Posted by: hyperridley | May 1, 2009

This Review's All Mine – Illidan Stormrage



By MasterWarlord


So I finally get to review a move set by MasterWarlord.  Warlord and I have been pals for much of my MYM career, and he was the guy who even inspired me to join the detail movement with his Nightmare move set in MYM3.  This was a move set that I’ve known about since it was first announced, and considering it’s from Warlord’s favorite game, Warcraft 3, I had high expectations for this guy.  Let’s see if my expectations were met.


So right away you were wise enough to give us a short bio of the character.  While I don’t know what some of the things in the description are due to never playing a Warcraft game, I still have a decent picture of the character in my mind as to how he acts.  If nothing else, the ability to see magic sounds like an interesting power that I hope gets used in the move set.


Ah yes, good old stats.  So he’s bigger than Bowser but not extremely heavy.  He’s got Ganondorf level speed/power ratio, but he has good movement capabilities.  He has decent range, but godly priority, and despite having 8 midair jumps his recovery is “only” good.  And he has a useless glide.  These stats are well…interesting, to say the least.  I can’t tell at all if he swings one way or the other, though I’ll take that as a sign that his stats are well balanced.  We’ll just have to see how his actual move set plays out.


Blah blah, animations.  I only included some in Mewthree due to his jumps having unique traits and his crouch animation playing a role in the DTilt.  Illidan’s are just there to look pretty…I mean, badass.  Moving along.


Ah, now the fun begins!  And we’re starting off with the specials I see.  Immolation is pretty nifty move.  We need more buff type moves in Smash Bros.  Sleep is another fun status effect move.  It’s like Sing but not useless, lol.  Mana Burn is one of the few terms I recognize from Warcraft, so I appreciate seeing it in the move set.  It’s decently interesting with its normal effect, but the really cool part was how it can actually drain Mana from characters who use it.  Love how you gave Shaman a nod.  I would suggest toning down the startup lag a bit, though.  Right now, it seems like Mana Burn could only fulfill its anti edge guarding role when Illidian is close to the bottom of the screen where he was better off just flying right over his enemies with his EIGHT MIDAIR JUMPS *Thunder and lightning*!


Dragon Egg will get its own section due to its complexity.  Okay, so nothing bad jumps out at me as far as the summoning and hatching of the egg is concerned.  It’s an interesting take on a summon move, mainly because it has a lot of depth with how much do you focus on defending the egg and how long you want to wait before hatching it.  If I had to nitpick, I would say that I’m not a fan of random effects, especially when they are as different as the two dragons, but that’s just me.  The Spike Turtle is a Bowser clone, lulz.  However, I did like the special birthing power it gains at full maturity.  Very nice.  The Snap Dragon was pretty fun with all of its poison attacks.  I’ll admit, I lol’d at the opening line for the Phoenix.  Anyways, right away I love how its tied to Immolation.  I love move interactions.  The phoenix itself is the most unique of the dragons, that’s for sure.  I like its recovery uses and how it can be used over and over again, but you balance it out by making Illidan take damage while riding it, so sometimes he may not want to risk using it, and therefore adding to his depth.  Overall these were fine specials and I’m curious to see how the rest of the move set looks.


And now we get to the standards.  Yay.  Demon Slash is rather meh, I’m afraid.  It has no special property, and it didn’t even really have a cool animation to make up for it.  At least it has relevance to being Illidan’s basic move in the game.  The move description was kinda redundant.  I’m pretty sure it’s a given that his weapons are disjointed, so saying it three times was really redundant to me.  Balance-wise the move is fine, it’s a high-risk high-reward move.  Bull Charge was much better in the originality department.  I particularly felt it was an interesting choice to make Illidan’s horns disjointed.  I also liked how it increases his running speed, though he doesn’t seem like he’d need it.  So far one thing I’m noticing is that Illidan doesn’t seem to have much of a playstyle I can decipher.  It says in the description for Dragon Egg that Illidan is defensive (and the move itself fits that), but with stuff like Immolation and his short-ranged Demon Slash, he seems like he would want to get in your face so that he can keep up a constant offensive pressure and connect with the short-ranged moves.  I guess I’ll just have to see what comes next.


FTilt is like a more fun version of Demon Slash.  Slamming people to the ground at least fits the character well.  I got a chuckle out of the last sentence, and the move is certainly like a balanced version of Snake’s tilts.  Totem Pole is actually a pretty cool move due to being able to hold that stance as much as you like.  It is definitely a good defensive move.  Wing Propellers is awesome.  I’d totally spam that move just to watch Illidan slide across the ground.  It’s a simple but really clever move.  Totem Pole and Wing Propellers also help to define Illidan as a defensive character, so good job on that.


The situationals were fine.  They weren’t “ZOMG best moves evar!” like some people seem to think I feel about this move category, but they weren’t bad either.  At the least, I loved how Spinning Wings ends with Illidan not actually climbing up at the end of the move.  Good job on that.


