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This Review's All Mine – The Three Stooges



By UserShadow7989


Time to review another move set from a MYM newcomer.  This time we have UserShadow7989 with this second move set, the silly comedy trio known as the Three Stooges.  While I didn’t see the show that often I know how these guys’ antics worked, so let’s see if the slapstick humor shines through in this move set.


So after the nice intro segment, we right away come to the stats section.  I don’t really see anything majorly wrong, though that might be because the stooges have an “all-around” stat setup.  Pretty much all of the stats are average with a few that deviate.  I liked the reason for low traction.  However, they actually feel a little underpowered from the stats that ARE different, namely low weight and fast fall-speed with average jumps.  Of course, physical stats aren’t as important as the overall move set, so maybe these guys have some tricks up their sleeve to even the odds.


So the animations are decently interesting, but I’m confused why Moe is always the one mentioned with the other two “being with him” or not…


Ah, that’s why!  Yeah, I would suggest placing a special mechanic at the top of a move set as it usually applies to everything else.  The mechanic itself is interesting, having Larry and Curly as special summonable characters that you sometimes don’t want to use to get different attacks.  The description gets a little confusing sometimes, though.  The part with the header descriptions seems to repeat itself (“With Larry/Curly/Larry”, why is Larry said twice?) And the descriptions of the taunts sounds trivial.  Why do I want the characters set far away as opposed to being close?  Does if effect the attack?  Maybe I’ll see when I get to the actual move set.  Overall, this is a pretty nifty mechanic, though it suffers from some clarification issues.


Right off the bat, the actual move set begins to deliver the lulz with the neutral combo.  I don’t care if it’s basic in usage, that move would be fun and hilarious to use in a real fight.  The FTilt is in a similar situation, being basic but having a fun animation to go along with it.  I liked how he actually aims for the opponent’s height, but maybe you could have mentioned what happens in a free-for-all.  I’d assume he just aims depending on who’s closest to him, but it’s still something that would be nice to mention.  The UTilt is funny, and is actually pretty well balanced with all its nuances, but I think it would be a disjoitned hitbox instead of having low priority.  The DTilt is EPIC.  I was seriously laughing for a good minute when I read it, and the fact that you can keep the attack going forever only adds to the fun factor.  Both dashing attacks were nice.  Barrel of Laughs was especially fun to imagine.  At this point I’m seeing how the Three Stooges are actually turning out very well balanced.  Many of the moves appear weak at face value but they always some a little quirk or nuance to them that makes them useful (and fun to play)  The situationals were all good fun as well.  I particularly like how the rising attacks were tied to the mechanic as opposed to Moe’s laying position.  The one thing I would suggest is perhaps having a separate Over 100% ledge attack for when Curly isn’t present.


Now we come to the Smashes.  The FSmash is really cool.  It would be a great way to control the stage with 3 simultaneous projectiles all with KO potential, but it has poor damaging potential and it has a clever effect of providing the enemy with super armor.  I’ve never seen reverse super armor before, so kudos to you.  It does need a mention of lag, however.  The USmash is another really creative stage controlling move.  It seems pretty well balanced for such a weird move, and I love the Easter Egg of the stooges forming a conga line if you wait near the boot.  The DSmash, like the other two smashes, is a clever move, especially in its special charging effect.  However, it sounds really difficult to use since Moe can’t move around during the attack, and there’s up to 7 seconds of waiting for the dynamite to explode depending on how long the player took advantage of the charging.  Despite this, the move is still pretty cool, and all of the Stooges’ Smash Attacks are quality material.


Let’s see what kind of zany aerials these knuckleheads have.  The first Nair is pretty interesting.  These guys have a great projectile game for a bunch of clumsy dopes, lol.  I can’t find any problems with detail or balance.  The second Nair is another nifty projectile, and it continues the trend of having quirky balance choices.  Both Fairs are interesting, though the Fried Eggs has no mention of lag, and the knockback on the saw should be toned down.  Otherwise, I like them.  The Bairs are also both fun moves, particularly the ice block, but I don’t see any mention of knockback!  C’mon man, how do you leave that out?  The first Uair is silly but has no mention of lag, but the second Uair nearly made me literally ROFL.  Just imagining someone like Bowser being KOd from a little pin is freaking hilarious.  The Dair is surprisingly boring, or at least in comparison to the rest of the move set.  It also seems kinds useless, having so much lag for a weak downwards projectile.  The aerials weren’t quite as good as the standards or smashes, mainly due to detail issues, but they were still better than average.


And time for the throws.  The grab animation and pummel are some more silly moves that are fun to watch.  The FThrow and BThrow are both decently interesting, at least the BThrow as a cute animation.  The Uthrow is where we get to the good stuff.  It’s pretty interesting in both animation and gameplay.  The DThrow is another lulzy move.  I especially liked how other enemies can be pulled in.  I don’t have much to say on the throws, but the UThrow and Dthrow were definitely as good as the other high quality moves in the move set.


Ah, I can’t wait to see what things these guys have that qualify as “special moves”.  Right away the neutral special is a lot of fun, though maybe it’s because the name reminds me of my Nack the Weasel move set from MYM4, haha.  The other Neutral Special is also interesting, though I would reduce the time Moe is defenseless after the move is finished.  In 2 seconds the enemy will have caught up to him and make his running away pointless.  The Down Special was clever and a great classic slapstick move, kudos to you.  The Side Special is interesting, but it sounds potentially broken.  It has a full second of lag but deals a full second of hit stun, so once the enemy is hit it might be possible to have Moe inch forwards and start the attack again to have Larry be in position for another hit.  I’d suggest lowering the hit stun slightly and it would be fine.  The first Up Special is funny and a well balanced recovery.  The second one seems pretty useless, but then again it seems meant as a desperation move anyways so I guess it’s okay.  Overall the specials were more fun in this silly move set.


Wow, taunts that serve a purpose!  They all fit nicely into the Stooges’ playstyle.  In fact, they seem to be a core component of it.  I really don’t have anything else to say, lol.  The Final Smash was another funny slapstick moment, and it was an interesting move.


The playstyle section was a good read.  It confirmed my suspicions that the Stooges’ strengths lied in their stage controlling and move nuances, so it nicely fit with the actual move set.  I also liked the inclusion of a section for fighting against the characters.  For some reason it made me think I was reading about a boss fight.  Imagine that, a Three Stooges boss fight.  That’s either really epic or really creepy, I can’t tell.  The rest of the extras were standard fare, but I enjoyed the inclusion of multiple alternate costumes.


So after reading this all, I am impressed.  Reading your notes at the end made it clear that many of the attacks were made up, but the entire time they felt like they could have been ripped right from the show.  There was no shortage of fun, original, and humorous moves, and it is the first move set that I could describe as having a “stylish” sense of balance, with all of their weird gimmicks in many of the moves.  The only real flaw I have in this move set is some cases of being underdetailed, otherwise this was a great read and a nice addition to the MYM5 lineup.



PS – I was having a really bad day when I sat down to review this.  Thanks for giving me something funny to brighten my day.



  1. Thank you so much! I’ve edited my moveset as per your suggestions. I’m glad I managed to brighten your day, and hope that you stay bad-day-free for a good long time.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve edited my moveset as per your suggestions. I’m glad my moveset cheered you up, and I hope you don’t have a bad day for a long time.

  3. It might be a good idea to link the set in the review, just for future reference.

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