Posted by: bkupa666 | April 22, 2009

Wrath of the Kupa King – Wilhelmina Carmel

Page 62

Wilhelmina CarmelSirKibble

As I knew nothing about Shakugan no Shana before reading this set, it was interesting to read a set hailing from the anime, especially with all the unique terminology the series seems to offer. I’ve enjoyed your moveset style, and it’s nice to see a non-Kirby set, although those are really fun as well. So, let’s dive right in.

Originality: I’m liking what I see here. Like Lucario uses Aura, ribbons are the thing for Wilhemina here. Just because almost all of her moves use ribbons doesn’t mean they are unoriginal. Oh no, each move has its own special style and setup that allows each move to leak originality and coolness. The basic attacks and tilts are easily usable for mindgames and spacing, although they aren’t exceedingly powerful, which is good. The Smashes all have decent power, but they have some downside that prevents spamming, although they are still useful in certain situations. The aerials have their usefulness, but most of them have moderate startup times and/or deal no damage, making them difficult to learn the use of at first, but really helpful when you get them down. The ribbon grab was rather expected for me, but you make the throws unique to make up for this. The moves that allow Wilhemina to slow down the foe to gain an advantage are really something. Plus, the angling possibility of some throws make them nice to combo with. Battle Mode is a nice special, and it was great that you make it not spammable. If the double damage and more knockback was not in effect on Wilhemina after use of Tiamat, that would break the character a good deal. Good to see balance is in mind here. The projectile is unique, and although it could seriously annoy some characters, it is still fair to have. The tether up special is not the most unique thing in the set, but it’s great to see differentiation from the other tethers in the game. Fuzetsu, like the Battle Mode, could easily break the character, but is fortunately saved by split second timing and the waiting time before another use. It could get annoying if used at the right time, but that’s just me. The Final Smash doesn’t really strike me as that exciting, but if it fits Wilhemina’s character, it’s OK. It’s not bad by any means at all, but I’ve seen better from you. Overall, this category is great.

Detail: You have sufficient detail here to perfectly describe the moves used.  You don’t include every single property of each move (e.g. priority, range, hitbox, etc.), but you explain them well enough to give an easy-to-picture, original moveset.  This is quite amazing, making the set easy to read but still full of necessary detail.  Your amount of detail, I think, over time, will become the renaissance of Make Your Move, making original, yet easy to read sets.

Balance: Like I stated earlier, I see Wilhemina as a tricky balanced character.  She has good power in some attacks, but is held back from being broken by some twist in the move.  She has several trick attacks that do no damage and can be hard to land, but are great for leading up into combos, or even stronger attacks.  As I mentioned, the Neutral and Down Specials could get annoying to some players, especially newer players, but they all have downsides to balance them out.  You maintain good balance while expressing ribbons of creativity (no pun intended).  As Lionheart stated, this creates some of the best sets out there.  Well done.

Fitting to Character: I knew little to nothing about Wilhemina and Tiamat before this set, so I didn’t know what was fitting and what was not.  The videos at the top of the page helped me, and through the fight scene, I see how Wilhemina would work in Smash, and you do an excellent job of conveying her fondness for ribbons in almost every attack.  Tiamat as a move is a nice touch with Battle Mode, as is Fuzetsu.  Although this is an easy category to score in, it is nonetheless extremely important, and you don’t disappoint.

Extras: The playstyle is short and sweet, and gives a simple-to-read and effective summary of how Wilhemina plays.  The taunts seem fitting, although some of them don’t seem like ones that would be used to taunt a foe, especially the down taunt, although that’s extreme nit-picking, so I’ll let that go.  I like the victory poses; hearing ‘de arimasu’ after every one would annoy the losers to no end, and her and Tiamat’s comments are really cool.  The other extras are rather few in number; these keep movesets short, but sometimes, a stage or AT really adds a lot to the moveset, even if it is short and simple.  Nevertheless, what you have is still okay.  They all seem fitting and make use of quotes that I guess are important for Wilhemina.  The Easter Eggs are the best IMO, but they are all OK.  If you want to keep an excess of extras out of your sets, fine with me, but I would suggest adding a few to your future sets, just for the fun of it.

Organization: Your move description is short enough (but still enough detail) to fit in one neat paragraph, which is good and organized.  The color scheme fits Wilhemina well, and I really enjoy how she and Tiamat comment on the best uses for each move.  These really add to how easy it is to visualize each attack, so props.  Sometimes these effects get rather annoying with other movesets, but it is right at home here.

Closing Comments: This is one great set from you, SirKibble.  I don’t know if I like it more than some of your Kirby ones, especially Mr. Shine & Bright, but this is no doubt a sweet and unique moveset.  It was really nice to see that, while you may not be as active as you used to be in the thread, you still deliver excellent and fun-to-read sets for everyone to enjoy.  I hope that this trait continues.

My work here…is done.




  1. Happy to hear you thought highly of it, Kupa!

    As you probably know, I’m not much of an Extras person, so I really just stick to the ones that are simple and easy, that are more typing work than actual thinking. So, yeah. This is actually overboard from what I usually do as far as Extras go.

    I’m extremely glad to hear that you felt the moveset was balanced, since after my last two reviews, I had that a sort of aim with this moveset. 🙂

    And I’m soooo aiming for this to more-or-less be the detail standard. I like reader-friendly movesets that still give a lot of information. 😀

  2. Oh! And just a little sidenote, it’s Wilhelmina.

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