Posted by: Spadefox | April 22, 2009

Seductive Notes — Zasalamel

Zasalamel by MasterWarlord

Ah yes. Soul Calibur, one of Namco’s best known fighter series, next to Tekken. Zasalamel was introduced to the series in Soul Calibur III, along with his pupil Tira and the half-Japanese Setsuka, at least for the main series. He returned in Soul Calibur IV where he recieved an overall style change. He uses a scythe in battle, named Kafziel. Unfortunately, I never played any Soul Calibur beyond II; I read up on the two sequels, though, so I know a little bit about it.

Now, on to the moveset. The organization is neatly done, the first moveset of MasterWarlord’s style change. The colors – silver and brown – are taken from Zasalamel’s general style, and neatly arranged, making the moveset easy to read through.

The stats are good. Nothing else to say about them.

The B is nicely done. Due to the horrible range, the startup lag, the possibility to backfire and the fact it only lasts 3 seconds, this even seems slightly underpowered. Maybe make it 5 seconds? I don’t know. It just kinda seems useless. << The Side B is awesome. I love the idea of a huge slow projectile rolling around, and then bursting into two smaller throwing items. Neat! The Up B is lolworthy. I like it. It sucks as recovery, but he can pull his enemies down when on the ground, heheh. The Down B is an awesome idea, though you might give Kafziel a better aerial mobility so that Zasalamel makes up for his horrible aerial movement with that move, gimping enemies off-stage.

The Jab is good. Nothing too fancy but directly pulled from the games, so it’s okay. I imagine the dash attack looking incredibly funny. I giggled at the picture of that huge black fighter being slightly in the air and spinning like a top. Heeheehee… otherwise, it’s good.

FTilt is interesting, I like it, despite it being very situational. UTilt is neat, as well. No complaints here. The DTilt is epic. Haha. No complaints here, too.

I won’t comment much on the Situationals. As you know, I don’t do them and despise them, but Hyper_Ridley ripped me apart when I made no real comment on the Situationals of The Goos (Wizzerd must feel loved now), so… Fair standard, I suppose… I really can’t say much about them. =| I like the Tripping Attack, though.

Moving on to the Smashes. The FSmash is awesome. I especially like the projectile reflection attribute. The USmash is epic, I love the idea a lot. The DSmash… is incredible. Wow. I haven’t seen something like that before. It’s awesomely epic, to say the least. Just wow. I love it!

Next up are Aerials, huh? Let’s see if Zasalamel’s airgame is really as bad as you say. The NAir is awesome – purely defensive. Yet, you can move the revenant around, eh? Cool mechanic. FAir sounds awesome, but the 20 seconds without scythe sounds horrible! So far, you are right about Zass’ airgame, heh. The BAir is amazing! I love the idea of making it mainly a team-based defensive attack! The DAir … haha “dramatic effect”. I like it. The move itself is okay, and adds to Zasalamel’s horrible airgame. You sure put a lot of effort in making it suck, eh? XD

The UAir is lengthy, so it will get an own section. It’s interactive with the DAir (if that touches the ground), so let’s see what happens. The move itself looks boring, but, the sideffect with grounded DAir… Basically, it gives the opponent a fourth stock, did I understand that correctly? It’s an awesome idea, to say the least. I guess you can’t make a younger version of the younger version, right? Haha, how the Detail Nazi has forgotten a detail… ;P If you can only curse the enemy once, then it’s good.

Onto the throws. Seeing as MasterWarlord is a grabhappy bastard, I’m sure Zasalamel’s Grabgame is godlike. Tether grab, okay, was expected. Wow, I never knew Bowser’s Pummel was that slow… I thought it was average. <_< Otherwise neat.  I like the FThrow, with it having the dizzy drawback. So he basically spins around himself like Mario or Wario using an FThrow, just with the dizzy thing additionally? Aha. How long does Zasalamel stay dizzy? The usual Shieldbreak duration? Otherwise, it’s good. BThrow is neat, I like how you can practically cancel it. UThrow… wait… WHAT? You purposely put in a chaingrab into this moveset? Whoa there, man. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea… Especially considering that this is basically the damage range every actual (normal) chaingrab has. Just noting. <_< The DThrow is interesting and good, though maybe make the potential damage less than 20%. Once again, though, MasterWarlord’s creativity flows insanely with the throw section.

So the Final Smash is… another moveset?! I hate you, you jerk. It does seem extremely overpowered (and you stole Aeon’s Up B D:<), but it’s a Final Smash, so… I don’t know. You might want to tone down the new Side Special and the Down Special. However, one question about the latter: If the enemy is in range half a Battlefield. Does that mean they can roll out of the range? Though I dunno if it’s that good to have it be basically like Tabuu’s Waves, just even stronger.

Extras are, as usual for a MasterWarlord moveset, a lot there, even though it’s far less than I am used from you. I don’t judge Extras, though, but want to point out that I love business suit Zasalamel. I would main him merely for the kickass factor of that costume.

Doing this review was extremely exhausting, given the huge walls of text for each move. Funny enough, you forgot some vital information one a couple of moves. The detail is overwhelming. Your writing style seems rather cold and scientific, nothing bad, just something that I recognized. Also, despite you adding in a few jokes, those give the feeling that you’re sitting in an audience and a sign flashes up “Laugh Here!”. Something like that. Even then, some of Zasalamel’s movements are very funny to imagine, and gave me a good chuckle – although not intended.

The playstyle you described in the section flows very well with the whole moveset. Nothing extremely fancy, yet still unique. I like it. Even though I know Zasalamel has little options to kill outside of gimping, I still think that the UThrow Chaingrab and the potential 20% damage of the DThrow are slightly too much. You might want to power them down. Otherwise, I have absolutely no objections regarding the balance.

Overall, Zasalamel is a great set. It’s very well thought out, and seeing how MasterWarlord has experience with competetive gaming, extremely balanced as well. I personally still think that this moveset is MasterWarlord’s best, as it unites all of his creativity with his best efforts of balancing and making Zasalamel work.

Well, quite.


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