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Envy This! — Balloon Fighter

Balloon Fighter 

by SirKibble

Doot, do, do, doot, do, do, doot, do, do doot....
Doot, do, do, doot, do, do, doot, do, do doot….

Ah Balloon Fight, the classic game with that darn catchy jingle and that terrible, terrible, fish. But wait, a moveset for Balloon Fighter? How could this be so?! He does nothing but flap about and step on pterodactyls! Wait…pterodactyls? Giant fish? Balloons used for flight? What madness IS this game? Oh right, a Nintendo one…

Moving right along into the set…you’ve got a nice little attention getting device with the whole “moveset generator joke,” while the font itself suits the character to perfectly. The organization is good as usual, no complaints here…you put the specials first because it’s important to the set but I know how “controversial” it is to have them up top but personally I don’t care either way; the set looks great regardless.

Character background looks good considering how little you had to work with although I’m not sure who DOESN’T know who Balloon Fighter is. The special ability is cleverly implemented from the game directly; especially the fact that footstool jumps instantly pop balloons. My only question here though is if a footstool lands, can it pop multiple balloons or only one at a time? If it can pop all of them, BF would be insanely easy to gimp, but that’s the only thing that could use some clarification there.

Taking a look at stats now…so he’s small, light, weak and slow…he has mediocre range and somewhat fast attack speed…I fear you may have actually made Balloon Fighter UNDERpowered here. I assume his weight decreases and his jumping abilities increase as he gains more bubbles, but I kinda see Balloon Fighter as being a paper weight with not much use at all on ground…which is what I assume you were going for though…

Special attacks up first, the neutral special seems to be BF’s main killing move and it certainly seems like an all or nothing kinda move considering you either knock them far enough away, or you end up vulnerable with a complete lack of moves. Also found it unique that this is Balloon Fighter’s ONLY special attack that does damage. I’m not sure how useful the side b would be in all honest, doesn’t push him very far at all and I can’t imagine it pushing them TOO far back, an escape move most likely? Balloon Fighter’s Up B, while original, seems easy to gimp considering he can’t use it again until five seconds have passed…unless of course the other Flipper disappears when the move is used again, I’d add something about that in if that’s what you meant. Down B is a pretty basic move although I’m not sure why you’d wanna blow up a balloon in the air considering how laggy it is.

I love the standard A move, reminds me a lot of Henry’s down tilt, great idea though regardless and very true to the game. Nothing really to say about the side tilt, it’s rather basic and there’s no real problems with it. Up tilt I like, good use of balloons once again…the down tilt is alright, but once again it leaves Balloon Fighter a sitting duck for faster characters; from what I’ve seen, poor Balloon Fighter would be brutally raped by Meta Knight. Dash attack I like, original and has a varying effect depending on whether or not you have balloons to spare, good job with that one.

Smash attacks now; the side smash, much like Mario’s FLUDD is going to be a very situational move that’d probably only be useful for good Balloon Fighter players, the beginners will only see it as a zero damage weak little push, useful for gimping in the hands of a decent player, useless for newcomers. I like the up smash a lot here, but once again it seems like an all or nothing kind of move for Balloon Fighter, either he finishes them off here, or he loses ALL of his balloons. The down smash I also love, quite original and it seems to be one of Balloon Fighter’s better attacks.

Ah the air, this MUST be where Balloon Fighter excels, am I right? Let’s find out! Neutral aerial makes BF’s fall speed even slower than it is which I suppose is good for helping with that extra little “oomph” that it takes to recover. May I suggest a slight “air push” while he’s doing this however such as the one seen in Latias and Latios’ Pokeball? It seems that without something like this, Balloon Fighter would be perfectly vulnerable to being hit while doing this zero damage attack, at least with a slight “get away” effect, it’d give him SOME means of self-defense. Glide I really like, good attacking move, good recovery option, interesting concept, excellent move overall. Tornado Twirl I have no problems with, it’s another really awesome move that this set is in NO shortage of at all. Flip Over seems like a good defensive move in case you have an aggressive balloon popper, my one question is whether you’d keep your forward momentum while using this move, then it’d make an excellent balloon saving option while recovering to the stage. Drop Pop seems like a good gimping move as you obviously meant it to, I think it works perfectly though so great job with that one too.

Grab time now! Poor Balloon Fighter, can’t even pummel without his balloons…and even though he can WITH his balloons, it’s slow as a sloth that’s been duct tape to the floor and about as effective as that. Forward throw is basic but, it’s a throw so there’s not really any problems I have here. Back throw is good, I like it, it’s a good escape method and that seems to be the way Balloon Fighter plays. Up throw is an excellent way to get Balloon Fighter into the air and away from his foes, up throw to fair seems like the best escape method he’s got. The down throw…another one of those all or nothing techniques I’ve grown to pity Balloon Fighter for…poor guy…

Final Smash made me happy, especially with the awesome music included. No really questions or complaints about this one, seems more fun than threatening though actually. Actually…I DO have a question, can you pop other’s balloons by hitting them from above?

Playstyle summary all makes sense, there’s not a WHOLE lot I can go into detail about here, he’s your character, I assume you’d know how to use him best.

The extras as a whole I adore, especially the alternate colors and the stage. I LOVE the stage Kibble, excellent job there. Codec was quite funny as well.

All in all, I REALLY enjoyed this set Kibble, you had a ton of unique and humorous moves for a character from one of my favorite NES games of all time. My one big problem here however is how Balloon Fighter (even though he’s meant to be weak) seems TOO weak; heavyweight characters such as Dedede would destroy him whereas any characters with equally good air games (coughcoughMetaKnightcoughcough) would win hands down, he wouldn’t stand a chance.




  1. *Looks over every review he’s received*

    I hate balance.

    Now just to think of ways I could make him stronger. . . He’s obviously not meant to be a heavy-hitter, but I suppose I could make balloon pops high-knockback moves, despite low damage. . . Meh, I’ll think of something, I suppose.

    Clarifications for those things you asked about: Footstooling pops ONE balloon, so he’s not so gimpable. I hadn’t really thought about characters popping each others balloons in the Final Smash, but it seems logical, so I’d say yes.

    The Flipper lasts five seconds and can’t be canceled early with another one. He’s not without other recovery options, though, and he doesn’t even go helpless after using it, so he could potentially even stay airborne long enough to use it again when the Flipper disappeared. And I had envisioned Flip Over maintaining your horizontal momentum, maybe even giving you some forward momentum as he swings. Clarifications, clarifications.

    Anyway, glad you at least enjoyed it. Now, once again:

    I hate balance.

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