Posted by: masterwarlord | April 24, 2009

Pride and Prejudice — Robotnik

Page 72

Robotnik by Spadefox

For those who don’t know, we’ve had a long history of Robotnik in MYM, and every set gathered some sort of attention. The first Robotnik by Spadefox and Koj in MYM 3 was the first ever joint moveset and was decent enough for it’s time. In MYM 4, DFM gave us Robotnik outside of his mech and AOSTH Robotnik, which were both also fine sets. In MYM 5, we have the return of Robotnik inside his mech, which after reading this set, is where I feel he truly belongs. Robotnik has been in every MYM SM ever and will continue to probably do so. I already plan to include him in my latest. Long live the Eggman empire!

Anyway, for the actual moveset, this is filled with tons of nostalgia from MYM 3. Your joint set with Koj was the first set I ever read and I even used is as my tempplate for my own. I recognize a few of the moves concepts, obviously in the neutral A, but also in the dair. I also see you kept several of Koj’s animations/poses. It’s great that even though you gave the moveset a massive overhaul to bring it to the standard that you still kept Koj’s spirit burning in it.

Move Originality: I absolutely love how you bring in all of Robotnik’s various mechs as moves. As if the move wasn’t enough nostalgia already MYM wise, it’s also got plenty of sonic nostalgia as well. I’m normally not one for nostalgia as you know, but this moveset has me swelling up with the stuff. All the various machines from his boss fights translate well into moves, providing for very unique effects. Highlights of this are the side special, nair, dair, fsmash, dsmash, and dtilt, if only for the brilliant use of how the dsmash and dtilt interact. I’m also rather fond of the neutral special. While not being taken from a mech, it’s quite an innovative move. I actually planned a move like this for one of my characters but didn’t feel it fit, but Robotnik is the perfect character for it. . . .While there are plenty of good moves, there are some less spectacular ones. I know you were trying to go for simple, but the problem is that particularly the up special and down special feel more bland then some of the more basic button inputs, such as the ones I praised earlier. Those two moves in particular I think would be good if spiced up, as up B is a buffed version of Rob’s, and down B. . .Perhaps if there was some basic button input to interact with the robots somehow? Perhaps using the dtilt to fling the robots for high damage/knockback like the bombs from the dsmash? Anyway, the final smash is still just as great as it was in MYM 3, if not greater due to added detail. This final smash is a no braine for Robotnik and it always ends up being very unique. Overall a fine job.

Detail: This moveset has an undeniable charm that makes you want to read it. The brief, concise descriptions and all the pictures of the mechs spread throughout the moveset make this moveset amazingly inviting and easy to read. You get priority out of the way in the neutral A by mentioning that it’s Robotnik’s only jointed hitbox, and everything beyond that is generally quite clear. There are a –few- clarifications I’d request, though. You don’t actually mention how far Robotnik can go in his up special. Is it the same as Rob’s? Seems to be, seeing everything else about that move is so similar to Rob’s. . .How far does the arrow in Robotnik’s fsmash travel? These are the only notable ones that leap out at me, the rest is all detailed adequately.

Playstyle: I was hoping this set would amazingly, better then Waluigi due to having overall simpler moves. . .But it really didn’t. Robotnik’s moves don’t really go towards much of a theme besides perhaps a standard heavyweight, unlike Waluigi who flowed very well by controlling the stage with all of his traps. The most Robotnik really has for the moves feeling part of a set and not being individual is his dtilt/dsmash. I don’t see Robotnik particularly good at stage control despite your claims in your playstyle section, I feel the most he has for that is his dair and down special. Perhaps if you elaborated on it with a longer playstyle section I could see?

Balance: Robotnik seems fairly balanced for the most part. He fits into the heavy hitter category just fine. The only thing that really irks me about Robotnik is his godly recovery. It’s Rob’s with super armor. So he’ll always be able to come back to the stage and can never be gimped, and is extremely heavy to boot? That seems like a bit of overkill. . .The bastard will never die. That and the up special was the single biggest disappointments in the moveset anyway. . .Perhaps you could give it a overhaul? If Robotnik had a more average recovery he’d be perfectly fine.

Relevance to Character: We’ve seen a hell of a lot of Robotnik sets in MYM, but after reading this set I feel Robotnik without a doubt belongs inside of his mech. This brings back all the good nostalgia of Robotnik from the original games with all of his various old mechs. Very well done. Koj’s animations are still as fitting for the good doctor as ever as well. This really adds to the unique flavor and charm of the moveset that makes it so insanely inviting.

Extras: The extras are kept short and sweet to keep with the ease of reading in the set, but they also aren’t low in number. You’ve found the perfect balance for this, it seems. The alternate colors which you slaved over for so long certainly paid off in the end, as they look utterly spectacular and have impressive amounts of thought put into them. Gaybotnik ftw! The animations (And codec? I can’t recall.) are still as good as they were in MYM 3 and it’s great to still see Koj’s hand in this. Everything else makes all too much sense. The Metal Sonic assist trophy is cool and has a unique effect in taking people off stage to gimp them while still keeping Metal Sonic’s signature spin dash. Good to see he also actually has a good AI. It’s a shame seeing badass characters suicide like idiots in some assist trophies. The stage is decent enough, but it’s rather calm yet has a wall. I’d suggest turning the wall into a slope to make it tourney viable of else adding more hazards to the stage to make it more interesting. As if all this nostalgia wasn’t enough, we have the return of your brilliant MYM 3 special stage! Oh how you whined to have the top four fight on this instead of Smashville. . .It’s a really unique stage and brings all the more nostalgia. A very fine sets of extras.

Organization: As mentioned throughout the review, the moveset leaps out at you and begs for you to read it with it’s easy descriptions and hordes of pictures and nostalgia. The headers are extremely fitting for Robotnik and I feel are better then your Castlevania/Final Fantasy ones. The rest of your organization is fine, no objections. Good to see somebody not copypastaing Rool’s organization.

Overall: An extremely strong entry from you, Spadefox, but I feel Robotnik is outclassed by Waluigi. Waluigi flows much better, and he also seems to have more unique moves. However; beating Waluigi is no easy feat. He’s one of my favorites in the contest, as I’ve stated many times, as well as many others. Still, Robotnik is easier to read through then Waluigi and as stated before just begs to be read by anybody who’s played a single old school Sonic game (I’ve still only played Sonic 2 and a bit of Sonic 1.). Anyway, what I’d really suggest changing in particular in this review is the up special. That was a real let down in this moveset in multiple ways. Anyway, thanks for the read. It was a pleasure. A shame you don’t plan on giving us many more of these gems.



  1. First of all, the FSmash arrow goes infinitely, and the Up B covers the same distance as ROB’s, yes.

    I tool the UpB and the DownB directly from the MYM3 set, as I felt they would perfectly fit. I had no other ideas for them, either way.

    For the playstyle section… I guess you’re right. I should’ve extended it. I wrote it before I started the moveset out, and since some of the ideas I had oriignally changed, it ended up so short.

    Besides, though, Robotnik is excellent at stage controlling… Side B, Down B, DAir, DSmash, FAir… that’s all projectiles and tools to control the stage.

  2. [Comment removed due to legal issues]

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