Posted by: bkupa666 | May 4, 2009

Wrath of the Kupa King – Iji Kaitaser

Page 83

Iji KaitaserUserShadow7989

I don’t usually play my games on the computer, but it was intriguing to hear about the origins of this character’s game. One guy over four years?! That’s pretty tight there. I’d never heard of Iji (the game or character) before this set, but it was quite interesting to read about her history. Seriously, history is a really nice touch that I believe should be included in most, if not all movesets. Now, onto the review…

Originality: Iji seems like a unique character, being a lighter, better Samus. All of her ammunition moves are something not before seen in Smash. That said, they aren’t super original, but they provide for a unique and cool playstyle. Some of the best mechanics IMO are in the aerials, like with the Neutral Air. Down Smash is a bit confusing at first, but its effects are decently unique.  The various situationals were cool to read, and I enjoyed most of the throws as well.  The Specials seem simple in animation, and fairly original in use.  The Down Special seemed to be another spin-off of reflector; unless the Resonance Reflector is a major item for Iji, then I’d suggest changing it to be more original.  The Power Kick seems…odd.  She stomps and the wave pushes foes away.  OK, that’s decent for an attack, but for a Special, it’s a bit too, well, unoriginal, even if it does have some cool effects.  Maybe add it as a Smash and get a more unique move?  It’s ultimately your choice, and seeing as how I don’t know the character at all, I probably shouldn’t make these judgements, but it just seems odd.  Side Special is pretty nice, and it has some interesting uses to separate it from other ‘blaster’ moves.  The dangerous Up Special was cool to read, although simplistic in function.  It seems to be a nice balancing feature for Iji, and I like that.  Final Smash is a bit…underwhelming, although the effect is nice.  Overall here, I like some of the attacks, but others are just bland.  I’d rewrite some of this part, but what you have is still decent.

Detail: Detail is an interesting point of the set.  For the most part, you are consistent with showing the range and speed of the attacks.  I found it difficult to interpret some move speeds that were shown with actual time periods (e.g. 0.7 seconds), and would prefer to see them written as average speeds (e.g. average, below average).  It’s a better way to get everyone to see what you mean for attacks, rather than times that some people may not fully understand.  Other than that, you give the necessary detail, in a short, concise way that explains the move well.  Change around with how you describe move timing, and you have a fairly strong amount of detail.

Balance: Iji seems like a mix of Samus (with her ammo) and Snake (with how good she seems to be).  She’s not top tier to Snake’s broken extent, but she has some questionable moves that deal a lot of damage, but can be hard to land.  However, if someone were to master those moves, Iji would quickly become a pretty darn good character.  I’d tone some damage down here and there to balance her out a bit more.  However, you do also emphasis how slow she can be at times, so she is still fairly average.  If you nerf her a small bit here and there, you’ll improve this section a lot.  Just don’t overdo it.

Fitting to Character: Well, as I stated earlier, I knew absolutely nothing about Iji before reading this set.  From my understanding, Iji is a chilled futuristic girl with lots of ammo and whatnot.  In this respect, her moveset is almost perfect, although I can’t really just in this area due to not having any prior experience with this character.  If anyone can judge this better, I’d appreciate it…

Extras: The descriptions for the costume, emblem, stage, and character were all good (I’ll get into detail in a minute), but I really need a picture to see what the character truly looks like.  If you could find one and post it, I’d much appreciate it.   It’s good to see another competitive stage, and although it is rather bland, I dislike it when people think that stages have to have stage-breaking gimmicks that ruin competitive play on the stage.  In that respect, you’ve did well here, as you did with the music choices.  Asha sounds a bit like the Pokemon who do random attacks, and while they sound cool, I don’t really see a whole lot that differentiates him from other shooting ATs.  Again, a picture would really help me see this better.  Snake seems a bit OOC in the Codec, but it’s still okay.  I’m not the biggest fan of the taunts and victory poses, but they seem fitting enough.  This is an okay section, but that’s not saying a whole lot.  Pictures would make it a whole lot better, although finding them from computer games could be hard, I understand.

Organization: This is the kicker for me.  The different sections for what the move looks like and how the move works are good.  The underlining to separate sections works okay.  But, the colors…the colors, Duke, the colors!  The colors seem highly slapped on.  Coloring every single paragraph makes the moveset an eyesore to read.  Maybe color the headings or something, but please don’t do the whole set.  It makes it so much harder to read.  Try MasterWarlord’s layout for a decent set.  The colors seem fitting for Iji, but it absolutely needs moar time for organization.

Cl0sing Comments: This is a solid newcomer entry.  I am a fan of your movesets (especially the Three Stooges), and although I believe that set is a stronger entry overall, Iji definitely has her merit.  Her style sounds unique, and although some description is bland or hard to read, the set as a whole is rather nice.  The only suggestion I have as  a top priority is to WORK ON THE COLORS.  If you clean this up, and maybe toy with some move descriptions a bit, it will move from a decent set to a great one.

My work here…is done.



  1. Thank you for the review. I updated Iji based on this, and I feel she’s a much stronger entry thanks to it. Your advice also carried over to my Agent J moveset, which many feel to be my best. Sorry it took so long to say thanks!

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