Posted by: masterwarlord | May 4, 2009

Pride and Prejudice — Father Time

Page 86

Father Time by KingK.Rool

This moveset really came out of the blue for me. When you said you were picking up a previous moveset, I figured it’d be Zant, considering how much you promised to do him. I don’t really care about that anymore seeing I’m not using him in my newest SM and even if I did I could use that other Zant moveset, but it’s just the same. So. . .Father Time, eh? Out of your many dropped moveset plans, I don’t remember this among them. Orca would’ve been my second guess, if anything, seeing you already told us it wasn’t a Pokemon.

I originally had a rewinding time move for Zasalamel’s neutral special, but I demoted it to a final smash move because Ocon thought it was too unfitting for Smash and it didn’t particularly work in his playstyle anyway. It’s a good thing I did, as otherwise Zass would’ve been completely outclassed in that regard by Father Time. Although you’ll probably get a negative supervote from Ocon for making an entire set based around a concept that would’ve made him utterly hate a set for one move. . .

Originality: I love the overlying mechanic of the moveset. The concept of twisting time around is brilliant and I’m quite amazed nobody else has thought of it. It’s so much fun to mess around with, no? I love it. The fact that there are so few damaging moves should be a very good sign, and you use these moves to manipulate the timeline to great effect. Good to see you actually make a character with all the actual grab/throw inputs finally, I particularly loved the grab/pummel system. Ironic that your character with all of the standard grab/throw inputs is your most original in that department. Stop cheating your way out of your throws with movesets like Shellder and Ekans, aight? Only digging your own grave there. Anyway, the grab is easily the best I’ve ever seen. Moving on, I love how you can essentially do whatever you want with the timeline. Rewind it, fast forward it, pause it, the sky’s the limit, and you leave the player enough freedom to what they want with it. The amount of moves that interact with each other, at least in intended uses, is also utterly astounding. This EASILY outclasses Shellder in every way imaginable. I could go on forever praising this moveset and talking about how awesome each individual moves, but then I’d be just like the other reviewers, now wouldn’t I?

Playstyle: This is one of the few movesets with ridiculously original moves and an insanely unique yet flowing playstyle at the same time. Shellder was decent in both departments, but he pales in comparison to Father Time in both sections. Speaking of which, I like how your playstyle section was separated into categories, helping make it easier to read. Anyway, considering how many moves interact with each other and how practically all of them do when it comes how you’re intended to use them, I don’t see how you couldn’t get a near perfect score here as well. Father Time has to rely on manipulating time as he pleases or die a horrible death due to his horrendous stats. Making foes relive their worst moments and rewinding to give yourself more chances to land the sands of time and/or dtilt is all too perfect. I have absolutely nothing to critique here.

Detail: Now that we’re done with the sections that could’ve very easily made this moveset worthy of being the next Kawasaki, we come to the bad. And very bad it is. I don’t care what you say, Rool. Lag, if nothing else, is absolutely mandatory on every move (Along with power, which of course you included). Sure, you can get away with priority when it doesn’t particularly stand out as a notable feature of the attack with little loss (Most of the time) but some moves are just plain awkward to picture for me, such as the utilt. What do you mean if the sands are around Father Time? What sands? Blah. While I was able to understand most of the other moves in the set such as the Side Special and dsmash, others had a harder time with them, as evidenced in the thread. While this made your moveset incredibly inviting to read due to the short descriptions, it leaves me feeling somewhat puzzled after finishing certain moves and looking for more. I’m far from the detail nazi I used to be. Despite putting masses of detail into my own sets, I’m generally more fond of reading the sets with less detail due to readability. I’m sorry, Rool, but you’ve passed the line.

