember this from Mega Man & Bass, so I can visualize it perfectly). Very good implementation of the attack.

The Specials now, then! The Neutral Special is obviously fundamental. Couldn’t play this duo without it, as it lets you have control over both of them, to the point of manual separation. As one of the key functions that separates them (no pun intended) from other similarly-designed characters, this is essential and done well. The Side Special is solid. No complaints, though there are plenty of more interesting moves in B&T’s arsenal. So I guess the recovery option for this team is a bit weak, as it seems like it kind of sacrifices Treble, although Bass gets some great vertical distance from it. Nothing wrong with that, as it serves as a good hindrance to what’s otherwise a very good character. I’m no balance expert, but I can see how a tricky and somewhat weak recovery could be necessary for a character combination of this calibre. The Down Special seems like it could either be very good, or very bad as an attack. On the one hand, it gives you access to some pretty good attacks, and buffs a few stats. On the other, though, it sounds like you lose the rest of your attacks, and with B&T still being able to be knocked around like usual, only a couple attacks, in addition to the time taken for fusing, may make them really vulnerable. I don’t know. I’m sensing a potential balance issue with this move, though I can’t say which way. Heck, maybe it all balances out, but I think you may want to take a second look at make sure you feel totally comfortable with this move, HR, just to be safe.

The Grab/Throw system for the duo is unique and fitting. I really like it. It may break our Four Throw Standard, but I think it’s acceptable in this case. I mean, c’mon! This idea is just cool, and it’s how things would really work for the characters, if you ask me.

Ah, now you and your Situationals. Let’s see if you can’t convince me they’re worth including. The Get Up Attacks are good enough. Bass’s is nice; Treble’s is a tad bit bland. The Ledge Attacks both look good. Hmm. . . So I guess I’ll put it this way: I love your Situationals, but I’m not convinced that I should put them in. 😛

Oh, yeah! Final Smash time! Pretty sure I saw this one coming. Ultimate form. Well, sometimes. Reviving Treble is he’s gone is a bit bland, but I suppose with him being so vital to the playstyle, it’s about as much of a boost as some Final Smash’s give. Anyway, on to the more interesting variation! Most excellent with the attacks. I think this Final Smash is far from being broken or useless, and would be fun to use in a match, to boot. Heck, though, I’d enjoy using it just to use it. Bass in his ultimate form. . .just so cool! :bee:

The Strategy Guide looks great. Always good to get one of these, since you’re the person who thought up the moveset, and you can put the pieces together better than the rest of us usually can. The rest of the Extras are fine. Nice implementation for Kirby when he swallows Bass. I’m no lover of Extras, so I’ll just say quickly that I think they all look fine. Oh, and I’d soooo play as Forte & Gospel.

Anyway, with all that said, I’m very very happy with what I see in this moveset. It’s even better than I’d hoped it would be, mainly for the de-synching mechanism and attacks. It’s like playing two awesome characters at once, only not, since they’re actually one character, which only makes it more awesome. I don’t know if I’m even making sense now. Whatever. The point is, I really loved this ‘set. Perfect implementation of the characters, plenty of creative attacks, beautiful organization, and an interesting, cohesive playstyle. The details were all there, so I could see the moves very clearly and perfectly envision these two as actual Smashers. Very well-done, HR. A stellar first “serious” entry. Kibble seriously approves this moveset.






  1. Yay! review!

    Another yay! Someone who likes the Final Smash!

    The down-special is probably the most difficult move I’ve ever made, balance-wise. So I’m glad that it kinda cancels itself out between overpowered and underpowered. If anything, I migh nerf it so that it takes knockback equal to the COMBINED damages of Bass and Treble, making it fit more into the duo-character aspect.

    Many thanks for the review. =D

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