Posted by: MarthTrinity | April 27, 2009


Yes, you’ve read that correctly. I’ve been informed by SkylerOcon that MasterWarlord among others have agreed to allow MYM to branch out to the BitF forums. While we are obviously more than happy to have branched out, we do want to put out a warning that if one wishes to participate, you can’t really just go ALL OUT on them…It’d be kind of soul crushing to put some BitF member who just wants to try this out for fun against a Kawasaki or a Ryuk, so keep the quality down to about MYM3 quality and things should be fine.

Obviously we do -NOT- want to be elitest towards these newcomers as that would be detrimental to what we’re trying to do: expand MYM to wider verizons. Be supportive of the new people and offer constructive critisisms on how they can improve, let’s take our attitudes back to before we went all detail nuts and back when we were far more lax about things like this; remember, just because these people won’t be making MYM5 quality sets, we still want them to feel welcome.


Thank you, that is all.




  1. If you’re introducing it to a new environment, I’d definitely key down the strictness in that opening post. All that stuff about voting and negative votes and so forth – that’ll turn off 90% of people who just wander into the thread wanting to have a good time.

    I guess I’m saying you can’t expect people who have no moveset-making competitive drive to suddenly want to be in this big, complex contest.

    Also, I would have been a bit happier if the Sins had talked it over a bit first, but whatever. =/

  2. Lol.

    I went to Warlord and was like “Hey you want me to put MYM on BitF.” And he was like “Okay.”

    That’s how it went, pretty much.

  3. ololololololol

  4. olololololol

  5. And the purpose of that is?

  6. Could you give us an example of the kind of moveset level you want us to use?

  7. MYM 3.0 level is what’s being asked for. Ocon posted a link to a perfect example of what us MYM regulars should limit ourself to in-thread; Dynablade’s Mewtwo moveset.

  8. …it’s been merged.

  9. …and we got it back.

  10. And the purpose of that is? ²

  11. And the purpose of that is? ³

  12. Ummmm….


  13. Might wanna fix that link, now that the original thread has been merged.

  14. Anyone remeber this? Anyone at all?

  15. I try not to. (WARY)

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