Balance: This set isn’t that much less detailed then Shellder, so I still probably would’ve super voted it otherwise, but Father Time has a decent few broken move combinations. What’s keeping good old Father Time from, say, setting up a timeline, going under the stage, using his hour, using his side special (I eternally hate you for calling them forward specials. You’re only encouraging noobs to make back specials.) to most probably get back to the stage, then grabbing the foe and using his uthrow? The side special is a cool concept, but the uthrow is cooler. One of them has to go to prevent this. Besides, the side special takes away his disadvantage of horrible recovery, as if he uses it he’ll more likely then not appear back on the stage, and all this occurs without requiring Father Time to use His Hour again, allowing him to come back to the stage as often as he pleases. The bthrow to dsmash combo also seems far too easy. It stuns the foe for 4 out of the 5 seconds Father Time has to charge, so isn’t essentially grabbing the foe all he needs to do to reset the percentage? I can only imagine how hard it was to balance Father Time with such a crazy mechanic, and I give you credit that Father Time turned out decently otherwise. The main balancing factor you put in is Father Time having to set up His Hour again every time he uses it. . .Or at least I think. I honestly can’t be entirely sure what the ridiculously low amounts of detail.

Relevance to Character: Father Time isn’t exactly very defined. He’s more a character of old stories and myths and what not. You implement the signature sands of time as the cornerstone of the playstyle and give Father Time complete control over the flow of time, so I’d say it fits just fine. For what little there is to be true to, Father Time lives up to his name.



Organization: You’re the organization nazi. My opinion here is a moot point. Why are we wasting time talking about this? It’s good as always, although Shellder and Ekans were better in that they bolded important parts of the move descriptions and percentages. Also, nice use of the infinity symbol.

Extras: You’ve reached a new level of laziness, K. Rool. First you strip the results screen poses away with Ekans, then you with Father Time you even strip the goddamn taunts. Are you freaking serious? Taunts and results screen poses take up two lines at most. This isn’t increasing readability, it’s just making the moveset feel like a half hearted effort seeing you couldn’t take an extra 5 minutes (At the most) to add some simple generic poses. The lack of poses makes the moveset feel pathetically rushed.

Overall: The meat of the moveset is great. It’s extremely inviting and has one of the most original sets of moves and most unique and well flowing playstyles in the contest. However; it seems to me that you rushed it by the lack of extras, which is most likely also what gave you such a low detail level. Had you looked a bit longer I’m sure you could’ve fixed the few balance issues there were in the set. If you just took your time on this moveset a bit more, I would’ve gladly added this to my supervote list. This easily has the potential to be among the very best movesets in the contest, but it’s being held back by some glaring flaws.




  1. “I could go on forever praising this moveset and talking about how awesome each individual moves, but then I’d be just like the other reviewers, now wouldn’t I?”


    Alrighty, so lots of great praise on creativity, playstyle and organization… mission accomplished, I think!

    Detail and balance are boring. I mean, I do my best to juggle all these crazy concepts as I make them up, but I don’t tend to agonize over these things.

    The detail, now… I think I may have overdone it just a tad. Such a complex character with so little detail… I think that’s the reason for the pathetically small amount of comments I got on this moveset. I assume people started reading, then just got confused. Or something. *stomps on line*

    As to extras, well… taunts are lame. Result screen pioses, even more so. Father Time’s a mythical figure, you think HE cares about such quandries? BAH! =P

    I guess the thing I’m realizing about my movesets is what Mendez realized before me. I’ve won an MYM. I’m there already; there’s nowhere to go but down. Increasingly, I’m not caring about how I place, and only making movesets for my own enjoyment. I don’t enjoy tweakings %s or writing “medium lag” on each move – I only bring it up if it’s especially fast or slow. And I certainly don’t enjoy result screen poses.

    Also, you’re really one to be criticizing someone on the creativity of their username. =P

  2. Negative super vote, I say! NEGATIVE!

  3. Now, now, Ocon! A bit of number tweaking and you’ll find all your sets conspicuously missing from the top 50. We wouldn’t want that, now, would we?

  4. This has nothing to do with the moveset or the review, but concerns the “witty” caption on the link. There is no Mother Time. It’s Father Time and Mother Nature. Duuuuuuh. 😛

  5. Father Time needed a Prince of Persia alt costume, or the Father Time from the Rupert Bear cartoon :p

  6. Duuuuuh!

    And NO! No alt costumes! NO EXTRAS OF ANY KIND! So have I decreed…

  7. “No alt costumes!”

    *is slapped*

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