Now we get to the Smashes.  These are usually fun moves to review.  Guillotine was a cool move.  It didn’t have any special effects but the animation was so brutal that I couldn’t help but smirk at the sheer intimidation factor of it.  I definitely agree that it should only be used as a KO move, but it certainly qualifies as one of the best KO moves in the game, so it serves its purpose.  Grabbing by the Horns is another visceral high-risk high-reward KO move.  I both love the move and hate the move for the rotation feature.  It’s definitely clever, but I have emotional scarring from Mario Party 1’s roation mini-games *has horrible flashback while screaming “No, not Peddle Power!”*  Okay, now that I’ve regained my senses, I get to read…a move about senses.  Go figure.  Anyways, Heightened Senses has gotta be one of my favorite moves ever in MYM.  It’s just so epic how charging the move is the attack.  However, there is one problem with the move.  It has no mention of startup lag for the meditation pose, which is quite a shock for the detail Nazi to leave out such a crucial point.  I’d suggest making it low, in order to go with its “awesome move that becomes predictable if spammed” balance basis.  Overall the Smashes were the highlight of the set so far for me, combing 2 deliciously painful attacks with one amazingly creative attack.


Ah, we get to the aerials now.  Elemental Sphere is pretty cool.  I like how it can interact with Immolation…HOLY SHIT!  So, let me get this straight.  The fire sphere is the size of Kirby, disjointed, has low lag on both ends, deals great damage, and hits all around Illidan.  Sure, he has to be in Immolation mode to use it, but when it does 15% it pretty much negates Immolation’s drawback of Illidan taking 1% a second.  An enemy can avoid Illidian perfectly for 14 seconds, and then be hit by this move (which shouldn’t be too hard), and Illidan’s self-damage did nothing to put him behind his opponent in the standings.  And then if they dodge it, they can still take damage from touching Illidan himself due to Immolation.  Yeah, to be blunt, something has to give on this move.  I’d say the best solution would be to simply decrease the damage to around 8%.  Yeah, I’m chopping that damage output right in half, and I’d say it is still a useful move (though at least now its balanced).  Just as a clarification, I’m only referring to the fire sphere, the regular venom sphere is fine (thank God).


I think I’ll continue with the rest of the aerials in a new paragraph.  Cloud is a cool move.  However, I had to chuckle at you saying “If Illidan uses this in the air…”  Isn’t Cloud an aerial move to begin with?  Doom was freaking amazing in terms of originality.  The whole concept of damaging an enemy while they’re respawning is really creative and I have never seen anything like it in MYM.  However, I felt a little annoyed by the lack of detail in the animations for the Doom Guard.  Heck, the sword attack literally had no mention of its appearance.  For all I know the guy is attacking with a sword attached to his foot.  The other concern I have is that as awesome as the effects were, I still don’t like random move effects.  Unholy Frenzy was another awesome move.  I love how it’s like playing a game of tag in a way with the effect.  Though I would like to know what happens when one Illidan uses this on another Illidan. Can they both Does the victim Illidan’s Unholy Frenzy just pass the effect along or can he infect the other one and put them both in this state?  I’d say this is an important thing to state since it would play a big role in Illidan dittos.  The Dair is pretty cool.  Not amazing, but it reminds me of Cortez’s DTilt, so I enjoyed it for that at least.  Overall the aerials were all good fun except for a few detail problems and the *shudders* Nair.


Ah, now we get to the throws.  Okay, so his grab is usable, I guess.  Don’t make me drag Golbez’s “excellent” grab-game into this!  At least Illidan has the sleep mechanic.  Strangle is pretty scary, dealing 3% and being spammable.  You might wanna rethink that.  Bloodlust is even scarier.  The healing property is fine, as is the bloodlust effect, but I think it caps out too highly and is too easy to keep going.  When you have a move that is Dedede’s BThrow with healing powers, something is wrong.  Vice Grip once again mentions Dedede’s BThrow, and while the effect is cool, it just makes Bowser even worse than he already is while doing nothing to Meta Knight.  Seismic Toss is fine, there’s nothing really good about the move nor is there anything really bad.  Dream Eater (lol Pokemon) is a cool move with its connection to sleeping, and it’s actually a balanced healing move.  Good job.


And now we get to Illidan’s final smash…I must say, I’m highly impressed.  It certainly beats out Dark Gaia in terms of a Final Smash with super-awesome move buffs.  The Felhound was pretty much broken, but hey, it won’t be seen in tourneys, and it was still a great concept.  And of course, +1 Super Votes for the name of the enhanced Bair.


The playstyle section was well-written, however, I really have a hard time imagning Illidan playing like this or being balanced.  For starters, Bowser is a defensive character, and his lack of projectiles makes him unviable.  So if Illidan was meant to play like that, he’s screwed.  However, due to things such as Immolation, he seems like he would be better suited to playing more offensively to begin with, or at least play defense just long enough to hatch an egg and then bum-rush the enemy while the dragon distracts them.  Not to mention that accursed Nair for unstoppable Immolation carnage and his nearly broken F-Throw.  I do agree with his gimping and recovery abilities however.


The extras were a fun read. I loved the third win pose, was that based on an event in Warcraft 3?  The codec was chucklw-worthy.  The AT was interesting with her feeling almost like a mini boss fight of sorts, but the actual boss was kinda meh in my opinion.  Though I can easily tell it was just the one that Chris made for Arthas, so I can’t blame you for it.


So overall, Illidan was a great move set marred by a few problems.  First, there are some detail problems that I mentioned, and it scares me that you of all people would miss the details I pointed out.  Second, Illidan’s playstyle is all over the place with no basis in anything other than EIGHT MIDAIR JUMPS and his gimping prowess.  And finally, we have those balance problems, mainly the Nair (though the F-Throw could use a nerf too).  But on the other hand, the sheer epicness of things like the DSmash still make this a worthy move set and a nice addition to your MYM5 roster.


What do you think?

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