Posted by: MarthTrinity | April 29, 2009

Envy This! – Ikkaku Madarame

Alrighty, let me first of all apologize to aeolous for taking –SO—long to get this review out to him…I promise for your next set it won’t take this long, promise! Second of all, I took this set because I actually used to be obsessed with Bleach before the whole ten years of filler arc…I figured there were better things I could spend $8.99 on a month besides Bleach.

Onto the moveset however. First off you have an overview/background which I always appreciate especially if I don’t know who the character is, fortunately I do however for this set! It does however do a good job of explaining who Ikkaku is for people who many not be avid Bleach fans, so kudos there. You also give a little playstyle summary which while isn’t perfect, it’s enough in my opinion to figure out how to play Ikkaku.

Moving onto the main nit-pick I have so far…to me I personally /hate/ when people make the entire block of text one color, especially a bright color like red, not sure why I hate it really, I just find it harder to read sometimes, sure it’s more colorful than a white wall o’ text, but in reality it’s just a red wall o’ text. Fortunately you don’t seem to have any walls o’ text so that point is moot…just the bright red burns my retinas. Obviously I don’t expect you to change it all now by the way, just saying my preference; you’d probably want to ask some others how they feel about it too.

Oooo…I love the fancy image headers, did you make those yourself? Very cool in my opinion plus they make the organization a joy, plainly pointing out where each section begins.

Onto stats…horizontal air speed…huh, first time I’ve seen that one to be honest, not that it’s a bad thing. You might want to change “Speed” to “fall speed,” but I’m sure that was just a typo. To be honest, he might actually be a tad UNDER powered from the stats alone…he’s a moderate sized target, fairly light weight, terribad recovery and slow attack speed…plus he falls fast so his recovery potential seems abysmal…let’s keep reading and see how it turns out though!

Animations up next…personally (I prefer the air) I like grouping the victory poses and taunts with the miscellaneous animations but I could see why people wouldn’t…I don’t criticize animations much but they all make sense and seem good to me.

Moveset time now! You start with special attacks; I know Rool loves that but I’m indifferent, anyway is good for me as long as it makes sense. Neutral B seems like the key part of the set, being able to change the weapon mode on the fly, effectively changing strategies in a second…I also like your method of describing moves; bulleting out the key points makes it a far easier read than most sets. Feint is an interesting premise but because you put the specials above the regular moves, it leaves the person wondering how laggy the attack itself is. The Side B sounds more like a side smash to me personally, doesn’t seem entirely special. The Up B sounds as if Aether and Dolphin Slash were fused into one, not the most original move I’ve seen but I’ll give it to you considering humanoid characters are harder to do recoveries for.

Final Smash is up next it appears and personally, that’s something I dislike; in my personal opinion, Final Smashes should usually be left for last as one kind of final big bang of the moveset before the extras. As for the Final Smash itself, it seems rather broken, increases speed/jumping tremendously, pretty much one hit kills anything and allows him to chase foes off stage…but then again, it IS a Final Smash.

Onto basic moves, the first thing I realize is that the tri-section moves are infinitely more interesting and original than the spear moves, I’m sure that’s because it’s a more interesting weapon, but it shows greatly between certain moves…the forward tilt being the prime example. While a relatively uninspired jab with the spear, the tri-section attack sounds far more interesting. The down tilt is another culprit of this trend, while the spear version is simply Marth’s but longer (twss), Cobra Sweep is a far more interesting move that would probably help out his gameplay a lot more than a simple poke. They do however seem to trade off a couple times however, for instance, the spear’s up tilt is far more interesting than the tri-section’s painfully bland “Swipe” attack.

Smash attacks now…the trend of one move being really cool and interesting while the other one seems bland and dull in comparison continues here really, the side smash for the tri-section is once again quite entertaining whereas the spear version isn’t at all…both down smashes are good too. Javelin is just dull to be honest while Shred is great

Not a whole lot to say about the aerials that hasn’t been mentioned before, some of them are really exceptional while some of them are kind of bland and uninspired.

I’d have loved if you had ended with the Final Smash. It was actually REALLY cool, but unfortunately you chose to end with the throws which are widely considered to be the LEAST interesting part of almost all sets. What’s really unfortunate here is that Ikkaku’s throws really ARE the least interesting part of this set…most of them are just seem kinda generic which is really an unfortunate way to close off the moveset portion of this set…

Extras are nice and I have no real complaints here…my one question however is why Yumichika isn’t mentioned even once throughout the set, not even in the stage? I thought they were like…bestest buddies for life ya know?

Anyway, in summary of the entire set, you really do have some good ideas here, I mean it. The execution however is where Ikkaku falls rather short. I almost think this set would be FAR better if it didn’t have the chosen swap between spear and tri-section and it rather changed depending on the move, that way you could trim off some of the less interesting moves while still keeping him true to character…overall, not a bad set at all, just a set that could use some improvement really.



  1. Yeah, pretty much all of the criticism was from areas that I expected to be criticized. I knew move originality would be a problem, as frankly, it seems to be much more difficult to come up with interesting moves for characters that have no magical or special abilities, (yes, I do count Ikkaku in this category,) and that only becomes worse when you have to come up with twice as many moves. It also doesn’t help that I had been working on it for so long that I was getting pretty tired of making it, and I kind of just wanted it to be over with.

    The red, I mostly used because it’s kind of “his color;” it’s the color of his reiatsu, and the little tassel, etc., and I figured there would be at least some complaint about it, but I didn’t have any better ideas that would actually fit the character (yeah, that’s kind of a bad excuse, but still.) As for the headers, yes I made them myself, just messed around with shapes and Wordart in Microsoft Publisher until it looked right. I was actually pretty proud of them, glad to see someone appreciated my effort! XD

    I thought briefly about just having the weapon change based on the attack, but then I decided that I wanted to really capture the versatility of it, and the ability to do something that you don’t expect, as well as being able to adapt to the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

    So all in all, I can’t say as I’m disappointed, since I didn’t exactly expect this to be the next Kawasaki or anything, but it helped me figure out what I need work on, and hopefully my next sets will only get better, so my OC can be my crowning work.

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